A Day in the Life of an Artist : Packing Fine Art Prints

my prints are ready to be picked up so I'm gonna bring you along with me and show you a little bit of behind the scenes this place is called Hampton station this little development in well I guess just outside of downtown Greenville they have like a taco shop and CrossFit and axe-throwing and then my print shop is here it's you see how cool this is there's the axe throwing place and here is where all the magic happens so they just brought my prints they come in a big roll like this sweet girls that help me they're big printing machines this place is legit so I gotta get these babies home got the good headed back to the studio I'm gonna trim all these sign all of them get them packaged and then get them shipped out last time I was cutting out prints my exacto blade was so dull I was struggling the entire time sorry to make a quick detour to the store to go get some new blade I just got back to the studio so I'm gonna get the prints rolled out to get them signed get the titles written on them get them cut put them in sleeves package them and then ship them so it's kind of a long process but I think it's totally worth it because the quality of the prints is amazing and I love bringing them in the studio and seeing the colors and making sure that they are up to par so they are all cut and now and the signing and that is how are you my friend so I'm going to finish packing these up and get them all checked out biome

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