#88 – Pretty in Pink Mermaid ~ Resin Art, Fluid Art

hey everyone how's it going I'm back and I'm doing another mermaid this is actually a commissioned piece someone asked me to do a mermaid in Pink's for their little girl for their birthday so that's what I'm working on and I thought I'd videotape it just so you guys can see the process and then also the colors I'm using now I already did a Blue Mermaid and there's a video on that one and the blue one was 24 inches she was a 24 inch mermaid and this is my 18 inch mermaid so I'm gonna get started I've already gone ahead so what I did here let me show you here's my 24 inch because I have to do a 24 inch for another Commission so what I did see here's the 24 inch so I primed her with a coated gesso and then she's completely taped on the back so just some painters tape I taped the whole back and then I sat and I cut around it with an exacto knife so she's my 24 inch 18 inch 24 inch 18 inch so that's what I did with her alright so she got a quoted gesso she's also taped on the back and what I did was to save time is I applied a coat of resin with white in it because I did it on my Blue Mermaid and it just took a lot of time for me to go over it so it was ended up being a really long video so I cut that part out and I just did it here now if you want to see how I did the white on the MER me go to my video I don't know about ten videos back I'm not even sure how many but you can't miss it it's a picture of a blue mermaid so if you want to see how I applied the white coat on the mermaid I'm going check out that video so basically what I did is I've mixed my art resin Part A and Part B art resin the hardener and the resin I put some in a cup and I use my winter white paint and so mixed it up I poured it all on top of her I used my heat gun to warm up the resin and then with my fingers I just basically you know spread it all out I wasn't really too concerned about the top because it's gonna get covered in pink resin anyway my concern is getting all the sides I'm covered which I just noticed I missed a spot because at least that way in case not all the pink goes down the sides you are covered with the white so here actually let me show you let me wipe my hands cuz I don't want to get my piece dirty I'll show you this is my Blue Mermaid so she's the 24 inch and as you can see not the blue always didn't run off the side so that's why I see like right there that's why I'm glad I had the white like I mean you could do a pink base or a blue base or whatever color base you want I like white cuz it kind of breaks up the colors so that was my Blue Mermaid so she was she's done so like I said I've gone ahead made sure all my little spots are all covered all right and then I'll show you the colors I am using so I have already soo pink pearl and I have already su fuchsia so these are powders and then I have my other powder Baltic Day which is just as pink I'm not crazy about Baltic Day it was the first stuff I ever bought and I thought it was great until I discovered already sue and new resin and it's a thousand times better but I'm using the Baltic day because I needed a bunch of different shades of pink so and then I have you resin cotton candy I love this color and finally I have you resin cherry blossom so those are the colors I have here all mixed up and ready to go there is the cherry blossom I just showed you this is the cotton candy this one's my favorite cotton candy this one was the fuchsia I believe this one's really pretty too and my other powder the light powder which was the pink pearl so this is the pink pearl and last but not least this one was the Baltic day I may not even use it we'll see it's it's totally different like I mean you can tell the difference between them all but anywho so like I said I've started I'm a CEO bunch of bubble so I'm just gonna pop them you can use actually no what I'm gonna use the heat gun so bear with me I'm just gonna warm up the resin because it's been sitting here for about 5-10 minutes all right so now let's get started I think I'm gonna start with the darkest there's no design in particular here and once I've laid most of my colors and I have some resin left I'm gonna add some sparkles so that'll be interesting because she said my daughter would love sparkles so sparkles will be fun so let's see what's new and exciting I don't know what's new and exciting oh actually what day is it today today is July 18th yes I believe today's the 18th which means in just a little over a week from now I am going on vacation I'm so excited so by the time I upload this video and release it to YouTube I might already be on vacation you never know so I have to do a lot of videos and then release them while I'm on vacation so like I said today is July 18 and I'm leaving in just over a week or so so I'm really looking forward to that our annual family vacation I'm very excited we are going to Florida and everyone says to me oh my god do you have any idea how hot it is in Florida in the summer and I say well yeah we've been going for seven years I do kind of have an idea of how hot it is but what does it matter because we spend our entire day poolside or in the ocean or in an air-conditioned car or an air-conditioned condo so it doesn't really matter how hot it is because we have a sea where we are or were in the water so we're really excited we go to st. Pete's Beach and we stay at a condo called the Caprice and we absolutely love it there so we'll be there for almost two weeks so I cannot wait okay I'll talk in a minute I'm just gonna heat this all up and push it around a bit want to get some light pink in here like so and then my tips cuz I'm want the tips to be covered alright let's keep moving I'm gonna add some more light pink let me see she's looking good though let me see with this yeah I'm gonna use that let's see some in there in there alright and then I think the tail needs a Smigiel white see this is the best part you can always add stuff see here there we go [Applause] see all right I think I need some all my tips here she's looking good though I really like her pink mermaid such a girly thing all right so now what I'm gonna do is let's add some sparkle to her so let's see here I'm going to use what do I want to use I think I'm gonna use this and I'm gonna add some sparkle to my resin now it's much darker than the actual resin color but that doesn't really matter all right do that that's really cool let's see what this does let's see where shall we add some sparkle let's test that it now that looks pretty definitely add the sparkles that looks really nice put it in the tail super pretty I'm gonna strip a white in there so you can just there's the possibilities are endless with what you can do let's see I think I like the sparkle in the tail and I think I'm gonna just fix this I like the way I did it in the tail but I think I overdid it up here okay and then I think she needs let's see a little wisp of white in there there we go I like it I think it looks good I'm really liking the dark pink the dark pink looks really nice I like it in here let's see ah I want to add more in here all right so then what I'm gonna do I think I'm pretty much done messing with her I like her the way she is and so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna rub my fingers all the way around and make sure all the sides are covered and make sure that I catch any drips or anything like that so I'm just gonna run my finger and then that way any paint that's falling over will blend and blend in nicely so there are spots where my fingers can't reach but that's that's okay because I know it's covered with at least the white which is why I liked I put the white down first there we go and there we have it guys a pink mermaid I think she looks cute I like it a lot let me bring you guys for a close-up but I'm not gonna take it off the tripod I'm just gonna pick up the whole tripod and do it that way because my hands are covered in resin and I don't want to get it all over my phone so there she is my pink mermaid oh there's that shadow let me know what you guys think I hope this little birthday girl likes it it's definitely pink that's for sure so if you liked it um please give it a thumbs up and if you're a new watcher don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you like what you see and hit the notification bell that way you are notified every time I post new videos there we go don't fall check out all my social media links below Facebook Instagram please follow me there if you are on that social media and I have my amazon links so if anyone shops on Amazon please feel free to click on my links below it no additional cost to you but even if you click on the link and you buy something random it doesn't even have to be paint stuff if you just click on the link and then just go shopping and buy clothes or gosh I don't know paper towel or anything like that you help me because I get a little bit of a commission out of that and with whatever extra money I can make I can buy more supplies and I can continue this YouTube channel with all these tutorials so you know any little bit helps and like I said it's no additional cost to you is all you got to do is click on the links below so and of course my PayPal link so for anyone who would like to donate the PayPal link is there as well so that's it for now guys I hope you're enjoying your day or your night or whatever time it is you're watching I'm probably on the beach right now if you're watching this because I'm probably won't upload it for a while but yeah so I will talk to you guys soon thanks for watching everybody until the next one have a good night take care bye

