Amateur Artist Attempts Almost Every Drawing Challenge!

hey guys cells and sketches here now this video is gonna be a little different than what I usually make I've been planning on making a try and challenge video for ages but I just couldn't think of which drawing challenge I wanted to do so I'm doing Oliver on YouTube I asked you guys to send me recommendations of characters you want to meet a draw and so I've picked a few of them and I'm gonna pop them in this box and in the other box I've written down a bunch of drawing challenges I want to try yes sir so basically what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take a character to draw from your suggestions and then we're going to try and draw that character using the drawing challenge I think it should be interesting I've only really done one drawing challenge before don't watch it before we begin the video however I have an important announcement for you guys that I'll be back we have our first sponsorship I said pop them thank you I'm pleased to announce that this video is brought to you by Skillshare Scotia is an online learning community with thousands of classes including classes on design business video making and more so I was already using school share before they reached out to me I use it when I need help practicing drawing or when I need to help with editing software or something like that pretty much anything on my channel I've watched a tutorial for it on Skillshare whether you want to improve your skills as a hobby or as a career you know drawing video creating photography pretty much anything you can think of there's a class on Skillshare some of the courses I personally use are creative writing by Susan Orlean and character illustrations by Gabrielle piccolo the courses just help me when I'm writing scripts for stories or when I'm looking to design characters I found them very informative and I'm sure you guys will too Skillshare is giving away a free two month unlimited access trial to the first 500 people who click the link in the description box and after that it's only ten dollars per month thanks again to spear share for sponsoring this video okay so let's begin the video Oh back crazy right so to get this drawing challenge video started I had to go to the store to buy some supplies sorry I did so hopefully with the supplies I bought I'm able to do properly I'm a little scared I don't have older products but we'll see how we go okay so let's get started into the video and now I don't know if I should choose a character or a challenge first I don't know which ones which so we'll just have to see okay so we're using the three marker challenge and the character that we are drawing sorry sorry Naruto so for this challenge people use Copic markers it's pretty much what everyone uses they're expensive I could have bought them but for three markers it would have been about $30 so instead I spent $20 on this alright I don't know what you guys want from me like I have no money I once try to go on holiday but my bank account was like you can go to your backyard and that's it okay so I placed all of them in this container I don't trust myself to pick them so I'm gonna get my sister to pick them that way if they're bad colors I can just blame her okay so just pick three close your eyes pick three okay sir these are the three colors we got I don't know how I'm gonna draw Naruto with days but um we'll just see how it goes okay so before I began the challenge i swatched the colors to see how they blend together they don't at all and then I drew a few sketches just to kind of get an idea of where I wanted the drug to go I ended up going with a pose that didn't even fit on the page so I had to change it mid drawing the markers they I wanted to do this thing where the focus point was Naruto's signature move the Rasengan and then the lights would be bouncing off it but I really don't know how to use markers it's not something that I use often I think the last time I used it was a few years ago so I have no expert when it comes to using markers or coloring or anything really I really wanted to draw Sasuke instead of Naruto but they were more votes for Naruto so I stuck with him Naruto was actually one of the first anime that got me into anime and I used to draw a fan out of him all the time but it's been years since I did so I'm glad I got to do it with his challenge okay so it didn't turn out exactly how I hoped it would be I think you can kind of see where I was going with the lighting and the shading but it just didn't work but overall I'm pretty happy with it okay so let's see what challenge I'm doing next and what character I'm trying sorry this is okay so we're doing the ten minute one minute ten second challenge and the character that we are drawing is Pikachu okay I think this challenge says a lot about me as a person just just watch all right so we've got seven minutes left yeah take your time you've got plenty of time just keep sketching don't worry about it there's no rush all right so you've got six minutes left you know that's fine take your time you don't need to outline it just yet you don't need to color it just yet it's fine take your time Soltan please three minutes left youth to ride don't worry don't panic you got this you got this you haven't called yet that's fine all right you got one minute left and yep there you go see that's what happens when you leave it to last minute you played yourself salton okay for some reason the one minute challenge just decided not to record I was going to redo it but since I already draw it I thought that might be kind of cheating but don't worry you didn't miss much