9-Year-Old Predicts Oscar Best Picture Winner

( music playing )The Academy Awards
are this Sunday, and of course there are
a lot of great movies nominated. However, I would not my
nine-year-old son Shepherd watch any of them.
They’re not really appropriate
for him, and plus he’s the worst
with spoilers. So instead, we let him see
posters, short clips, and trailers of those films and express his thoughts to Kevin and Ellie Let’s see who he thinks
is gonna get Best Picture. Hello, Shep. We’re gonna show you
some clips. of the Oscar nominated movies, and we would love
for you to tell us what you think
these movies are about. All right, are we ready
for our first one? Okay, we’ll just jump in. Announcer:Rated R.Let’s talk about
“The Shape of Water.” What do you think
that’s all about? – Yeah, that’s…
– Awesome. …actually not far off. Speaking of that,
what is your stance on fish-woman marriage? Love is love is love.
I agree. What do you think is, like,
the plot of “The Darkest Hour.” Do you think you would remain
steadfast in the face
of enemy attack? Okay. What do you think
it’s missing? Not a lot of romance
in “The Darkest Hour.” The most important part
of “Dunkirk,” to me, is that Harry Styles
made his debut. If he were to sing, what do you
think the song would be like? So you wouldn’t be scared
by “Dunkirk.” Oh, you like it. – Okay.
– Getting mixed messages here. How’d you feel about that? And then? Who is it? Give us your best Daniel
Day-Lewis impersonation. I’ll give you
a solid five dollars. I don’t have $20 cash. Then where would we be? Kevin:
Okay, Shepherd, “Three Billboards
Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” Where do you think
this movie takes place? What do you think it’s about? Frances McDormand is actually
only, like, 50 years old. She’s, like, your mother’s age,
but it’s fine. Shep, if you had
three billboards, what would you put on them? “I need wood.” What’s your second billboard? Third billboard? That’s compelling. ( woman screams ) What do you think about Jordan
Peele’s directorial debut? Biting criticism. ( chuckles )
Yes. What do you think these evil
people are trying to do to the main character? How do they torture him? Strong conclusion. Do you think
the government lies? – Yeah.
– Shep, have you ever read
a paper? What do you think
“The Post” is about? Announcer:Rated R.Just your best wild guess. And Elio? How does it end? It’s a love story, though? Okay, Shep, have you told
your mother that you loved her,
recently? You should tell her
you love her today. Why do you think it’s called
“Lady Bird”? A collection of wings. Oh, we would love
for you to tell us which one you think is going to
win best picture of the year. Solid pick. Would you recommend
this movie to your friends? Would you recommend any of
these movies to your friends? Devastating. Do you want to just go play
some videogames
right now instead? – Let’s go eat Doritos.
– Let’s go eat Doritos. Yep, that’s my son. And I’m proud. I think he might have a future
in film criticism. Of course he does. Keep watching because we’re gonna take on the
weird Chinese ice eating trend. The what? Rhett:Feeling nostalgic for
Link before the gray hair?
Link:And glasses.Download our “Looking
For Ms. Locklear” documentary,
available at mythical.store.

100 Replies to “9-Year-Old Predicts Oscar Best Picture Winner”

  1. i love how even though he’s growing up in California he still has a little bit of a southern twang in his accent from his parents

  2. "People want fish people. But people won't give people fish people"
    "Who the heck is John Peels?"
    "People don't watch movies no more."
    "I need wood. People need wood. We all need wood."
    "I'd rather have some doritos"
    -Shephard 2018

  3. Oh my god he is his father LOL. He is too funny. If I ever have a son I pray he turn out like this funny little dude
    “But that body ain’t me” 😂

  4. Call me by your name I just don’t get what he is saying cuz I just saw the trailer and there was no dog

  5. I might be two years older than him but the wood part just made me laugh so hard I couldn’t stand up. I’m not surprised he said wood I guess it runs through the family 😅😂

  6. i keep laughing at his answers but i would say the same thing except the wood thing nine year old to nine year old right! but i am a girl

  7. Okay seriously everything about Shepherd from what he looks like to how he acts just makes me think of that's what Rhett was like when he was 9

  8. Aww, I've discovered gmm recently and been binge watching from the beginning. Shep is all grown up. Still adorable though.

  9. “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” “where do you think that takes place?” … “Uganda”. Still 😂

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