Adapting Film Era Lenses To Mirrorless Cameras | M42 Asahi Super-Takumar 50mm f1.4 & Canon M50

Hey, this is Scott of Photography Banzai. In this video I’m going to talk about adapting
lenses to your mirrorless camera. In my case I have the Canon M50 with a Super
takumar 50mm f1.4 lens and a M42 mount adapter. Thanks to David at Camera Craft for giving
me this very nice lens. I did try adapting lenses quite a bit when
using Pentax DSLRs. The issue, they were APS-C. Now Pentax has
very nice viewfinders for their DSLRs, but still wasn’t really good for me. I had issues with focusing. It just didn’t work out too well. But in this case with the mirrorless cameras,
all those nice features to help you focus, help you deal with that older lens and all
of the manual functionality to it. It just is really, really works well. I went out my local forest preserve and used
this combination. I do think it worked really well, so throughout
this video we are gonna to see some clips and photos from that. When I was at that forest preserve I was taking
photos mostly at f1.4. I did go up to 2.8, 5.6, and a little bit
at f8 depending on the situation. But I really wanted to get the most use out
of that large aperture. When adapting lenses to mirrorless cameras
you have a few benefits even over their intended use back in the film days on those cameras. You have a peaking feature, which helps you
focus very quickly. You also have zooming in on certain areas
of the image so you can get critical focus when you need that. In this case the M50 has three different colors
of peaking and two levels of peaking. One is more extreme than the other. It just ads more color to the photo. I use the high level of peaking with red. So there can be some negatives to adapting
lenses to your mirrorless camera. In this case you won’t get EXIF information
on the aperture. Generally it’s just slower to take photos,
but that could be a benefit. It really depends on how you like to do things. Of course, you have to control the aperture
from the lens itself. In this case, I was using mostly full manual
mode. But I also experimented with shutter priority, and letting the camera control shutter
and ISO. Probably the quickest way to adjust settings
in this combination is to let the camera control just the ISO. You set the shutter speed to something you
know won’t blur in this situation. And then the camera will handle that ISO. It works relatively well, and you can get
results that are pretty consistent. Now, in this case you probably don’t want
to let the camera control the shutter speed because it might dip below your combination
of focal length and all of that. But in full manual mode it works pretty well. I just control those two settings, the shutter
speed and ISO, and then on the lens itself I control the aperture. Overall, I think it is a great way to take
photos. You have some really nice options with film
era lenses. Of course this is all metal. Cleaned it up, it looks great… Very smooth focus ring with a lot of travel,
so you can really dial in your focus. This adapter specifically that I have is nice
is nice and metal as well. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please consider subscribing. That helps me out a lot. Likes and shares help out a lot as well. Thanks again!

9 Replies to “Adapting Film Era Lenses To Mirrorless Cameras | M42 Asahi Super-Takumar 50mm f1.4 & Canon M50”

  1. Hey Scott. I've been out of the casual hobbyist photography for a while now. Hurricane Harvey flooded my house so as you can imagine I've been out of sorts. But we're all rebuilt now and I can get in photography again. I'm still using my Pentax K-5II with my old Takumar lenses. At some point in the distant future I may look into going mirrorless. Sorry you had to get away from Pentax but I can understand why you did. They just seem to be falling way. I'll keep an eye out for the best mirrorless cameras that can also use Takumar lenses.

  2. A lovely video here Scott of you adapting lenses and taking stills. The photos could be straight out of a film camera with that radioactive Takumar 😄 How are you finding the M50?

  3. Hey Scott, i was just wondering when mounting vintage lenses does the EVF still work correctly of do you have to use live preview on your screen?

  4. thank you for the video!
    I had a problem i have the same camera m50 I just bogus the mount to use with a helios m42 but I cannot shoot Im trying but is not working..
    do u know why happen this?
    thank u

  5. Hi, just a question. can super takumar lenses be able to mount it on canon c300 using m42 to EF mount? will there be any issues?

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