13 Replies to “#88 – Pretty in Pink Mermaid ~ Resin Art, Fluid Art”

  1. I know that little girl will love it. Very pretty. OK, so where is Juno??? Is that baby enjoying the beach with y'all??? πŸ˜‚ Hope you all are having a great time. xxx πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  2. She is delightful! But, I think she needs a bit more sparkle. The only little girl I know went right past mermaids right into unicorns.

  3. What kind of resin did you use, that you could keep manipulating, without it getting tacky and stringy. I love you paint choices, just lovely.

  4. Pretty in Pink. I have one little nit-pick…that last strip of red you added from her mouth, back…rather a distracting look.

  5. Fantastic as always.🀩πŸ₯°
    Have wonderful holidays in Florida.β˜€οΈπŸŒŠπŸ˜ŽπŸ’™

  6. Kanella you did it again! Beautiful mermaid. Did you do your cutout or did you purchase it on Amazon? Is it finished on the back to hang? Would love to do one,,,or two,,,πŸ˜‚. Thanks for sharing. It’s now July 26 so I’m sure you’re still enjoying your vacation.

  7. Hello there and hope you're having fun on vacation I do have a question for you and that is how does a person hang these mermaids is there something on the back so that you can hang them? Thanks for your help

  8. Febulous I love your work πŸ˜šπŸ˜šπŸ˜˜πŸ˜™β€β€β€πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’žπŸ’“πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’—

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