ALL THE ART, SCRIBBLES, & DOODLES! | Take a Look Inside my Sketchbook | #22

yep, that’s right! today we’re going to be
taking a look inside my 22nd sketchbook you’ll see the good art the bad art the scribbles… [thinks for a moment] and the more… detailed scribbles [giggles] so yeah let’s take a look
shall we? ♪ oh and before you ask, this is the Illo
sketchbook you can see their logo back there it’s an 8 by 8 square sketchbook
and then I drew the little hearts and the title on there with some acrylic
paint that I also put some on the side so I can put it in my bookcase and
reference it easily if I need to for some reason (I’ve never had to reference a
sketchbook) it could happen here I have some thumbnails for my opening
spread which is this one and I welcome you to my sketchbook and I also put the
dates that I filled the sketchbook with in it’s been a little while I’m finally
filming this it’s ok there’s some sketches here here I was
designing a character kind of based off a character I’ve already drawn before a
bit of like a fairy princess but there’s like feathers I don’t know it doesn’t
entirely make a lot of sense here I was trying to come up with like some ideas
for how I wanted to draw some characters of mine so I was playing with the
art style and the proportions of the bodies (I really like this page) I was
designing like postcards that maybe they could be featured on – you can
see how their proportions look and how they’re a little bit different then
maybe my style was before these and there’s Weelz, I think this
one was supposed to be me and then we have Skoot. – I don’t know if I drew Dex
oh! there she is right there! and there I drew all three of them
together: Dex, Weelz, and Skoot – here’s a character I created actually filmed this
but I just didn’t like the way it turned out so I never posted that one you’ll
see the further we go into the sketchbook my go-to is there just draw random
girls with very similar hairstyles over here we have my original character
Maggi and oh! I was looking for this! I couldn’t find it – I really like how I’ve
broken down the shapes here so there’s like a circle for the head, a little
triangle for the nose, and like a square for the ear and I kind of just break
down the shape so that I can draw my dog who’s walking around right now [talking to dog:]
you wanna say hi? is that you? is this you? yeah hopefully you’ll
see that drawing in the future I want to use it for something and here I started
doing the I think it’s a hundred faces in ten days challenge I don’t know if
something that’s going around YouTube a lot of other artists were doing it –
I can’t remember what channel started it but I’ll find it and link them somewhere this first
couple that I did so you have to draw ten faces in a day and they link to a
Pinterest board that you can use for reference if you’d like so these are all
from that Pinterest board so you might recognize these faces if you’ve seen any
of those videos which other people have done yeah these were a lot of fun I
think it ends around there then these are just some sketches from my own ideas
it was just a large project that I wasn’t ready to start at the time so
maybe I’ll tackle it again later I think I learned a lot about like the cheeks
structure that I didn’t really understand before so that was really
cool here’s some thumbnailing for an idea from an art box these were ideas
– I was trying to come up with what to use my yellow art supplies cuz I do a thing
where I draw with every single art supplies of a single color and for
yellow I really wanted to do something family, friendly…. family-friendly? family
and friendly that’s what yellow makes me think of, so those are some ideas there –
this I think was like a Sketchbook spread that I filmed – this was trying to use gouache
again which I hadn’t used in a long time oh this is one of my favorites oh I love this
page I like the way the colors work together then I have some yellow ideas
on this side there testing the art supplies here I was again thumbnailing
some ideas for my yellow video you can kind of see how I like pinpoint the idea
a little bit more here I was playing around with that art style from earlier here I was feeling ugly here I tried to draw myself I tried to like use my fingers
and without using a reference and like figure out my proportions but this is
not right so like you could say these circles for
all the fingers and I would like keep slapping my face just figure out where
and the distance between all of my facial features but somehow this doesn’t
look anything like me because I think you need to actually
know the shape of everything to be able to figure that out – interesting tidbit I
learned there here I was using Posca pens for an entire illustration
which I don’t often do and I was trying to come up with an idea for a
character for that – my favorite thing is to kind of come up with characters and as
you can see here just drew the same one over and over again I really like the
colors of this one and the way the yellow and the magenta look together these are all done with the Dr PH Martin India inks you can kind of see
how you can get pin points by using a dip pen and then if you use a paintbrush
mixing with a little bit of water you can get those fun washes I need to use
those more! oh there’s so many art supplies I just want to use more like I
really want to get back into sculpting but it’s just it’s a bit more of a
time-consuming art medium and I just haven’t been able do it anyway here’s
that same character I kind of tried experimenting with a different outfit
and maybe giving her body art oh here I was trying to come up with an idea to
