AKMU – 신규 앨범 청음회 ‘가을밤의 항해’ MAKING FILM

AKMU’s new album live stage. “SAILING ON A FALL NIGHT” [AKMU’s live stage
‘SAILING ON A FALL NIGHT’] [@Dressing room
3 hrs before live stage] Ah! I want to be there already. Hello, we’re AKMU! We’re on our way for our live stage. Where does it take place? Mulbit Stage at Hangang Park! We start performing at 7:30pm. But I hear crowds came in since 3-4pm. And it’s hard to find a seat. This is our 4th new album live stage. Singing live felt like our strength. That’s how we got started. Now it’s what defines us. At public parks with people or where crowds can gather, we perform live free of charge. That’s the best kind of stage. You can’t think of AKMU without it now. I saw the post on social media. I love AKMU’s new songs, so I came to listen to their album. I love all their new songs,
not just the title track. Like they’re all title songs! It’s been ages hearing them live, so I’m looking forward to it. I’m excited for AKMU’s live stage! [@Live stage rehearsal 2019.09.22] This is our 4th new album live stage, but we want to show fans that
we’re growing music-wise. So we’ll be performing with a live band. This sure feels like
a more carefully wrapped gift. For those coming to listen. We really come alive with a live band. That’s right. When we perform with a live band, I feel like we’re truly breathing. That’s how fun it is. I think we’re addicted now. Addicted to live band sessions. Nothing beats real sound! We’ll head out now. Many people are waiting. We’ll get it started now. – Let’s do this!
– Let’s do this! Try to calm your feelings. Want to look at the ocean? I’m not nervous yet. But I will be a little bit
when we see everyone there. No, no. You’re starting off the song. So you need to take it easy. Wait until your voice grows calm. Let’s say “Freedom!” Freedom! “SAILING ON A FALL NIGHT” Taking the stage quietly, we have to sing like the wind. [Courtesy of V LIVE] – Hello everyone, we’re AKMU!
– We’re AKMU! I’m surprised to see so many here! Thank you so much! I thought having 10,000 people
come would be amazing. But I heard we had 30,000 people. With so many in the crowd,
I got a little worried. But I also felt deeply grateful. So many people came to see us. We’re so touched by that. I couldn’t believe they were
random people there. The crowd was that incredible,
and I’m so touched. It didn’t really sink in
how much our album is loved. But hearing people sing along
during our live stage made me realize the big love. That was deeply moving. So I feel great about
the performances to come. They made a great wave of lights. I was dazzled by the beautiful view. I felt dazed when I was singing. I can still picture it now. Thank you for setting sail with
our new album “SAILING.” As we navigate to where it leads us, I hope you stay with us all the way. – Thank you!
– Thank you! [New album live stage

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  1. 아 못가게되었는데 그래두 넘 멋지게 잘하셔서 앨범이라두 열심히 듣고 있겠습니다!!! 악뮤 사랑해요!!!!

  2. They are the purest and sincere person and musicians. Thats why public love them, thats becos they share their feeling and emotions sincerely with their songs. Long live AKMU!

  3. I love when they just remains calm to listen their song.. Specially when she start sing with sailor song really want to see their live perform oneday!

  4. wow i thought they put on the recorded vers of Chantey when Suhyun started singing <3
    if these siblings dont deserve all the love in the world….

  5. Wow , they grow really well. Like amazing . N this is beautiful .
    Love to see how chanhyuk try to calm suhyun by looking at sea.

    Admit that suhyun has angelic voice but chanhyuk has beautiful vocal too ,when his vocal mixed with suhyun , ah give peace to my mind n soul .
    Akmu u guys r amazing. Love u .

  6. Love the new album. Both on the songwriting and vocal front, they have both grown in leaps and bounds. Chan Hyuk really wrote a cohesive album that tells a story. Su Hyun's voice is rich and delicate (though I wish she could be pushed a little more, because when she expands her range, she's even more fantastic). As a label though YG is failing them. Their songs aren't available on Instagram/Tick Tock globally (No YG artist is, actually) and so it makes it hard for international fans to share their music. Social media is sooo important for music to grow beyond its borders and YG's management is really not doing the work to make their music spread.

  7. cmon. i cant take it now. this is so touching. hopefully i can hear them live too in the future.i am a proud sister 🙂

  8. 아니 썸네일 하트존나웃기다고 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  9. how cool it must have been watching and listening to your favorite singer LIVE and feeling the breeze of tbe Ocean. 😍☺️

  10. I read a comment on another independant artist video where they felt she deserved a fancy stage like KBS or MNET stage, and implied that busking or other than fancy stage was low-class. I didn't know quite how to take it, but did feel that live stage for ANY SIZE or PLACE was the right place for a true artist. Watching this video of TRUE ARTISTS validated my feelings !

  11. 진짜 AKMU는 팬에 대한 사랑이 너무나 진실됬고 그 사랑받는팬들은 자연스럽게 AKMU에게 끌리는겁니다..
    언제나 AKMU는 좋은노래 내주고 감사합니다 12월14,15일 콘서트도 잘해줄거라 믿고있고 언제나 아름다운 AKMU로 남아주시고 밝은항해 기대할게여❣😊

  12. 악동뮤지션도 좋으니까 움직일동으로 바꾸는건 어떨까여?! 음악으로 사람의 마음을 흔드는? 음악을 움직이는?
    나의 樂動뮤지션♡

  13. 이번 앨범 항해 너무 좋았어요!저도 청음회 가고싶었지만 못가서 죄송해요ㅠㅠ대신 라이브로 봤으니까 저도 잊지 않을게요..이번 청음회❤❤

  14. 청음회 넘 좋았는데 장소 선정이 아쉬웠습니다 ㅠㅠ 돔으로 된 무대 특성상 양쪽 사이드에 사운드가 거의 안 들려서 청음회의 의미가 퇴색된 거 같아요ㅠㅠ 그래두 이런 무대 준비해주시는 악뮤와 관계자 여러분들 넘 감사합니다!

  15. 정말정말 가고 싶었지만 시험기간이라 가지 못했던..ㅜ이렇게 보니 더 가고 싶네요. 다음 앨범 나올 때에는 꼭 갈 수 있길 바라요!

  16. 저기 갔었는데 7시 반 공연이였음에도 앞자리는 2시에 꽉 찼다고 하더라고요. 저랑 친구는 3시 반쯤 도착했는데 와…자리가….ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 친절하신 두분덕에(그냥 앉아있었다고 비켜주시더라고요) 앉아서 전광판 보고, 차 타고 나가는것까지 보고 왔어요.
    공연장이 수용할 수 있는 수의 3배가 왔다고 하더라고요.(사람이 너무 많아서 실감도 안남…)
    저 날에 한강 물의 수위때문에 그만해야된다고 하니까 사람들이 젖어도 괜찮다고 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ그래서 좀 더 불러주시고 가셨어요!

  17. Please come to the Philippines 😭😭

    Been waiting for you since your debut. How I wish I could also listen to your songs live 😭🥰

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