After Effects: The Best Preset for Typography and Text Animations (Type Array)

this video is sponsored by Squarespace what's going on guys Vincent here from the creative dojo da Dada welcome to our video quick tip today's quick tip video when I shoot you guys a really really useful and very very handy tool that I find myself using and pretty much all my typography projects my type animations my motion design stuff and that's a preset called type array by a polymer the links will be in the video description down below or in the article down below but this is pretty much a mandatory essential preset that you need to download if you work with any sort of type layer or text layers within After Effects download it now it's basically a name your own price script so you can try it out for free and if you like and you find it very very useful I would highly recommend you donating to Paul for this pretty sick this is has saved me a lot of time and it's very very handy so check it out it's not a sponsored post this is not anything that requires any money so check out type array but basically when you're creating a lot of type animations a lot of times you're not really designing custom logo reveals and you know fancy complicated animated typefaces a lot of times in After Effects I feel like you're always you know doing a lot of simple text stuff as well so for example you know labeling footage labeling you know pictures graphics labeling shape layers you know you're just like labeling a lot of things captioning a lot of things you know simple explainer text transition text you know things that kind of slide in slide out fade in fade out rotate and rotate out you know it's just simple simple stuff although these things are very very simple they're not very simple to set up in After Effects especially with the type animators or text animation after-effects and so traditionally you know you would write this out and you're like oh shoot I should have separated these into four or in two lines or if I wanted to get more serious I would separate them into individual text layers so I would duplicate them and retype them and you know you would use a script like my new dojo shifter version to script which you can get over at creative dojo dotnet easy plug basically you would just shift things in time and you know offset them and stagger them or you know do some crazy funky stuff shift keyframes whatever offset stuff trim to start you know something like this and you know you would get some sort of offset animation and it's not a very robust so if you had to go change a text layer you've got to change all the text layers and you know it's just kind of a mess here so if I undo that we just have one text layer and I just need to get a simple animation that isn't you know too crazy for you have to draft the mock-up we know client approval whatever so quick thing once you install type type array just drag it in drop into the text and right off the bat you're gonna see that boom we have a very nice easy simple basic animation that would look better than static text so it'd look better than a fade in fade out and took like one second to you know to apply here and if you you you and the keyboard you can see that it applied keyframes at my time indicator here so I'm gonna just shift this back and it's pretty much just that influence property the text layer has a pseudo effect applied to it with the influence keyframe to control everything and so this is great you know this is perfect for just subtle explain our type stuff caption stuff or you know just a mock a mock animation just for drafts or whatever but let's say you had a lot of text layers or you know you had so many things going on you didn't want to trim layers you didn't want to move keyframe because that took forever it's easy you can actually select a text layer and let's say I wanted to in a mission to be off but it's gonna be on at three seconds and I know that so I'm gonna go ahead and select a layer and hit the asterisk key on the number pad and apply a marker right here and the whole thing is gonna be off and it's going to be triggered at this one marker and boom you can see that at three seconds things start popping so you can pretty much control everything using markers which are more visual to see and easier to manipulate then you know have a whole bunch of keyframe layers you have to animate the start point the end point and it's like – it's like one marker instead of two keyframes for the in animation here and so you can just shift things around now it's even smarter you have one marker it's gonna trigger everything at this one marker so that's great you know trigger everything at this marker boom now it's smarter than this if you apply multiple markers then it's going to segment your your text for you so um I have four words right here so I'm going to sit one marker here arbitrarily one right here and one right here and as you can see instead of triggering everything at this first marker it's gonna go one at a time step in play etc this first and then this this this so boom and then delay and then boom boom boom and pretty much you're triggering you know all this without any keyframes just for simple markets which you can drag around really easily my set of keyframes and it's dynamic enough and you'd have to play with any you know controls or anything it just kind of works it's very very easy and you can control the timing a lot easier this way and this is great and so let's take a look at some of the options here there's not a lot of options which is great because you know it kind of gets out of the way that's the whole idea of type array so delay is pretty much the delay in frames between all this between I guess so if you didn't have markers it's it's going to lead our markers diddly all of our markers so right now it's pulling things by by words right so we set the delay to like 10 the delay between the first word and the second word is gonna be a little bit longer if I set it to something really short you know it's gonna be instantaneous so there's no delay at zero delay there gonna be no delay between all the words so it's gonna happen at once so again you know like 24 it's gonna be a slight delay between each word and that's pretty cool I'm gonna set it back to I don't know what it was like to and in the frame pretty much just shifts everything in time so basically if you're using like one marker for example if I ship everything you know two seconds long or start one second long it's gonna be off until one second and then it's gonna be triggered at one second so this is equivalent just just using like one marker and triggering everything at this time so that's pretty useful you have the use markers which we use the markers on the layer itself you can disable that if you wanted to and of course you have the ability to