alright at this point the this right here it's not even a challenge it's just kind of sad to watch yeah I that's just depressing yeah mmhmm yeah did that do anything no that was that was impossible let's not do that again you know what it on to the next challenge alright so let's see what's next so we have the blindfolded challenge and a character that we will be drawing okay so I tried it I'll be drawing Shrek as a cute anime girl alright so I have a blindfold with me let's just get straight into it hold on I needed my pens right there alright I'll see you guys in a bit oh good I can't breathe it's fine there we go now I'm gonna get straight into it so I hope you guys enjoy it okay here we go now I think Shrek is already pretty cute so I don't know how I'm gonna make it better I'm trying to like say okay so this is where the ear is all right I mean if someone asked me three years ago where do you see yourself in three years I was legitimately gonna be like I see myself drawing Shrek is it you anime girl blindfolded that's exactly sorry like you know I'm glad that came true I don't know what I think it doesn't matter what outfit I give him because you're not gonna see it that's so weird I swear I had a dream about this once don't ask it's the dress obviously I'm sure you guys can tell couple acres there may be all right does he have arms to her arms yet crap West comes to us you just show them doing a little like that and there's the other arm there my god so cute already already nice take your flips this ellipse are you laughing I'm trying my best um I like your hair so here's the fringe very tie and then the little ponytail that sticks out because it's anime girl and stop laughing I'm trying it my god so disrespectful and did I cut I think that's it maybe I'll make the the thighs have socks okay I think we're all done before I even look at it I just want to say I already know this is going to be pretty good and you can buy this pace on my website for I'm gonna say a thousand dollars I'm pretty confident so uh let's see how it turned out it's actually I mean like I don't know what what the hey maybe not but it kind of you can kind of see where I was going with this you know he's got the cute little side ponytail that was meant to be on the forehead the you can kinda tell I tried to do the little ear thingies I've got his signature nose which makes me sad the yeah so that's it for that challenge let's just get straight into the next one okay so let's see what's next so the next character will be drawing okay so we'll be drawing Todoroki from my hero academia and me drawing challenge with be left-handed okay so this challenge is way harder than what I thought it would be there's just so I've never done anything left-handed to be honest in my life and just when it comes to holding a pencil it's just it feels so weird to me you can see throughout the whole video I've got my right arm just like sitting there because if it I am so uncomfortable with this setup like I just want to swap the pen into my right hand but um I stuck to it for some reason my left hand was shaking quite a lot I don't know if that's that's a thing you'd lefties have to deal with I'm kidding I'm kidding but yeah I did have a lot of fun with this I think I like the sketchy look but once I find it I was like oh now it's just sad you know ironically enough when I went to the store I didn't buy any colored pencils because I was sure that I had some lying around the house but I searched every oh that's a lie I searched one room and couldn't find pencils so I gave up and I had to use those markers that I was crapping on just before so I'm glad I bought the pack I don't actually think I've drawn this character right-handed or like properly at all actually I don't think I've drawn any character from my hair khadeem young so I am sad that the first time I got to draw this character was with my left hand but I'll redo it with my right hand one day when I have time another thing that was really difficult for me was I usually color from the top left to the bottom right of the page you see it in my videos on YouTube as well the coloring stars from the top left to the bottom right and that's kind of hard when you're drawing with the left hand so I had to do it the opposite way and this was just an overall very uncomfortable experience for me what I want to learn how to draw left-handed of course I think that would be a weird skill to have but for now I think I'll stick with the right hand okay that wasn't that bad obviously I had heaps of trouble doing it my hand was shaking the whole time and they kept being moments when I wanted to swap hands but I think I did okay I mean anyway all right on to the next challenge so I think there's only two more so we'll be drawing myself and a challenge we'll be doing hello okay the teeny-weeny challenge okay so this challenge overall wasn't exactly hard so much as it was frustrating every any time I draw myself I I don't think I have a specific style just yet and so any time I draw myself I I subconsciously experiment with a different style and so as you can see what a while I'm sketching it I'm redrawing a lot of things and that's one of the main reasons why my videos take so long it's because I'm just redoing sketches so I'm just not happy with my style or like the overall look of a piece so that's what I'm doing right here the teeny weeny aspect wasn't challenging so much as it was annoying because it was kind of impossible for me I didn't measure the paper at all it was just a thumb sized piece of paper but you'll see pretty soon that I didn't have any pens or pencils that were thin enough to kind