A Day in the Life of a Photographer | Portrait: Hannah Couzens

I'm Hannah cousins and today we're photographing car coming with me inside my studio but I can give you an insight to what life is like for a high street photographer you're going to be coming with me on a corporate headshot shoot in the city plus I'll also be doing a family portrait shoot upstairs in studio a little later I have a client coming back from viewing so you'll be able to see her reaction to her images just as I will so my first shoot of the day is with Vicki who's actually behind me on the wall here I do – her first photo shoot I think must be come out for a year ago now and when you have a newborn baby now she's bring the baby back today for an update I'm not sure if all three of them are coming or if it's just the two of them but they're coming in at 11 so I'm going to just got this get set up and yeah we'll see what's the stream major photography is that you can't be self-conscious at all if you're going to get the best set of people especially when you're photographing children you can't worry about what you look like or what's happening your job is to get a good expression and I will do whatever that takes so if you're self-conscious you try and drop that leave it at the door and just bring your personality out and try and see if you can get the best expression you can it might mean that you're running back and forth you might feel like a complete idiot but if you can park back then you're definitely going to get a better result well that went really well it was really lovely pleading again actually and she was great from I'm shattered but it's great fun it's worth its get pickin now I'm going to download these and then get my stuff together because I've got to move so I'll get to system so if I get moving I'm just getting packed up for my corporate headshot now I have to dart into the city do the corporate heads and get back again so I am going to take with me my Quadra because it's always my kind of portable lightest choice it's really small it packs down into the case doesn't weigh very much and I've got a lot of power there so I'm going to take that as my main light also and I'm definitely going to attack a speed light and a little shoot through Rolly because experience has taught me there's nothing like technology to let you down in a reflector as well I'm going to have any assistance there's only one of me so I'm going to take my light and turn on the laptop – that has to go in and finally I've got to think about what lenses I'm going to take so most of the time certain courts where I and in the corner of the room somewhere or a boardroom so I don't usually have much space so I think the safe thing to do would be to have a wide angle and I'm probably going to take the 70 to 200 just in case I might be able to shoot something outside if they want it and I've got a 24 by 5 that's probably going to take the 50 mil as well so pretty much between all those ends is I should be set for every familiar I just finished through Gary and we actually ended up doing some more headshots for the team as they were here as well and they needed them so that's fine and everyone's got a really tight deadline so I am just jumping on the computer and have resized these then then the link so they can choose their pictures while I'm traveling home and then hopefully fingers crossed we'll have it in time so trot down to in the corporate headshot and that went pretty well actually it was done challenging because it's a tight space as I expected then the glide glasses you're quite reflective and so of course all of those things sort of give you a challenge but got them again that is done and so now I need to go and get change we've got to get back to the studio ready for my period something I just got back to London and during my train journeys back carries actually emailed in with you three image choices because we're on a really tight deadline for this so I just about have enough time I've got that fifty-five minutes before my viewing is here so I'm going to edit these now for him and getting them back across so that he can get them out today to start this is one of Gary's choices and it was a little bit tight in there as you saw and so I decided at the time to just shoot this the way it was knowing that I can take this out so this line here distracts me and also this little red button that was on the TV that was in the boardroom that really bugs into me so just to make this perfect that's another chair around the outside there so I think I'll probably get rid of that so that all your focus goes off Gary the windows and the other things you know I can kind of live with that but this one right here gotta go so this is all done now I've got rid of that line got rid of the red mark on there to you on the TV screen so I can get these all set off to Gary and we still have about 15 minutes or five the photography of course is just one part of this because there's a whole running the business side of things too and I know when I first started out I thought I'd be doing a lot more photography and not so much admin thankfully I'm at a point now where I've got a little bit of help with that Jill is a godsend she does all of my admin for me or as much as she can obviously some things need to be answered by me personally but just having somebody to help manage your diary this day and age everything's done by email everybody inquires via email as well and that takes time so sit there and write a nicely constructed email does take time so to have some help with that is invaluable the other thing of course is I need somebody here at the studio if I have a location shoe or indeed if I'm up here doing a photo shoot we are a shot from people can come in and out during those opening hours so I need somebody here to ultimately inquiries or UPS firing or doing those things that when I'm not so shooting or if I'm out and about she can take care of that for me and I don't have to worry one thing you've gotta be really careful of while sort of China's valid business is not to let your customer service flack which can be really difficult at times too because a busy period I can have up to 25 clients on the go at the same time which smells meticulous but if you think that some are coming in to shoot some are in the editing phase some are about to be viewed some are in the ordering phase some are waiting for delivery it's really difficult to sort of keep it all straight so you have to be really organized yet at the same time you can't let your customers know that some days you're a complete vessel so half of this is the photography or I probably would say even less than that at times you could have 40% of it being photography and the 60% is just day-to-day running of the business which in itself is shattering very well thank you because your pictures regarding I'm going to type irritable don't worry about to defend come around since I've gotten two syllables first and they will get here though we saw the author is and my decision space today as my little child and I working here is our you know the best compliment is actually people carry a lot everyone the next one people attended your daughter or son whatever looks like you as a manager thank you are we back in a minute I'm just leaving to decide all right so I'm just leaving Andrea to look through her pictures because venturi once and she's decided on paper ball art she's down to the last sort of like five or six and one of those she's going to have printed up on the wall so just going to leave her for a minute and then I'll go back in again but main thing is she was really happy so that makes my day okay this is my dear friend and then so what fish every rifle is hauled up uncle woody yeah yeah well you got another head yes and I could have does not have a good yes so your coffee finish we have a word I'm in color from where you can take any point Ruby predetermined so that's me done for the day in the studio but I'm still not finished I've got a nice big older here which I'm about to load the car up and drop it off to a client they're really lovely family and from my original customers from my first video through a bit further out so I've decided that I'm going to drop this over to them those difficult thank you for still coming all display and still being my client so it's just gone 7:30 and I've just finished dropping off my client they're really happy I'm exhausted and that is going to be the end of my day so I am off home I really hope that you found it interesting and it gives you a little bit of an insight into what life is like the professional portrait photographer don't forget to check out the other episodes in this series but I hope it's been helpful and I hope that you enjoyed it

