Accountability for Chicago Arrested For Photography – First Amendment Audit

alright guys and gals unfortunately I
have another example of some tyrant thugs out of Chicago’s 17th let’s watch
this together first things first I want you guys to go on over to your search
bar type in auditing Chicago find this channel go ahead subscribe don’t forget
to hit that Bell button when I first saw this video he only had about 50
subscribers or so I know he’s got a few more but you’re definitely gonna want to
follow up with all this yeah let’s make 1612 there we go here go
his band of thugs coming out behind them to circle around them show their
intimidation listen to the questions that these cops have look at the way
their act and look at the smiles they have just look at how friendly these
cops are and how they can’t wait that help this person are you mentally ok you
don’t need an ambulance you know he knows very damn well he doesn’t need an
ambulance in some situations these may be fighting words on the street oh this
guy I wish he would just go back in the hole II crawled out of I mean you’re acting in a curious manner
out here want to make sure you’re not like an ambassador no why not no why not
it’s right here buddy is that which television to the judge here goes the
bully with his directives he just deciding that he doesn’t want him there
that’s all it is so he’s gonna start barking orders at them if you noticed
they’re gonna break off right here they’re most likely making their little
plans on what they’re gonna do with our photographer for the night so you are
there to be seasoned to give me their name their names visible for you to see okay
so what do you want what do you want who engaged to hear this cops just mad that
the photographer won’t talk to him and he’s getting even more mad now the
problem here is this guy just doesn’t have a good side he doesn’t realize that
the photographer is on YouTube and he’s live-streaming it that’s what these guys
do not realize right now cuz wait till you hear about what happens at the end
now he walked up and started videotaping he hadn’t even made it inside yet he
proceeds to go inside listen to what they have to tell them now there’s a
couple myths out there I want to address right now one myth is about recording
the police there’s several case laws that we could
cite where it was the Supreme Court’s opinion that it is our First Amendment
right to record the police in the course of their duty there’s no question about
that it’s happened in Pennsylvania it’s happened in Texas it’s happened in
Georgia there’s several case laws that we can
refer to when talking about recording the police
so that’s covered we’re allowed to do it the second myth would be whether or not
there’s public places that you may not allowed to be it okay if it’s public it
means just that it means you’re allowed there the public is allowed to go there
it doesn’t mean that it’s private when they feel like it so the bottom
line is you’re allowed to go into a police station you’re allowed to record
inside of a police station I don’t care what any cops say it’s not the truth if
they tell you you’re not allowed in there and you’re not allowed to record
it’s a plain out simple why he decides to leave the police
station he goes and gets on facebook messenger video with Josh from
accountability for all while he’s on video with Josh he goes back in because
he wants to get the name of the police officers that would not identify
themselves the sergeant that’s there tells him he is not allowed to record in
the police station it is a crime he tells him he’s not going to stop the
sergeant comes around and says well I’m gonna arrest you then the final outcome
here well he was beat up the cops ended up releasing him and well who knows
where they’re gonna go with it what I would do is I’d go ahead and go over to
his channel if he ain’t already make sure you subscribe hit that Bell and
watch his future videos see what he’s up to
I see now that I go back again he has over 400 subscribers totally awesome
welcome to the auditing community we’re glad to have you everyone have a good
day have a good night have a good whatever it is wherever you’re at and
I’ll see you on the next video peace

86 Replies to “Accountability for Chicago Arrested For Photography – First Amendment Audit”

  1. In the early 80s the first commercial personal camcorder’s first hit the market. If you were videoing people would jump in front of it went their hands saying hello everyone wanted to be on the camera. Now all of a sudden people are terrified of Kim cameras/camcorders. Oh I know why because it catches them doing bad things and we can’t have that blue line looking bad.

  2. He goes back in with me on Facebook Messenger video. As soon as he tells them I'm on the phone they know me and they all start to identify. On his way out the door another sergeant walks over and tells him it's illegal to film. They start assaulting him and smashed his phone on the ground while he is not detained. I am now screen recording and they give him one more chance to stop filming he denies and he is arrested. I watched the whole thing happen and then I go on live. About 2 hours later he went from 40 subscribers over 300 subscribers and over 400 people from around the world I had calling the police station. 3 hours had passed and they still hadn't charged him and all the top brass was unavailable because they were in damage control. I had another 1 of my subscribers that lived in that area or go down to the police station also. Now I am flying to Chicago and the next 2 weeks to audit this same station.

