A Little Bit About Grids For Graphic Design and Typography

with three columns and I know there's a three column grid in here somewhere if I could find it yeah here right you have a little bit more room to read that you have more characters per line and you have a little bit nicer real estate so when you're when you have compressed content and you really got to fit it then you go to a more refined grid like a four column to get it in there okay if these were lengthy stories I probably wouldn't use a four column grid I'd go back to the three column grid like these where there's more content these examples back here have a little bit more content a running content if you will instead just small chunks so that's a better choice here so if it's packaging has all these different sizes right even books have all these different sizes the size is tied to the grid it's going to tell you what grid it is based on the size newspaper has five to six columns because it's larger these sizes eight and half eleven are close to it usually going to have three to four as you saw the example here smaller than at eight by ten and smaller you're going to get two to one as you go down in size so a poster at two foot by three foot or three foot by four foot you can have you know twenty four columns if you want so the number of columns is tied to the format at all all the time so it's really just practice with grids of you know looking at different design pieces to find out you know how it's been designed and thought out but a good way to explain this is to kind of always not necessarily look at the content for the answer of how the grids built but to actually look through it

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  1. Hey Michael! Great movie about Grids. I am showing this to my intro to Graphic Design class! Long time, Hope you are well!

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