A World of Art: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

31 Replies to “A World of Art: The Metropolitan Museum of Art”

  1. I was lucky to go there, I was fascinated and dumbstruck by the art and collection. America is the greatest nation on earth. My head bows down to this great country.

  2. It is odd to think that in the past people could go to foreign countries and just dig up and take anything they wanted then take then back to their countries and display them as their property. I know and am aware that many of these countries did not value their past and many statues were broken up and used for building and bones and mummies broken up and used either for medicinal purposes or fertiliser and metals melted down and traded.

  3. Just coming back from there today. It's even more splendid than The British museum! My dream came true to have a look at Chinese Garden and the artwork of Vincent Van Gol.

  4. This museum, and the AMNH across Central Park, are the 2 destinations any visitor to NYC must go to. You can easily spend an entire week and not see everything in those 2 museums.

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