Acrylic pouring with an ice scoop! Fluid art experimentation! Florida abstract modern artist

hey you guys it's not Li I'm going to experiment I've layered my canvas with white and I'm going to pour some white into an ice cream scoop would had some blue on the side of it and I'm gonna pour some de lo green and some stay low blue some Payne's gray from up high and a ton of gold okay I'm gonna take a toothpick and swirl through it get some design and then I'm gonna pour it up now stretch it out and see what happens I want to keep some of the negative space there bring the paint back to the center just go down with it I'm playing around on this small canvas to see if I like this design for a bigger canvas I really like the swirls that I got out of that I think that's beautiful hang in there but yeah I think I'm gonna do this on a bigger canvas I really like the lines that I ended up getting in this though so I definitely think I'm gonna try this again I think my consistency was good I had yeah I like it kind of blown out a little bit I have these cells that are from the gold that are developing in the center yeah I love the color combination I was inspired by she Lee's art on the color combination she Lee Carruthers and I really like the lines that I got in it how soft they are so I'll take you down and show you this is just a short little experiment get out of the– so i love the kind of striated lines that i got a little bit too much pain I wanted a little bit more negative space the cells in the middle are really interesting as well and this is gonna dry with a really really pretty Sheen because of that a DecoArt metallic gold but yeah so this was a little experiment that I'm gonna play around with on a bigger canvas you guys let me know what you think I think it's really really cool all right you guys little experiment thanks for watching yeah big painting bye you

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  1. this one is gorgeous Molly! I am gonna do a red black and white one today and use this technique

  2. J'aime beaucoup, le choix des couleurs, la viscosité des peintures est parfaite pour cette technique. Je ne vois pas d'oiseau, mais une évocation d'une géode, d'une pierre, très beau, bravo, merci,
    I really like, the choice of colors, the viscosity of the paints is perfect for this technique. I do not see a bird, but an evocation of a geode, a stone, very beautiful, bravo, thank you,

  3. Wow…the thumbnail didn't do it justice! I love the way the lines turned out. My only feeling was that I didn't like the blown out bits because they were so different to the rest of the feel of the piece with the straight lines, but otherwise it's gorgeous. Hurry up and do a big one!!

  4. There is another artist in Florida who has thousands of videos posted. Her name is Priscilla Batzell. The technique that you're doing here is so similar, where she consistently uses ice cream scoops, mini dustpans, and children's sand shovels. She fills them randomly with different colors and makes ribbons like you have. She also has a book published earlier this year. If you haven't seen her work, you should check it out!😊

  5. I love this! I can't wait to see the bigger one. This one is flawless! The colors are gorgeous. I love deco art metallics. What brand of payne's gray do you use? An art teacher told me there was never a reason to have that color but after seeing you use it now I know someone was bad wrong! Thank you for sharing your beautiful art and for being such a sweetheart.

  6. I really like the painting and thing it would look great on a larger canvas. Love the lines and the colors.

  7. Wish I had enough paint .
    or anyone was interested around me about art.
    On an island with no boat .
    Guess I'll sit stair out m

  8. Beautiful colors and such a pretty piece. Does anyone see a dragons sort of mythical creature face and neck at the top where the big area of gold is when she turned us to where the painting was in portrait angle it reminded me of like a mythical sea dragon so cool how fluid art has so many different perspectives everyone sees different things in the same piece! I can’t wait to see the bigger one when you do it please post!

  9. Love it but I think I would've left it without stretching it that was really pretty

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