Americans Try To Label A Map of Europe

today we’re gonna be labeling a map of Europe doesn’t that look like Europe you guys remember how Russia’s that really tall country you know from maps if you drop me in the middle of my hometown I couldn’t tell you where I was where I was going it’s gonna be real bad why couldn’t you give us a Mercator projection this is not a map anybody’s seen you guys have been intentionally deceptive you would have gotten it past us if you’ve given us the normal maps not like you need to make it more difficult we’re ignorant Americans we weren’t going to get this anyways oh is that how we’re gonna come across of course it’s how we’re gonna come across what do you think the frame of this video is strategy is do the ones we know first well I’m glad you have one try to label the biggest land masses because that’s the most embarrassing if we miss my whole game strategy is just get a hundred percent okay so we were given a list of countries and I was given the order to change my shirt so I don’t blend in over here feeling bad but let’s do this we have ten minutes on the clock and those start now this is all water yes unless we’re just like crossing off a bunch of countries but you know whatever Great Britain okay is an island that’s an island well next to Great Britain then we probably are going with like Ireland is here I know for sure this is Thanks so I will do that and I know this is France can you please put France how do you pronounce it France what am I saying Fran France France France yeah we’re saying this Frances yeah I have to base this off of what I remember back in the day from like old Queens and like kings of like Great Britain so I know that like they all had like incestuous relationships with like France and like journey this all is gonna make sense in a moment France match France okay that’s Germany okay Germany Wow okay I really feel like I’m only going to hold you back hear this okay so I know that this it’s Portugal all right this is Russia Spain Spain okay and that’s ports myself its brains this is the United Kingdom this is Ireland we know that this is Denmark nope this is I’m a dress wants to stop there these three countries think this is the Netherlands this is Sweden this is Finland I know this is sweet let’s do sweetie Finland’s on top of it I think that’s the net oh now I’m nervous no yes you’re right so these three um are NSF and I always wanted this to be W but it’s not it’s Russia so it’s Norway Sweden Finland I like it on the record that I don’t know if that’s good this is like frozen lands like I imagine that like it frozen took place it has got to be one of these three places also we know this is Italy that’s Italy that’s a nice because it’s a nice boot Greece okay from Sound of Music I know this is Austria that means Switzerland’s here that’s not part of the Europe I know that’s not my Europe I believe Amsterdam is here and I forget which country Amsterdam is in but I remember the city is here and that you know what country is in right yesterday a man thinks in the Netherlands though wait a minute Oh Cyprus is its own Island I think this is Cyprus Yeah right is that you have a better guest for Cyprus I sure don’t this is Greece right that’s Greece then this is nope we’re gonna come this is Switzerland we know that yeah let’s do that the Vatican yeah which is like here is right right this has got to be Denmark right the names in Denmark that sounds about right I mean I don’t really know Turkey right is this Turkey sure Ukraine is next to Russia which one’s Ukraine are Biggers better sure that’s the one all right you created this is Poland and that means Austria is underneath it yes sound of music is what ha today I think this is Montenegro and Serbia is next to it oh really yeah because they they partner up for the Olympics I’d like to phone a friend they’re fake countries on here no okay welcome Iceland hold on one of these might be Norway I’m pretty sure this isn’t oh this can’t be right God Slovakia Slovenia I’m just gonna it’s assuming it’s yeah we’re just gonna say this is a USSR yeah there’s an Estonia over there Texas covers like that much okay I’m gonna say this is Belgium this is Netherlands that’s what it is Belgium okay so one of these is lifting seeing one of these is Luxembourg think this is Montenegro I think this is Denmark that one’s Denmark this is Turkey cuz it borders Syria should be down right we just gotta start labeling so then what do you want sabaki entity i wants lucky to be here great that looks great Slovakian to put denmark down here Denmark is here so I’m gonna say one of these is Georgia one of these is Armenia Croatia Croatia I’m not confident in how we did we found out we got 18 out of 49 right which is not passing I’m proud that we identified this is water yes honestly really well done so we ended up getting 23 out of 49 that’s really good maybe your guys at home weren’t celebrating but that’s pretty darn good that is not half but it is really good I think a lot of central or Eastern Europe is just gonna be very difficult the former USSR I mean those are new countries you gotta give us time to figure out where those things are give us a hundred years how you really learned something is if you’re actually visiting there and can actually like get to experience it so not having that experience to kind of cement a memory and I’m just going off what I’ve seen on maps and history books because we’re in the States we learn the states in the region’s in America a lot more if you’re in Europe you probably learn these because it’s like and you travel to them a lot more love to see all your beautiful countries Europeans and learn the names of them [Music]