use on a wood panel because I bought this four pack of wood panels that were
all perfectly square and I wanted to use watercolor on it but I ran into a few
problems this is the idea I ended up going with –I can actually just grab it
and show you since it’s never gonna be a video oo you can kind of see the process
of creating the character and then this is kind of what it came up with I ran
into a lot of problems and ended up using some opaque paint on top of it to
fix a lot of the mistakes and then I just started doodling on top of it and I
liked it a lot more now but that’s not what it looked like after I was done with
the watercolor cuz yeah this went through a long process I don’t hate it
anymore but I didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted to and then I started
layering more stuff on top until it had like so many different things that would
distract you from the parts I didn’t like and now I kind of like it
mm-hmm that’s how that happened back to the sketchbook this is a pretty sparse page
it’s kind of rare for me I must have been going through a thing some more
character designs oh “drawing in the dark” I guess I
didn’t feel like turning on the light or the power was out so these are some
sketches that they drew in the dark this I think we’re moving into Mermay – this is
one of the first years that I didn’t draw Mermay sketches in my sketchbook I
used a bunch of a5 paper because I had all these grand ideas that I could do
with them if I didn’t put them in my sketchbook
but I kinda regret not putting them in my sketchbook because now I’m probably
never gonna like bump into them again you know? they are just in a folder
somewhere here’s some ideas I wanted to try and create my original characters as
mermaids so like Pedals and Weelz – you can kind of see I was experimenting with
that didn’t get too far again this is a pretty sparse page but I kind of like
this drawing right here this was a #drawthisinyourstyle so I recreated a drawing
by Vanessa_draws and that’s one of the ones that I kept in my sketch book here
I was drawing a bit of a fairy character again using feathers I don’t know what
in my head connects feathers with fairies but there’s another one of those oh this was a drawing that my friend asked me to draw – this is experimenting
with some art supplies from an art box again more experimenting trying to
figure out how to use them they were very thick art supplies and it was very
hard to like pinpoint any sort of details and here I think this is the
first time I tested my Ohuhu brush marker here is another mermaid drawing that I
liked so much I decided to stick it in my sketchbook (what were they called?) they were… oil
sticks? pastel oil sticks? or something? so it like feels very waxy if you touch it here I was testing all of my pink art supplies so that I could use that for
drawing and here are some thumbnails for ideas – I ended up drawing a bit of a ‘mean
girl’ or kind of like a it was inspired by a mean girl but ended up being kind
of very cute and she looked very pleasant oh here I did a video on
filling in a spread when you have no idea what you want to draw so you can
see up at the top left I just started drawing random old things and then we
connected them and created a character because creating character designs is what I
like to draw the most and we ended up with this beauty right here our little
minimum-wage high schooler here’s some more experimenting I don’t know went
through a lot of phases where I just didn’t feel confident in my art and I
think that’s the ones where I’m not filling the spread as much but I do like
the way these sketches kind of like fill the page like that for this one I picked random
art supplies out of like one of my containers like this I think I picked
two or three and then I tried to make art with it here’s a spread I filled
using really dark mostly black ink I think I use a little bit of purple and
blue here and there but I just wanted to draw something dark
and emotional and this is what I came up with I really like the depth of
these pages like they really stand out compared to this one this one
I decide not to draw on this side just because I think it was still wet and
here we have some Jet Set Radio fanart I’m a bigger fan of Jet Set Radio Future
personally but I really wanted to draw Mew’s design there here I was concepting
some ideas for like a surfer character kind of like in Pokemon how they have
like a male and a female version of like swimmers, youngsters, trainers, and things
like that that you can battle I kind of wanted to take that concept and create
my own swimmer characters and here I tried it again but doing it with a
youngster character I drew them some more here I was trying to plan out my
outfits I don’t know if you can see that anymore
wonder if I could take like a white gell pen and outline them so you can see
it a little better — can you see it any better now? maybe not. I might look a little
self-obsessed, but yeah there’s three of me right there here I was thinking I was
testing out the OHUHU brush markers so I was drawing my original character Weelz
over and over again with her friends Dex and Skoot, in the background
there here’s some more thumbnail ideas because I wanted to try and create
something with play-doh and it kind of like came up with this design but It
didn’t quite work as well as I wanted it to – you can see like play-doh dried play-doh bits
all over the place but I really like the way this sketch turned out so I would
like to turn that into something else in the future maybe oh here it was when I
was playing out my ATC cards I wanted to create one for like all of my original
characters this is Weelz, Dex, and Skoot.