  3. Hey joe kyser thank you for your support. Would you like to know what happen when i did a facebook video with josh?

  4. One: still no arrest video, only talk
    Two: cite any SCOTUS case on photographing the police
    Three: public areas do not equal traditional public forum cite Leon Valley TX
    Pima county courthouse AZ
    Charlotte County FL all enacted greater restrictions on photography due to auditors actions.
    You are so full of misinformation and disinformation that has long been debunked.

  5. There is no supreme court decision like you claim. This issue hasn't been taken up by SCOTUS. There are several Circuit Court decisions. And you're also wrong about the public being able to record where they can go. Entrances, lobbies, hallways, corridors, and auditoriums are where you can record without permission. Tenant spaces are another matter. Courtrooms are an example of a tenant space, and the law considers every other space set aside for a specific purpose under the control of a particular entity (like a judge or any other government employee in their office) to be the same as a courtroom. You can walk into schools, but I defy you to record there if you're told not to. This has already been litigated several times. Hallways and lobbies are considered places for the public to use to go from one place to another, just like roads and sidewalks. Tenant spaces are not. But feel free to go into a courtroom and start recording.

  6. One little correction is that those case laws for the states was circuit courts, not supreme court. If the supreme court would ever actually hear these cases, then it would apply across the entire cunt-ry, but they intentionally wont hear these cases because they are all on the same side as the enemy.

  7. There will always be Beta Males, that have no life, and try to feel better about themselves by acting out. The 1st Amendment Auditors are a cult of sad and pathetic losers. They thrive off the attention they receive on the internet. There are people working hard to improve society, this bunch is not one of them.

  8. If officers are not kind enough to identify themselves upon request. They need to put their names large enough to where people can read them a half a block away.

  9. First thing first we need to clear up and clean ups the words we use Look up the word tyrant stop using it slaves you are or Master you are make up your mind then you can use to work tyrant slave that's what you are if you use the word tyrant

  10. How could you bebothered videoing this he must have a lot of time on he’s hands the rest of use have to go to work

  11. I just called COPA and asked if I could record the phone call of my complaint.
    Cronin said no, so I filed the complaint online.

  12. 17th district near lawrence and pulaski are known for planting drugs, i hope accountability for all comes to lake county il park city court house as well. They like to extra super charge $$$ for petty charges!

  13. Us VS. Them. They need to be fired. U.S Code title 18 S.S. 241 and 242.
    They have stuff to hide. They are Nazis and they are a terrorist organization. When is enough, enough.

  14. This is the contempt they have towards law abiding citizens clearly displayed. This contempt is not learnt in the classroom but whilst following the lead of the supposedly experienced officers (white shirt in this case). Gotta start romoving them from the top down until you come across level headed genuine trained officer

  15. The auditor need to file a complaint with IA. This is direct exert from the CPD manual. While these may obviously be more considering they arrested him/her.

    "Rule 37 Failure of a member, whether on or off duty, to correctly identify himself by giving his name, rank and star number when so requested by other members of the Department or by a private citizen."

  16. Why would police walk up to a citizen and ask if he’s “mentally OK”. Another thinly veiled attempt at intimidation and bullying. Really shameful.

  17. The paranoia over public photography by law enforcement is borderline retarded. That cop keeps insulting him with the mental questions. Such unprofessional dickheads.

  18. claiming you cant record them because the computers are there is nonsense. If they don't want computers to be seen then put them in a room with 4 walls.

  19. He changed the name to Chicago Accountability. They released him on an Ibond he was charged with criminal tresspass has court in September!

  20. Well, if you're a protected class individual, you could contact your local ACLU office. So it looks like you have a white guy government supervisor directly inferring that you may/might have a "mental illness" in public & without any decent attempt to make the enquiry private. I'd check your defamation laws because such may actually substantiate a discrimination claim. A anti or counter YouTube channel wouldn't be in a public official's best interest with respect to Government ethic laws.

  21. Pig : You're out here acting curious and we just want to know if you need help
    Reply : Yes you are acting curious wanting to know something, that's what you said, that's what your doing. Wanting to Know Acting Curious, So DO YOU NEED HELP?

  22. They only open themselves to trouble by refusing to ID, but its how you ask them that gets them in the poop…
    If they dont then want to say it, its up to you to guess right? You go "will im not good with pronouncing but ill give it a try is that ASSCUNT or COCKLICKER ? Maybe BUTTHURT?

