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Frank Ocean dropped 3 new songs this weekend
on his Beats 1 blonded radio show. “Lens”, The Remix To “Lens” with Travis
Scott and a remix to his ‘Endles’s track “Slide On Me” ft Young Thug. Quite the change from the Frank who took a
4 year hiatus after ‘Channel Orange’ before giving us new music We’ve got 6 new songs in the past
6 weeks. By far the stand out of this past weekend’s releases
is “LENS.” From artwork to lyrics to theories on who
Frank is really mentioning, let’s dig into it. The cover art for “Lens” alone has us
diving deep into art history and literature. Seemingly drawing inspiration from a portrait
by the artist Kerry James Marshall, known for his paintings of black life in America. And his 1980 painting called “A Portrait
of the Artist as a Shadow of His Former Self” The portrait itself was inspired by “Invisible
Man,” Ralph Ellison’s 1952 novel about an African American man, and his experiences
of invisibility in white America Frank adding the words “Lens” into the
artwork could give us a glimpse into his own interpretation of the portrait as someone
who sees beyond invisibility, through his own lens. Frank also shouts out people in his life,
saying they’ve got a lens, perhaps to see who he really is. As Genius Contributor DRXW points out Frank has credited his late grandfather, Lionel,
as the only father-figure he’s ever known, Frank dedicated his Boys Don’t Cry publication
to Lionel, his Aunt Janet, and his childhood friend Matthew Lacey. All mentioned in the song Cleve could be Cleve Jones, an AIDS & LGBT
activist, who, during the AIDS pandemic refused to let those who had died from the virus go
unremembered and ignored, so he created The AIDS Memorial Quilt, which as of 2009 became
the world’s largest piece of folk art. No confirmation on who Kevin is, but editor
Colby Handy suggested on Genius that Kevin may be Kevin Abstract, a 20 year old
rising artist from Corpus Christi, Texas, who has cited Frank as a major musical influence. And while Travis Scott did provide a dope
verse for the remix to “Lens” he was even more excited about finally being able to produce
with Frank Ocean and Mike Dean together. After the release of the track he tweeted: So whether these new releases are a precursor
to an upcoming project or something Frank just had lying around, he definitely found
a way to keep our ears tuned into Blonded Radio. I’m Letty for Genius News, bringing you
the meaning and breaking knowledge behind the music. See you next time.

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  1. I think Travis meant he was excited to work on a beat with Mike Dean & Frank Dukes, not Frank Ocean. Ocean didn't work on the beat homie<3

  2. Dude honestly if Frank Ocean could dance and wanted to go mainstream (by creating more mainstream music) he would be bigger than Justin Bieber, the weeknd, or Bruno Mars… Just his level of creating music and his show production value is just amazing

  3. Hey if you can share, send love, donate , Anything is appreciated💕


  4. Damn Frank is the only person that makes his music and artwork have such complex deep meanings. Read his Times interview to see how deep his shit is

  5. i think cleve got a lens is supposed be to be referring to the city of cleveland and then he says kevin aka kevin love who plays for the cavaliers. idk just my guess

  6. I need more Frank Ocean, if he's coming up with a new project, hell yeah! Even if it's just extra stuff lying around, listening to Ocean is so pleasant. The man has skillz.

  7. Frank Ocean better keep dropping songs smh🔥💎
    Have a preview of a frank ocean influenced song I made!

    Would appreciate any feedback also!

  8. Frank's that type of dude when his friends are on a plane grouped up having fun, he's sitting alone looking out the window thinking about life

  9. Check out my remix of Lens! Issa vibe! https://soundcloud.com/user-188478769/frank-ocean-lens-v2-ft-travis-scott-type-beat

  10. Can someone tell me if they can hear Chance the Rapper in Lens? I'm nearly certain I can hear him there but have found nothing to suggest he is.

  11. I flipped Lens and made a song with a couple homies, if anyone has a second I'd appreciate some feedback on it!! Search "Lens v3" on any streaming service or listen here: https://soundcloud.com/bumshivbeats/lens-v3-ft-stephen-xavier-tj-sullivan

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