Acrylic Glitter Pouring – Amazing Abstract Art using a Cookie Star Cutter

36 Replies to “Acrylic Glitter Pouring – Amazing Abstract Art using a Cookie Star Cutter”

  1. It's really nice how even though you are a famous YouTuber who gets many views and many likes you still made the time to read everyone's comments and reply to our comments and be such a great artist at the same time. Thank you for doing all these great things. You are amazing! I love your art and can't wait to see the great potential that you have coming! Every piece is a MASTERPIECE. ❤️

  2. I like that you use different tools and ideas every day and that is creativity! Sorry if sometimes I say bad comment but that's because I know you are a talented guy and you have great videos, so I hate to see some bad or not special results. Your channel is really awesome and I wish you all the best and I'll keep my bad comments to myself.

  3. I tried to make my first painting today with acrylic paint and water…
    It is waaaay harder then it looks! And my torch didn’t create cells.
    Still proud of attempting something I was inspired by tho, I’ll use less water next time

  4. XD i love that even tho the video didnt go your way… like the paint leaked and then you tried pressing down but they still elaked in a nice way and then you are like whatever… and continued

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