  23. I think it's a shame that everyone's going straight to the tyrant jokes ….as they are all extremely unattractive and have tiny penises!

  24. For educational purposes…..No matter what is said or who says it……(this includes any law enforcement official, security guard, or any public employee). It is in actual fact, completely legal and your constitutional right (in all 50 States) to film or photograph things that are plainly visible in public spaces. That includes filming or photographing public employees or police officers while they are at work. Any attempt to prevent you filming or photographing in public spaces is a Violation of the 1st Amendment of the American Constitution and (California only )The Bane Act: Civil Code Section 52.1which provides protection from threats, intimidation, or coercion and for attempts to interfere with someone’s state or federal statutory or constitutional rights.

  25. For educational purposes…The Civil Rights Division of the US Department of Justice issued a bluntly worded letter in 2012, putting the Police on notice about interfering with photography.

    The letter provides a detailed blueprint for re-writing police policies to protect the rights of journalists or citizens recording police activities. It amounts to a powerful tool for photographers (or citizens) anywhere in the country who need to protect or assert their rights to record police activity.

    The DOJ has told the police “Private individuals have a First Amendment right to record police officers in the public discharge of their duties,” the“ Officers violate individuals’ First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights when they prevent public photography or seize and destroy such recordings without a warrant or due process.”

  26. For educational purposes….. The police need to understand, or be told if they don't, (protected under the 1st Amendment) what the words …"Protect And Serve"… and … "I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution" are supposed to actually mean…..they also need to be reminded on every occasion that they break the law and their oaths to the constitution ….and that a police officer's duty is to the public and the constitution and the (actual) law.

  27. From what I understand the city of Chicago is pay down over 450 million dollars, in claims against police!!!!! False arrest, false imprisonment, excessive force, wrongful death!!!!!!!!

  28. Are you ok? Are you sure you ok? well we are assholes and are going to make your life miserable, please shoot us now because we want to violate you in a any way possible 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷

  29. Gonna be a lot of copsuckin' goin' on in that department. Them boys gonna be suckin' some brass balls to fix this. FTP!! 🇺🇸🔫👪🇺🇸

  30. If a cop asks if u are mentally ok, ask them if they are trained to recognize someone who is mentally unstable. If they say yes, then ask them exactly what behavior they are trying to fabricate to use against u and that they need to be stripped of that certification. If they say they aren’t, then tell them to stop trying to make medical determinations unless they have the training OR they are a doctor.

  31. Isn’t Chicago police very corrupt where did they hire these criminals cop from was it the local jail inmate lineup ? I would have told them to f… them selves

  32. Do these cops know that they are acting like idiots for the whole world to watch? These cops are mocking innocent Americans for the whole world to watch. Enemies of America loves cops mocking Americans

  33. I think they all need a drug test. I would file l complaint . And give tem a physical fitness test and if they don't pass the test they get fired. Policy requirement weight stated fail. Too many donuts and too much coffee. PS. File a complete online. Use they website against them.

  34. If filming the police is not against the law,then sue the cunt's,individually not the department,fucking make them bankrupt.

  35. Considering that this is the S H I T T Y that brought us owevomit-the-last , I have no interest. If the entire shitty sank into the pit from fracking,my reaction would be "who" ?

  36. Considering that this is the S H I T T Y that brought us owevomit-the-last , I have no interest. If the entire shitty sank into the pit from fracking,my reaction would be "who" ?

  37. interesting the fbi doesn't watch YouTube. with all the surveillance the fbi does (legal and not).
    i see public servants (welfare recipients) commit federal crimes every day on YouTube.
    maybe the fbi is complicit.
    maybe the empire is crumbling.

  38. Okay, Mr John Doe, stop provoking LEOs and acting like a so fuc…g ridiculously suspicious dumb. Geez.. try to live and got a job!

  39. Punk ass Chicago thugs
    Slugs for thugs is what I say, these mthr fkrs are the scourge of the city, like hyenas and jackals.

  40. Eating too many Donuts they don't pass the physical fitness test anymore. They should be fired. If they were in the military they be discharged with a Re 4 discharge

  41. These videos are interesting but dont upload without the follow up result showing how these thugs get their arses kicked.

  42. Tyrannical public servants in the US? What else is new. What you guys need to post is how to fix these public servants. We all know that they exist in masses. It's like running naked thru Central Park NY at night and "exposing" the predators. We all know that they exist.

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