here’s another random girl character which happens a lot – here I was
thumbnailing some ideas for my draw this in your style where I recreate your arts
and so these were a few that I had chosen and I was trying to come up with an
idea of how I would lay it out on the page – here I have my original character
Petals just chilling there this was from a video where I challenge myself to see
what I could draw in one hour so I started with absolutely no idea of what
I was gonna draw started there went through and I actually came out
drawing which I don’t have here I actually moved to a whole new A5
sheet of paper and I created this character with like it was kind of
similar to this but I had like smoked and stuff so if you want to see that I
guess let’s go check out that video cuz it’s not around here is when I was trying
my hand at like graffiti I really liked this one still I actually moved it onto
a much larger canvas again I think was a big wood panel and I you know tried that
out – I did a lot of research for that video but I was still very wrong or
misunderstood a lot of the things that I looked up so I kinda want to try that
again with my new knowledge so… there are so many things I want to do so
many things!!! and then we have a beautiful Blub-fish over there this is a page
where I was having so much fun with the graffiti that I just wanted to really
make a mess and not worry about how it would turn out in the end so here we
have just a bunch of splotches and you can see I like tested that idea where you
use a paint marker and you just splotch it hold it to the side like this and then
it just drips down and it’s a lot of fun and I really enjoyed this page but my
favorite parts are just like drawing random shapes and you know just making a
mess and not worrying about how it turned out because I get really stressed
that way my Art’s not turning out and I think this was really good therapy for
me and it might be about time that I do it again and I went back to creating
more characters mostly faces cuz those are like my personal favorite thing to
draw I think I was listening to an audio book like the Lord of the Rings when I
started drawing these pink ones here and I just like trying to draw Rose, and I
really like this face right here I think that one turned out really nice – oh yeah
look here’s Frodo right there oh and then I drew my doggy cuz he was laying
and looking at me so that’s him there and I was having a lot of fun
experimenting with circular shapes and drawing faces with circles so those are – I
really really like this style and I’d like to experiment more with that I’ve
kind of been leaning towards a more cartoony art style lately
I like to experiments, to change it up this is more my art style that I kind of
when I’m doing digital art though I feel like I have more room to experiment with
more detail or “realism” [note the air quotes] it’s obviously still very
cartoony but I have a lot more room to change what it look
like and like edit things as I go whereas in traditional art you have to like
erase and then it makes a mess and I don’t know digital art is still my baby
– I really miss digital art so here I was kind of trying to like organize all my junk and
figure out how much of each thing I had if I ever gonna buy storage
solutions for them instead of just leaving them all over the place so it’s
kind of like trying to organize it by quantity so the bigger the square the
more of it I have I got really confused so it didn’t really work out but it would be
really nice if I could easily excess what I want when I want it you know here I’m trying that sort of round art style again not quite capturing it as
well as I like these I think this one is more 3d and this one feels very flat so
i need to figure out what the difference is there and fix that in the future here’s
what I was attempting to draw roses this is still my favorite one I think that
turned out really well apparently I was a little sad – i drew someone very sad here here are some more Blub-fish but I’ve been trying to experiment with drawing
characters that are more three-dimensional and aren’t so flat I
think it really helps the art look better overall so I’ve been kind of
trying to experiment with that – here we have a little gymnast I was using some
spectrum noir markers the new ones with the brush tips I think Jazza redesigned —
these were not his exclusive set this is a nice like pastel set I really love the
colors in this set it looks like a sunset oh it’s so beautiful I was using those for this character here and then I used the yellow one for
