( 935 ) open cup acrylic pours and a free print

good morning everyone I'm back and it is a sunny sunny day in I was gonna say southern Holland but that it's not southern Holland we're in the east of Holland but it's hot it's gonna get hotter because we're gonna have a heat wave striking us starting tomorrow we're gonna go to 40 Celsius and if you're in Australia think about 120 something like that that's how hot it's gonna feel but it's okay we have air conditioning this is the updated list of June 2019 and I'd like to thank everyone who's on there I really appreciate it I'm going to when the book gets published and guys the book is not all about me I'm just a little section in the book it's all about acrylic painting and there's a little section with acrylic pouring and I'm hoping to receive a couple of copies of that book I will write the person I think that's Monday or something and if they send me a few I'm gonna do that in a giveaway I'm gonna give a copy away okie dokie yeah that's gonna be fun so what I had I had a lot of plans really a lot but I'm not sure if the weather is gonna because it's already in the studio 23 Celsius as we speak what one do is the same thing I did last week with the open cup thing thingamajiggy see the cup where I cut out the bottom and I just want to see if I can make one just a little bit bigger so I'm gonna put some paint on there and spread that out a little bit and the ring-a-ring pour I did on this paper that turned out amazing I I'll show you look at that is that not beautiful and look how nice and flexible it is you can do everything with this and that's just because it's Kodak extra life paper codec people get on to work with this stuff make it again because a lot of people are looking for it they can't buy it so this is a really nice flexible you can do all sorts of things with it if you're into deeper powers you could decoupage with this and it's it has a nice solid feeling to it and you can you know put it into all kinds of shapes anything you'd like I'm sure your mind is already racing with all the projects you could do with this stuff so what I'm trying to do is do it the open cup thing because I really like that one I'm gonna do a giveaway not a giveaway I'm gonna let you guys download that print so everyone that's on the computer under this video you will have that little thingamajig that says more information that's where I'll put the link to the to the print I think I might even frame it for you so that you can send it to the printer or do it yourself so I'm sort of making sure this is nice and flat okay we're ready for the colors now I'm gonna put this down here but I'm gonna shove it up so that it sort of makes good contact with the with the paper putting a little bit more paint along the sides and then I'm going to start and add the colors now I want to make sure that we get very Verity and I know how you call it variation of colors let's just stick with variation variety I think it's what do you guys say I'm gonna put in some dark turquoise put in some more white this one has silicone in it a little bit of dark brown just a little itty bitty whoo this one's a little thicker than the others I'll make sure that they're all the same consistency then some nice low light turquoise and it's still in there I'm not seeing anything seeping out see that and that's because I pressed down on the little cup to make it have contacts with the with the paper I shouldn't talk too much because then it will be seeping out I'm pretty sure so a little bit more yep there goes now's the time to start moving this stuff there we go and already we have some really awesome cells popping up but I'm sorry for the tapping but I did want to move it a little bit more Oh wow that's crazy these are some really nice cells I don't know why it is but the cells look different when you do it like this I'm gonna give you guys and really some close-ups because this it's just spectacular it really is I don't want to lose it but I do want to make them a little bit bigger this is so awesome look at that now I'll zoom you in on this bit that is really pretty ok back to focus oh I'm seeing so many parts that I think I could you know do cool stuff with let's see how that looks in a frame let's say we take this frame that would look really nice that won't know this one this is beautiful yep I'm gonna frame this and this this this all use for pendants but this is what I want to frame look at that that is beautiful okay now I have this on my board I should have taken it something else oh no this will work yeah we know I'm putting this one away so just do one tiny one and then I'm going to prep a canvas and I'm gonna do this on a canvas because um I think it's really really nice oh no I wanted to put in a little bit more water because I wanted to test if the colors are gonna go into the background if I make it a little thinner so that's that I'm just gonna leave it there as a nice round splotch that's my word for something that I can't come up with that fast so we're going to put this right there and wrong one this one there we go nicely surround it now we're going to do that again so we're going to put in the turquoise we're gonna put in some burnt sienna this time we're going to thin out the dark brown just a little bit because it was a little on the thick side that still is maybe it's the color sometimes the colors act differently this one was a little unclear sign too just had to add a little bit more silicone there we go this one because I was thinking I don't think I had silicone in this one okay I think it's almost ready to come out but we could add a little bit more of this I like that Brown really do and this turquoise okay yep starting to move see that and once it starts to move you got to really make sure it comes out so here we go I'm gonna really make it move move move move and then we're gonna torch it that's kind of different when we have this is the different color that's kind of nice but I I like the other one a little bit better so let's do something to it see what happens this still is pretty this bit see how much fun you can have with this you can move it all over the place I do so like this bit here here that ticking I think it's a bird on the roof I like this but here so what I would like to do is put it in a smaller frame though just this bit here yeah that looks kind of cool maybe we should spread out the background color just a little just to give us a little bit more of a room to frame it so that's what I'm doing right now that's nice you know oh this is getting really big did you see it grow I bet you did that is really starting to make something pretty this bit here that is kind of pretty now I'm sort of thinking why wasn't it more that way and it'll still be nice I'm pretty sure I bet yeah that's still gonna work okay let's put this one away and then I'll be right back and we can do a canvas with this I think I'm gonna be needing more cups to manipulate on the canvas because I'm gonna try and do a bigger one so I'll be right back love you all to pieces later you

20 Replies to “( 935 ) open cup acrylic pours and a free print”

  1. Both are so beautiful! You always have the most gorgeous cells. All your artwork is fabulous. Thanks for your FIRST CLASS instructions.

  2. I love these! The second one, if you turn it horizontally it looks like a fish with the head being on the right side. I’d frame the whole thing. I love your work BTW 💗

  3. in the last paint u got a wonder fish…. in the horizontal position… please don´t kill this fish…. yayaya

  4. Is that you at the end of the video spreading your legs on the bike 🤣🤣 Love the pour and thank's for the free print. 😘

  5. 1st one…It looks like… the whole picture, like a woman dressed in a time period of the late 1700’s or early 1800’s. You would be looking down from an upstairs balcony on a sunny morning.❣️🥰💗

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