“A Valley Full of Gold” – Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq | Typography Video

If the son of Adam Man Had a valley full of gold لو أنّ لابن آدم واديا ملأ من ذهب أحبّ إليه ثانيا If the Son of Adam (Man) had a valley full of gold The words of full are not just my translation it’s in the hadith واديا ملأ من ذهب A valley full of gold Now, in order to understand the hadith Think think of the words, picture the words of the Messenger (PBUH) visualize them. Gold is worth a lot Gold is the one solid, stable currency. And for the past few years ever since the credit crunch gold has risen exponentially in value Since everyone is relying on the safe investment of gold; you can’t go wrong with gold. The property market crashed because of the credit crunch. So the safe haven for most people is gold. And that’s why the price of gold has risen exponentially. And we measure gold by ounces and grams. Grams of gold! We’re not talking about one ring, We’re not talking about jewellery We’re not talking about a purse full of gold. We’re not talking about gold sovereigns, We’re not even talking about one gold bar. We’re not talking about a tray of gold bars. The Prophet (PBUH) says A whole valley between two mountains filled with gold. If Man had that What would he do? أحبّ إليه ثانيا He would desire a second valley. ولو أعطي And if he was given a second valley of gold أحبّ إليه ثالثا he would desire a third valley to add to his two valleys. Then the Prophet (PBUH) says ولا يسد جوف ابن آدم إلاّ التّراب، ويتوب الله على من تاب And nothing will fill the cavity and the vacuum in Man except the dust of the earth. Man has this vacuum and this cavity that he wishes to fill with material possessions. And the possession of highest and greatest value is gold. But even one valley, even two valleys, even three valleys of gold won’t be able to fill that cavity in Man. The only thing that can fill that cavity in man is the soil of the earth when he’s buried. Rivalry has distracted you, has debilitated you has destroyed you until (and this will continue) until you visit the graves

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  1. Please tell me – what is the name of the background quran recitation the first 2 min of this video ??? who's voice it ?

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