A- Player Spotlight with Copywriter, John.

hello I’m John Wallace I’m a copywriter
here at abstrakt marketing I started as a newspaper reporter and page designer
for a local newspaper here unfortunately that newspaper went out of
business so I found myself looking for a new job I found my way here to abstrakt
position opened up in copywriting and natural fit for me and I couldn’t be
happier so I’m responsible for written content for portfolio of 20 to 25
clients this includes blogs this includes ongoing pages pretty much
anything that’s written on their website comes from here our job and
implementations is to take a lot of information that’s taken from the client
and basically distill that down into what is going to go on their website and
what’s the most important things their website is supposed to do two different
things it’s supposed to not only be a place for information
it lists product solicits what they do it lists their services it was who they
are but it also is supposed to rank them above their competitors so whenever I
googled a roofing company Frederic roofing for example and I see that
they’re number five on the list of roofing for st. Louis and that’s a
source of pride minutes that’s that what that’s what makes the job worthwhile
it’s nice to be able to come in each day and just have a talent for something and
when your job is geared toward something that you’re just naturally capable of
doing it doesn’t feel like work

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