Analog vs. Digital Cameras

( music playing )Marques:Today I’m going to
talk with Rik Cordero,
a filmmaker who’s directed
music videos
with retro aesthetics
for artists like Nas,
Q-Tip, and The Roots.Rik is here
to help me compare
the analog look
of digital cameras
versus the look of
the original JVC camcorder.
So, this is it.
What I was usingwhen I was making
these music videos
was the Panasonic HVX– something that bridged
the gap between consumer and professional equipment, and it had this lived-in look. Great, let’s see
if we can put it together.( music playing )– This is now adapted.
– It is. – What I have here today
is that first JVC camera.
– Oh, my God. I’m really excited to see what it looks like
next to this thing. Who’s gonna carry
the lighter camera?
That’s the question. – I got this one.
– Thanks. ( muttering ) The only bummer
was not having a screen – to see anything.
– Yeah. Now that we’ve shot with this,
we should switch over – and see what
the Panasonic system’s like.
– Yeah. Yeah. – How was that?
– Pretty good. It was framed pretty well,
and I could see it. When you have the viewfinder, you feel more confident
in your shots. Marques:Yeah.All right, well, let’s look
at them side by side. All right,
so let’s check out the JVC. – ( whirring )
– I love that motorized
sound that it makes. – That’s a long sound.
– It is. – I’m not even gonna lie.
– You ever see– – You ever see “RoboCop”?
– No. Cordero:
They recorded the sounds of,
like, VCRs and VHS camcordersas the sounds
of when RoboCop walked. ( whirring ) Thank you for your cooperation.
Good night. ( whirring ) That actually makes
a lot of sense. – Almost everything that’s
in highlight is blown out.
Yeah.– Uh, not as wide as I thought.
– There you go. There you go. We’re seeing the disadvantage
of not having a viewfinder. – Yeah. It looks like
found footage.
– Yeah. We were going for that look. So, this is really
taking me back.I was filming VHS movies
when I was 13 years old.
Nothing was perfect, and that’s
what made it feel real. You can add
all the after effects,
plug-ins you want,and you’re not gonna achieve
what’s happening here.
Marques:Not something that
could easily be replicated.
– Rik:No.
– Next step is to check out what the Panasonic system
kicked up. Pause this. Rik: So we’ll play
the first clip. All right. The framing’s
instantly way better, much more dynamic range, and, yeah,
colors look way better. The thing I like is
that you still have this
filmic look to it. It’s a look
that I think really advanced
the look of VHS. If I were to pick
between these two rigs,
I would still pick this one, even though it’s
a little more taxing
to set up and carry. But at the end of the day,
this is the grandaddy
of it all. Rik:Yeah, that’s the one
that kicked off everything.

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  1. 🤯 this shoe is epic. Congrats MKBHD the show looks amazing, looking forward to the rest of the season. Thanks for all the great content.

  2. Haha that panasonic camera and adapter where my first ever equipment when I started filmmaking! Feels like ages ago! 😂😂😂

  3. Wait
    If I have YouTube premium does that mean I don't need YouTube Red subscription?

    I am able to watch these for free wtf

  4. Honestly, I don't think the newer camera looks analog at all. The old JVC on the other hand makes everything into a beastie boys video. 😛

  5. Analog is nice, but you have to look out for a lot of things and it's expensive. But the fact that some oscar-winning films still use film cameras in 2019 says a lot about the capability of this "not as antique and obsolete as you might think" technology.

  6. I hate to be the one to say this but VHS tapes are still digital, just an early format and medium.
    If you wanted true analog you'd be shooting film, say Super 8 or Super 16.

  7. It’s funny how this is an en vogue style now, but it was the bane of our existence back in the day. If I told myself in high school that we’d have cinema quality cameras readily available, and go out of our way to make them look like vhs I think my head would explode 🤯

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