Acrylic Pouring | FUNNY FAIL COMPILATION | Fluid Art Fun! | What NOT to do in Abstract Art!

22 Replies to “Acrylic Pouring | FUNNY FAIL COMPILATION | Fluid Art Fun! | What NOT to do in Abstract Art!”

  1. Hey guys! These are some of my not so great tries at pours! I wanted to post this so you guys know, it's not always great, but you just have to learn from it and keep going! Can any of you relate to this?

  2. Thank you! You are so encouraging! I definitely have some major fails! You make it look easy and then you show us this, and I feel better! Thanks!

  3. I've started with intentions of great things and ended up with crap. Thank goodness for sand paper!!!!

  4. Wow, I wish my "successes" looked as good as some of your "failures" 😀
    Thanks for sharing, that was great.

  5. How amazing of you to do this. To make all of us beginners not feel like failures. This video was more inspiring than all the successful ones combined. I have a beautiful set of dishes from a local potter. I bought all the ones she didn't think would sell. To me they are the most unique and special. There were a few of your "failures" that I really liked! Thank you again for making us all feel human! ♡♡♡

  6. So enjoyed this video Molly! 🤣 As a person who has more fails than I hate to admit, I thought this video was hilarious! Thanks for sharing your attempts with us, Grandma from Iowa 🥰

  7. Hilarioussss yes something i need for preservation of my self esteem lol thanks for making me feel normal and not a total failure, molly!

  8. That was super funny! Thanks for sharing. Now I know that everyone has bad days and we just need to keep trying. ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Too funny you are… in a good way. This is not to be watched while having morning coffee lol
    I’m so glad to see this. I’ve scraped so many canvases. Try try again 😊

  10. TQ Molly. You followed the correct rules… Rule no 1: don't scared to make mistake…because we learn through mistake. Congratulations 🎉

  11. This was so much fun to watch! Definitely don’t feel like I’m alone with my pile of scraped off paint!

  12. Oh Golly Miss Molly!!!!
    Thank you SO much for this video!! Now that I see that even one of my new Idols sometimes don't succeeds… it gives me hope for more art and less scrapes!!! Just love you more!!!

  13. This made me feel better about my fails but.. am I the only one who thought the second pour was actually cool lol

  14. It's almost midnight and I am going to stop here while I have a smile on my face. Thank you for the fun video.

  15. I enjoyed this…so like many of my pours. Thanks for sharing.. feels good to know others have fails too!

  16. Thanks for this!!! Makes those of us who watch all of YOU "it can't be hard, right?" Syndrome not feel like complete idiots! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. Humble girl you are! People need to see stuff like that oh, it happens to us all, and sometimes I think you're really learn when you see a mistake you're like oh yeah that paint was just to thin or whatever… anyway lots of fun thanks

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