( 936 ) Open cup on canvas and a trip to the watermill

okay guys I'm back I'm gonna be doing it on this canvas so I wanted to show you the starfish I did last week as you can see I have started varnishing and I'm gonna varnish it until it really looks like a sort of a resin cover and right now it's almost there I think two or three more and everything will be covered I want to do that because I want to have a complete layer of varnish over all this glitter stuff as you can see there it's so pretty really looks nice so that's what I'm working on and I'm working on another but that I'll have to keep for a next video now tomorrow is gonna be even warmer here in Holland and the thing is guys I don't think I'll be doing any pouring tomorrow its water on my one border on my canvas but the thing is that I just might be doing shibori tomorrow so that's because it's really nice weather I think that'll work and I'm not going to do it with acrylic paint but I had to have some dye that I'm going to use so I bought some fabric I've started to stitch it for a pattern so that's gonna be cool we're gonna have some fun with that oh no I don't have my Open Cup okay I think I will I need three of these open cups so no matter what you use all you have to do is cut out the bottom and it'll work because all cups come with you know a nice flat rim so that'll work you have to have you have to keep this intact in this bed here because it has to be totally flat so that it can lie on the canvas so we have three I'm gonna take them out like that put them nice in the middle there may be each a little bitty more towards the center so that this one can spread out like that that one that way that one that way and I'm not gonna paint the canvas I'll just see what happens now I was going to do a lot of those pendants I promised that last weekend but thing is yesterday we had a you know I forgot all about it we had a thing from work and yeah I'm sure you would have really left we went to this place and they rent out these little bikes you don't have them this is typical Dutch it's it's like from 30 years ago it's a bike but it has a little motor on the front wheel so what you have to do is you have to really you know go fast with the bicycle and then you let go of a little lever and then the thing starts to do its thing and makes a lot of noise because it's you know gasoline motor thingy and we went on a really short trip on those things we lost one person along the way they almost lost me because in my it was really slow but then someone from the company where we arrested them they they you know I don't know I think they always do that to see if everything's okay so we switched bikes and then I had a faster one but we went to this awesome water mill and I have pictures so if you want to see them at the end of this video there are pictures of the water mill especially made for you guys because I thought you'd get a kick out of it okay it's time to put in some color first off I'm gonna start with the same background color but this has silicon in it and of course our lovely turquoise don't want to drop any oh yes there's a little job I thought that had happened because these little cups are a little bit static so they sort of I don't know how that happens but they are static I can see when I pour it in the the stream goes sideways okay that's enough of that and we're gonna put in the brown yep and then the lighter color turquoise I think that's enough we have the Browns we have that color maybe we can top it off with a little bit of this that might help not too much okay a little bit more of the paint around it make a nice figure eight because I think I won't have enough okay so this one I was going to do like this you don't like that and this one I was going to pull down there don't like that we're gonna have to do some moving with this okay let it run down here run up here and now we're gonna see what we got this is kind of kind of different this is really different but I think there's too much dark brown in it although the bits were where I didn't like it they're gone this is different and on the monitor it's darker than it is in real life but I'm going to I'll have to just you know fix fix this because I'm not gonna tilt it anymore that's going nicely look at that that is really nice down here guys there that's really nice that is really different whoops not too much and this I don't like but I think it will sort of come down off the canvas I thought I'd be really careful with this there's a little air bubbles get rid of those now what you're seeing here is now is because I didn't paint the canvas now I have to do all sorts of stuff that I can make this work now if you do the canvas first with a nice full layer of background color you will not have to do this so that is now you can see why it's important to to do this on four hand this is going to go totally flat that is no problem but this where it goes over the side I would have liked to keep that and now I can't because I have to you know make sure that the canvas is colored you can't leave a canvas bare because what you're seeing is gesso and that is going to be going yellow within no time so you don't want to leave any canvas exposed it's not the way you should do it I know I've had some people say oh I don't care I do that yeah we're all alright you can do that no problem do whatever you want but people that know their business will not do that because they know I guess so you know in its gesso it's it's made to paint over so it's gonna turn yellow within months how do I know because I've done that before yeah I've been like that thinking yeah what are you talking about I know this better than you do let me just try this and then it went all – you know the word okay okay but guys if you have the choice please just do the canvas on forehand because it just makes for a better pour okay you've seen it now spread out a lot especially this bit here which I totally love this not so fond of so if you have that you can right now you still have the possibility to change it so I'm gonna get rid of those few bubbles because I really like this pour this is beautiful but this we don't like so what we're going to do is cut it up from here and take it off now you have to do that in a sort of a quick motion see that now the paint sort of pulls together and it's gone but this is exactly how I like stuff that wild stuff going on that it does its own thing this is a beautiful pour I'm gonna keep it like this little bit there I love that but there there are many parts that I love I won't you know boring it's a death with what I love which I always do who's there's a hair in my paint I just want to fill in the bit where I stuck my finger on it and down there I suppose there's a little bit where I put my finger okay we're ready okay guys so if you want to see the watermill it's at the end of this video in a second and I want to thank you all for watching tomorrow we're gonna do some shibori and it's gonna be a lot of fun I'm pretty sure and I have a lot of paint I have to I think I'll do one more video where I'm gonna use up the paint that I have left you know make those pendant things the squishes squashes yeah I'll do that be right back later you

36 Replies to “( 936 ) Open cup on canvas and a trip to the watermill”

  1. Beautiful pour! I love how the edges expanded!
    What a fun excursion into the country side! How in the world did you shoot behind you? Such a daredevil AnneMarie! 😄

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the company’s outing, looks like a fun company to work for! Loved the painting, boy, it sure did its thing quickly, meaning the awesome cells. If I can ever get my back fixed I would love to see your country and maybe have a little dance and paint session with you. 😘

  3. Love the open cup pour with such pretty colors. Thanks for sharing the bike riders video and windmill pictures. Such beautiful scenery. I’d love to visit Holland someday.

  4. Leuke video Annemarie! Waar was die watermolen? Die wil ik ook wel in het echt zien, maar dan niet op en Solex, hihi!

  5. Love your technique: so much negative space, just little cups, and the colors…OMG…. u have already a Brand pallet colors… i see a painting and i know its yours…. so cool…. thanks for sharing

  6. Thank you for showing the pictures! The best I liked was all the people waving to you as they passed by! Very enjoyable! Your painting was beautiful!!! (waving to the coworker, I mean and I saw your legs up in the air haha!)

  7. Beautiful art work. Love the color combinations. And on top of that we got a trip to the water mill. How coo lis that. Thank you. Beautiful day for a bike trip and a picnic.

  8. Did you use the Vallejo flow acrylic paints with this painting? I love how the edges of the pour invade the base paint & make mesmerizing designs.

  9. The Mill Trip video was so dang cool!!!😎
    How in the world did you manage to take such an awesome backwards video on a bike?!?! You ALWAYS beat it all AnneMarie!!! LOL!!! Love YOU to pieces 🥰

  10. Great job as always😊👍❤️O beautiful pictures !!! Would love to hang a few on my wall!😲WOW❣️

  11. Love this one. Great contrast. Thanks for sharing the watermill/biking pictures. I really enjoyed them.

  12. I love this one..I can see 3 fish in there…the big tough one, a med sized worried one, and the little one who’s decided discretion is the better part of valour…so he’s off 😂

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