Acrylic Pouring AWESOME TECHNIQUE!! Fluid Painting with a Dustpan!! Wigglz Art ASMR

31 Replies to “Acrylic Pouring AWESOME TECHNIQUE!! Fluid Painting with a Dustpan!! Wigglz Art ASMR”

  1. Splunk It,I'm sorry but I have to steal all of your very descriptive words.I couldn't have said it any better.
    This lady has got this paint pouring going on.

  2. Toujours des façons nouvelles d'appréhender ton travail , c'est toujours très accrocheur et le résultat magnifique !!!!!!!!!! 💖💖💖

  3. Iv'e reached that wonderful age where I now have lots of time on my hands and need something to occupy them. I am fascinated by your work and your results are amazing and very inspirational. I have one question if you don't mind. During your spin work (some of which can be quite fast) how do you hold your canvas onto the turntable and stop it slipping or flying off?

  4. Another Beautiful result.
    Looks like an aerial view of the world..
    Oceans, wave caps, green islands..
    A stunning colour combination.

    Question. Do you have a method that you use to select what order you put the colours into your pour cup? Also I've noticed that sometimes you pour the colours into the middle of the cup and sometimes you pour them down the side of the cup.
    If you would like to share your reasons, it would be very helpful and highly appreciated by us novices. Thanks for sharing and
    Happy Pouring. 😀

  5. I will never look at a dustpan the same anymore. Now my brain will explode with the beauty you’ve created! 💚

  6. First of all, I love your channel! I've watched quite a few of your videos over the past few days (at work, at home, in the car) and quickly subscribed. Many of your videos are super inspiring. I'm getting my art supplies up, slowly but surely. Second of all, where did you get your spinning canvas board? I've been trying my hardest to find one. Or, did you make that, yourself?

  7. I have to admit. A lot of times I see your colors in the cups and I think yuck. But it's all something amazing!

  8. Mr Wigglz. That was amazing, with great choice of colors and music. We can now add a dustpan to your list of "art supplies". Always fun to watch. Your carousel spinner art projects are inspiring. Looking forward to your next video. Later dude.

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