Weelz – you can see I’m just trying to recreate what I really liked about those
earlier sketches that I showed you that we’re very round I’m trying to like
capture why it is that I like them so I keep trying to like draw it over and
over again just trying to take in the knowledge and yeah here’s more of the
gymnast doing gymnasty things here we have like an older Magna girl it looks
like some more sketches these ones are a little bit looser less refined and then
he I tried to draw a Charmander from memory even looking at it I can’t figure
out what makes it not look like a Charmander but it just doesn’t decided to draw a male character so here we have
a little dude with glasses a girl… and a girl our gymnast is back here’s a couple faces I was trying to experiment using specific shapes so
here’s the circle one here’s more of an oval, triangles, squares, blobs I don’t
know – and we have a little Blub-fish drawn in pen and some more pen sketches
oh and then here this is some art that I did a very long time ago because some
reason when I was doing A ‘Designing a Character off of 3 Colors” I think
was the video or something I decided to start in the back so I started here
these were the three colors that I got this is what I started drawing from
that I came up with like a word association designed our character yeah
it’s back in March and I further experimented with the character design
then started throwing in the colors to see how well they looked and how I
wanted them to look in the finished design, this is something I actually just
drew the other day I saw a girl with these giant um flower earrings so I
wanted to give that a go myself and I tried to recreate the hairstyle as well
I don’t know pretty people be pretty that’s just what they do I guess and
then here we have the final character that I came up with for Olivia isn’t she
gorgeous? so it was based off the three random colors that I picked and then I
also just chose a skin tone because I didn’t really want to draw a blue person
or pink person so I got a nice natural skin tone there so yes that is what I
drew in this sketchbook but also – what is cool about this sketchbook, is it has a little
pocket so I have no idea what I’ve put in here we can take a look-sees oh look
there’s our little surfer boy that I was mentioned earlier oh here’s my color key
when I was testing to make my sculpture I was just talking about how I wanted to do
this again – it’s been months since I’ve made a sculpture like a real one but I created
this like fantasy lion with like flowers growing out of their Mane so this was
like a little color key when I was trying to figure out what colors I
wanted to use and then here is when I was trying to figure out what size I wanted him to
be he doesn’t really look like this but I was kind of just trying to visualize
the size of the lion so that I knew how big to make the sculpture so yeah! those
are what’s in here! – there is oh oh okay there is my
sketchbook and it’s time to start a new one I do have one more Illo because
when I bought this one I bought two so I’ll probably be using that next I’ve
also been using a travel sketchbook since I’ve been traveling I think I’ll
just keep that one separate and start another one of these because it’s just a
little bit smaller and if I need just travel to get took in the future I don’t
want to have filled it with sketches that I’ve made at home so it is time to start
another Illo let me know what you think I should draw on the cover of it I
know before I have drawn characters on the cover and then more recently I drew
just the words and little design I’m currently taking ideas when I was 14 I
think.. or 13 13 or 14 was my very first sketchbook and I’ve actually chronicled
all of these sketchbooks on my youtube channel I’ll have a link to the playlist
where you can check out every sketch book I’ve ever filled all 22 of them
it’s definitely a journey of art it’s been over 10 years of sketchbooks so you
can kind of see how my style has changed different things that I’ve experimented
with along the way and yeah things like that let me know
what sketchbook you are on how many you filled or if you’re on your first
sketchbook that’s so exciting I think keeping sketchbooks was
really the beginning of my art journey so I think they’re very important to
have even if you don’t finish them just having someplace to gravitate towards
when you feel like drawing is just so important anyway yeah thank you guys for
watching I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have a delicious evening
full waffles! BYE! ♪

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