100 Replies to “Americans Try To Label A Map of Europe”

  1. Tbh, they did a lot better than I thought they would. Not that that’s saying much. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. Most people in America don't know that New Mexico is in the United States and not a town in Mexico. Our education system is sad.

  3. I love how Slovakia in both cases, shines in the centre of those map unlabeled 😂😂😂 At least they didn't try to find Czechoslovakia, which is always nice 😂

  4. So they asked to point out which one is Georgia and Georgia isn't even separated from Russia on the map.

  5. Dear people who say that schools don’t teach where countries are.

    We’re taught, most of us just don’t listen or care. (Doesn’t include me tho)

  6. Lol do Americans learn geography at all in school ? Or they think whole world is called USA? haha. In Europe we learn whole freaking map

  7. 4:50 "One of these is Georgia, one of these is Armenia"

    Is Georgia on that map, though? I literally can't see it. Did the producers make it a part of Russia?

  8. What did we learn from this video. That Americans are retards😂 Have a nice day and greetings from denmark😊

  9. They forgot about poor little Belgium 😂 also Slovakia is easy to find, just look for the car (sounds like slow kia)

  10. I'm German and I know all of the US States and can show them on a map, I just taught it myself out of boredom. But a lot of Americans should be made to learn European Geography in school, they won't learn it by themselves.

  11. Omz im so here for this i got so excited when i saw this video haha
    U guys did pretty good actually!🙌🏼 thank god not all americans are
    ..well you know.

  12. I…..never left my country, Romania, but…I still know like 90% of the countries on my continent and where they are…So the "you learn where countries are by visiting them" thing is bs

  13. Why did they put countries like Turkey, Armenia or Georgia on the map? Those are clearly not europe and will never be.

  14. I live in Italy and on my geography test I had to label and identify the capital city of two countries chosen randomly. Mine were Suriname and the state of Michigan. Meanwhile this man thinks Finland is the Netherlands

  15. 2.39 as someone from the Netherlands I feel pursonally effended cause we heve like 1 cm max snow+ are we really that unknown that people think were a big country+ 3.31 what the exual f* people you are really not proving us wrong in thinking that Americans aren't the smartest people in the world

  16. I'm reading the comments before watching and now I'm actually scared to start the video

    Edit: "the eastern countries are new, because before there was the Udssr" WTF

  17. They all knew waaaaaaaayy more than me allll day. I would’ve got Russia and Italy and nothing else for sure, unless by guessing…🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😔😔

  18. I'm legit mad, that no one wrote in any of Baltic states. Also straight up called them part of the ussr. And they have been around long before ussr even existed.

  19. I don't know what worries me the most: the fact that they don't know where Georgia is or that Georgia doesn't exist on the map 🤔🤔🤔

  20. In the begining I really hoped that they would mark Lithuania correctly. At the middle of the video I hoped that they atleast mark Lithuania somewhere…And at almost the end of the video I hoped that they would at very least mention Lithuania… And at the end of the video.. Well atleast we made it in the thumbnail cries in Lithuanian

  21. they messed up eastern Europe…. but the girls got croatia right 🇭🇷❤
    Let Europeans mess up the US 😂..

  22. Everyone else in the comments: how can they not know this?!
    Me: WOW They know so much!

    I honestly have no clue where any of the mentioned countries go on the map 😂

  23. USSR? Really? That´s ignorant, dude. The fact that you don´t know where the particular countries is ok … but USSR? Really?

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