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  1. She's NOT a photographer. She's a salesperson. Her whole self is a brand. She's offering a product. Once you understand that clearly you may make a living from photography commercially. Study marketing not photography. My 6 year old niece can take that corporate shot.

  2. This video has been very helpful.. I'm in my second year right now and I can surely say that what you've done, those shoots in one day. I've done it before it is exhausting no matter what.

  3. corporate men must love posing for beautiful female photographer who looks young enough be their daughter

  4. Nicely done.! I added this video to the playlist called 'From Amateur to Pro Photographer' on my photography channel to help others in becoming more aware of what it means to be a photographer.

  5. Love the video! I have few questions regarding runing a photo business, would you be ok to help out find the answers? 🙂

  6. wwoooww..
    Your photograpy is so beautiful.
    I like your photograpy , like you so much..
    What lens are you using?
    please tell me,.. ????????
    Please tell me ..????????

  7. Thank you for sharing your photos are awesome! God Bless and keep your passion alive keep capturing those awesome snapshots of life 🙂

  8. Great video, absolutely professional great presence, hard working. But what I really do like is the studio layout. Glad to see that people I still investing on wall portraits, I do know that is the savoir-faire of the photographer marketing ⭐️

  9. wow great business you got going, very stressful i can see, you seem to handle it very well, nice work. I think your very very cute on top of it all, good luck.

  10. Great work Hannah and and some eye-opening insight into what it really takes to be a professional photographer. Not exactly a 9 to 5 job is it?

  11. Absolutely amazing and truly inspirational……would love to be able to reflect and replicate your work one day on a very much part time basis as I am semi retired but just cant hang the cameras yet due to my strong passion of photography. Wishing you all the very best in all your future endeavors.

  12. Her English accent and the closed captioning are quite entertaining.
    Very enlightening view of a day in the life. Most photographers don't relish that 60% business part.

  13. The business part looks like a lot but the photography job looks pretty fun. Seems like an easy and interesting job.

  14. A very deserving and hard working lady,from the video you can really appreciate the work that goes into producing special memories for someone,something that is cherished for a long time.Well done and long may you continue!

  15. As others have said, VERY informative, great video. It was interesting to hear about the 40% is photography statistic. Sounds about right : ) Thanks for sharing!!

  16. What a fabulous video, and an inspiration!! I am just setting up and soon to launch my first portraiture business……..and super nervous! It will be a home studio/office. This really helps 🙂 Thanks

  17. I just got into Commercial Photography and this video is just an inspiration and a great insight for me. I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this video.

  18. Even though I have no interest in shooting people I can recognise true talent when I see it. I can also see someone who works really hard in keeping her business going and in skills with her clients are phenomenal, especially with the little girl. Like everyone else, I wish you all the success you richly deserve.

  19. an absolutely brilliant photographer & positive to boot ! i wish you good luck & thank you for the video

  20. Saw Hannah at the Wex Photo Video open day in London where she gave a talk on portraits and lighting. She is an amazing photographer and teacher.

  21. I blindly smashed that subscribe button halfway through the video. Well composed video, provided you don't have an assistant. Keep posting more such content

  22. Well done, truly enjoy watching your processes, it would be very helpful for future reference, wish you all the best… Tnx

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