of cater to the small size so it was kind of just sort of a mess I really did like how the markers turned out in this piece which you'll see in a little bit even though the markers are really crappy I just think the colors turned out pretty nice I love fine lighting stuff I like the look it gives it but I'm terrible at fine lining I just I'm very shaky when it comes to like fine details I'm also terrible at commitment so when I find line something it's very it's very scary to me because you know once you find line something traditionally you can't really undo it unless you use whiteout and who really has the time for that obviously I really did want to make a challenge digitally but since I haven't really drawn traditionally in ages I thought you know what I might just like give it a try because I've been I've been stuck on my computer drawing digitally for about two years now and I really don't draw traditionally as often as I used to so that's why I stuck with the traditional challenges for today as you can see I'm just taping it down since I assumed it would move if I didn't tape it down here I go and I'm a little upset that I didn't fill the whole page like I think I could have made it a little bit bigger but as you can see I had a I think point one fine line pen and even that was just too thick to get the the details that I wanted so it just kind of looks like a very bad pixelated RPG enemy really okay so that's the teeny weenie challenge finished it was way harder than what I thought it would be and so that's the normal a five sized piece of paper and this tiny little thumb sized piece of paper is the teeny weenie version so I'll let you guys be the judge of if I if I did a good job or not which brings us to the last challenge of today I don't remember what it was sorry okay so we'll be drawing the ladybug and cat noir and Chalet I don't remember what it was aa watercolor challenge sir before we do the watercolor challenge I think we need a dress apart really it's small okay let's get into it okay so just a disclaimer if you have any sort of respect for artists or people who paint or use watercolors don't watch this I totally butchered this entire challenge from start to finish the sketch is it's not bad it's nothing special but just as soon as this sketch is done it just goes downhill from you so just to give you guys a little bit of background I have never painted in my entire life I think maybe when I was in kindergarten I would have painted here or there but as a teenager and as an adult I have no memories of painting whatsoever I don't even know the difference between watercolor and paint Oh is there a difference I really don't know I should've googled it I just I bought this packet that said washable on it I assumed it was watercolor turns out it's just the paint that kids use and you can wash it after their clothes so it was nothing professional at all as you can see here I drew the skin first and then the hair on top because in my dumb head I assumed painting would be kind of like layers as you're drawing digitally you know you've got to lay out at the bottom and then you can put layers on top and they just sort of don't blend with each other and you kind of just put it like lying pieces of paper on top of each other and so I the skin thinking once it dries I can just draw the hair on top of it and it will paint over it but either it was this paint that doesn't do it or no pain to do that at all and I don't know where I came up with that idea so that was me being a dumb-dumb but you know what's new I feel so bad because I love these characters and I love watching watercolor videos like water coloring paint videos online and just watching myself try to do this is so depressing like I feel sorry for myself and I feel sorry for anyone who has to watch look at me okay I didn't have a thin brush so look what I'm using I'm using a toothpick that's right I dipped it in the pain and I'm using a toothpick for the fine details oh my god you're such an idiot just get off the internet I'm so sorry to anyone who is offended but I'm offended by this and I'm not even a painter an artist that paint paint artist it doesn't matter and then I messed up with like the outlining so I was like I'll just make the whole thing black and that made it worse this is just so embarrassing if anyone shares this and says Sultan sketches did it I'm just gonna say it's photoshopped and I'm not gonna and acknowledge that this ever happened and I'm so sorry to these characters because I genuinely loved them so much and I totally butchered them and I just want to apologize to everyone I and then I did this weird green dividing thing I have no idea what that was and then Here I am trying to Avada Kedavra the painting that didn't work I found that very rude so the paintings done and I did the only thing I thought would be a good thing to do at the time so you're welcome so that's all the drawing challenges we have for today I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did be sure to give it a big thumbs up and let me know in the comments which challenge you thought I did the best and which challenge you thought I did the Western I'm working on a new animated story time at the moment so if you want to be notified when I drop that and be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell thanks for watching and I'll see you soon I

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  4. not gonna lie the other challenges were very good! but uhhhhhhh the water color one was very horrendous and as a water color user i am offended XD jk lol you tried

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