reverse everything so you know instead of revealing instead of revealing from the first text to the last text it's gonna reveal from the last text to the first text and this is you know this is very handy just to kind of mix it up but you're very easy to mix things up of course you can change the speed by just changing all the influence right here you can just drag it out if you wanted to you can kind of create sort of like a bouncy effect by just kind of playing with the curves here you know just make something like that and you can get kind of like this bouncy animation so hit OK and just like that you kind of have like this really like nice bouncy you know that can be fine tweaked a little bit more and so this is the core essence of type array but you know it's fully you know controlled and rigged in After Effects which means that you can go in here and customize it so if we go into the text animator here which is type array basically it's pretty much like a speed speed basically a text animator so wish after refresh would have something like this just kind of built in to make it easier for you know people creating type but basically this is just a regular you know text animator so you can go in here you can add a scale in here and set it to zero and it's gonna scale from 0 to 100 and so now you have this really nice kind of like scale from nothing bounce kind of look right here and let's say I wanted to add some rotation well that's pretty easy go ahead and add another property you can add rotation and I don't know we can add like a negative 45 and all of a sudden we have a nice little rotation going on and so basically the whole idea type of rate from what Paul's saying on the site is basically the whole idea is that is that you're trying to create a preset that is kind of like out of your way but it's still robust and customizable and this is exactly what it did it's a very robust it's very easy to use and create and just get going with type array if you need more control you can easily add them in to the animator and you know have a lot of things going on and you know customizing and crafting your own but basically this is an amazing way to kind of just easily create fast quick animations text animations within after-effects without the hassle of setting up all the type in a major animators and the expressions and the selectors and stuff like that and right now things are appearing word by word but let's say I wanted to change that you can go into the selector right here and right here you can see that this animator is based on words but if we wanted to get you into two lines so it's going to review this top line and then this top line kind of hard to tell when we have the scale so I'm going to turn that off delete that and sleep the rotation here so you can see that we just have the first line coming in and its second like I'm gonna delay let's do 24 so first line second line like that or you can change from lines to characters so it's gonna do one character at a time you know and you can get some pretty cool stuff that way so just like that so you know really quickly you can get set up and you know create custom custom animations really quickly just kind of get going using things based on characters words lines you know the full gamut of the text animators and After Effects with the ease and flexibility of expressions already built-in and nice controls to kind of get you going faster because you know the other day that's what you want to do you want to get up and going faster instead of messing around with all this kind of stuff just to kind of get the general idea of what you're trying to do so basically this is type of ray for After Effects by Paul this is a fantastic tool again if you appreciate this text preset go ahead and you know get biom a coffee or something like that this is fantastic before we go I want to give a quick nice aw responses over a square space for sponsoring today's video Squarespace isn't one platform that makes it very very easy to create an amazing beautiful website they have tons of themes to choose from fully customizable themed designed by professionals it's all fully customizable to make it the way you want to look like without any coding experience required they have amazing 24 hours of poor and best of all I've used the promo code dojo at check it out you guys should save 10% off your order and support the dojo so check it out over at slash dojo Squarespace no more place to create an amazing website so that's pretty much it for typer red you know I highly encourage you guys to download try it out and give it a try and kind of customize it and tweak it to make it to your own and you know get going with text animation little bit faster um he also has a lot of cool other presets on his website like rigged boxes and stuff like that to help you get going with boxes and you know shapes and stuff like that a lot easier so go and check out his other tools onto the website awesome sometimes if you have trouble removing all this stuff like let's say you know we apply typos right it's gray let's say we want to remove two very completely from a text layer it might be kind of a pain to do that so there's another script by Col Martinez I believe that kind of like strips away typing right very quickly I'm kind of unused everything so I'll link that to below and just riffing up as well so that's pretty much it for type array let me know what you guys think about type array down below what would you use it for what do you were taught Sanh it and what other tools you guys use for typography very interested so let me know down in the comments down below again I'm also releasing a lot of really cool new updates on my script as well as new scripts on creative dojo for example D dojo shifter script right here I also have a new dojo renamer version 2 script as well as a new script called bolt so channel over at crave internet slash or some pretty cool stuff up there as well so check it out and also an upcoming new luck pack so it stays tuned for that but ice pretty much that guys my name is vincent woon from the aquarium dojo and i will see you guys next time bye guys

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  1. the link to type array said website expried and when u do registed to website its said i have no permission :X

  2. How do you make presets like these? I've seen quite a few of these custom presets with advanced sliders and controls, but I don't see how you guys are creating them. They look like great time savers.

  3. Is it possible to make it use other effects?

    For an example, every word has its turbulence displace effect that goes from very displaced to 0

  4. Do you have the ability to make the text appear from the sides or top down as opposed to just the bottom -up?

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