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hello and welcome along to a Davi aftereffects with your host Robert Smith in this exercise we're going to work out how to use a stroke to reveal some letter angle in a handwriting type effect so let's get stuck in Apple and the start like this 1280 720 10 seconds is good okay I'll zoom out Apple – I can see my stage again I might use this fit up to 100% here that's great okay the first thing I'm going to do is grab my type tool and type in the word and more like that now the font I'm using is called wolf in the city it's a good font for handwriting style things because it's italic and a bit of a script number okay what I need to do now is to use the pen tool now to grab the pen tool you can press the letter G that's the shortcut or you can go up here to the menus if you like now the trick is to first of all select the layer don't forget to do that or you'll get something totally different so Apple plus to zoom in a bit in a way okay I'm going to draw a path around this now paths can this paths can be relatively rough it doesn't have to be perfect because we're going to be using as as a mask but the important part is you continue the line you don't break the line anyway if you do that it's not going to work so I'm just quickly and roughly doing this you can be as fussy as you like and away I go you can be as fussy as the clients budget as they say some going around here like this I'm just trying to talk out the top while I'm doing this okay now some letters are a little bit tricky like this is a little bit tricky so what I'm going to do is I'm going to move to about here I'm going to go backwards like this and then when I get to here I don't want to cross over so I'm just going to go up here like that might apples led that and curved it a little bit now if you're busier points get in the way just hold the option key down just drag that point in there so we can go around here like this and we can go down here up around here now that's a bit rough that one I could have done that a little bit better but strike that down to here down to here around to here up to there and across here and again I'll go backwards with this letter here or I go around and I might go around and down just have to analyze each letter individually that's probably a better way of doing it and Here I am at the end okay there's my very rough path I'll zoom out Apple – like that now the effect I'm going to use to create this is called stroke so if I go to my effects and presets and click on stroke and just drag on like that we have the options up here for this the properties of the stroke effect so what do I want – the first thing I want to do is grab my brush size and just make it a lot bigger like that so actually we just put some meat on that stroke if you like and I want to put it on original image like this reveal original image and now how we make this on the magic happen is this thing here it's called the end property so if I drag that back to 0 at the start and I'll put in a keyframe up here like that and then I'll go to about two seconds in time and I'll drag that end property like this and you can see it's starting to right looking very good up to 100% let's have a look at that do a ram preview that's exactly what we want the writing effect looks very very good indeed so Apple – to zoom out and have a look at it but I want to add just a little bit more to it I want to I actually change colors as it writes itself I wants to change colors so to do that I'm going to go down here to my in more to the text layer like that and click on animate I'm going to animate the fill color in RGB so I'll just drag that there like that and it defaults to red so now it's red so at the start it's going to be red but I wanted to change to yellow to do that I'm going to put a keyframe there and move it up a bit so you can see just there for the filled color and about two seconds I want to put and change the color to a yellow like this a yo-yo a orangey color and there it is so let's have a look that effect that's exactly we're after and we can add all sorts of animators but that's beyond the scope of this lesson so let's have a look what we've done we simply set some type choose in your fonts pretty important italic fonts look pretty good like this and then we created a a mask using the pen tool and use the stroke effect okay thanks for watching

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