8 Graphic Design Trends That Will DOMINATE 2019 [PREDICTIONS + DESIGN TIPS]

this year design is going to be more bold bright and futuristic here are some of the biggest graphic design trends that will dominate 2019 and how some of the biggest brands are already using them in their materials hi I'm Ryan a content creator at Ben gage for my blog post I write a lot about great design and over the past twelve months I've noticed a lot of things happening in the graphic design world last year we saw a lot of brands take big risks with their graphic design crazy colors insane patterns and some even brought back gradients from the dead but this year to stand out we're gonna have to take it up a big note but before we dive in click that subscribe button and the notifications bell so you'll never miss a great design video from a van gage again one pops of vivid color you've probably already noticed in social media and some ads the brands are starting to take bigger risks with their color in 2019 expect to see more electric yellows bold blues and crazy corals in 2019 and beyond one of the biggest trendsetters in the world Apple is also a big trendsetter in the graphic design world things that they do reverberate across the design world for years to come this year they've started using bold colors and almost all of their marketing materials we saw it in the iPad pro Apple music and even the Mac Pro Spotify is another brand that continues to push the graphic design envelope they have embraced bold duo tones insane gradients and even crazier color palettes across all their marketing materials and even on their app too strong typographic focal points if you weren't aware bold fonts look great on smaller screens and even better on HD screens like the ones that you carry in your pocket every day so I expect these typography focus designs to dominate the graphic design world in 2019 like these social media images from adidas where typography is a most eye-catching part of the design or these promotional posters for the CTA conference where the typography dominates the whole poster so when you're designing posters flyers infographics or social media images make sure you're bold typography is the main player in it and not just a supporting actor three futuristic info this the future is now and design is going to reflect that expect to see a lot of futuristic influences and patterns fonts and colors some of the sci-fi visuals you can expect to see are bright color palettes gradients and color transitions abstract patterns glitches and even some holographic elements for light and dark color schemes you may have noticed over the past couple years the biggest companies in tech are starting to embrace light and dark color screens in their designs and apps recently Facebook added it to their messenger platform and the app in general and Apple added it to both their apps and their hardware over the past year you can achieve this same light and dark effect by inverting the colors in your color palette the Venn gauge is brand kit you can change the color scheme with a single click five complex and gradients and duotones gradients are a great way to give your project a little bit more depth that is why so many giant tech companies are embracing them in all facets of their design for example Fast Company uses gradients to customize their stock photos and Adobe use color gradients for the marketing materials of their 99u conference that's why we added color gradients to Venn gauges here so you can stay on top of the biggest trends six colorful minimalism by now everyone's pretty familiar with what men look I can't say minimalism by now everyone's pretty familiar with what minimalism is and if not for the heck of you men just like traditional minimalism colorful mentalism colorful middle ism is exactly what it sounds like you take the traditional form and add a little color back into it seven dynamic hand-drawn illustrations Hendra Millis trations and sketches have been a big part of the graphic design world forever but in 2019 expect to see more bold and unique illustrations from your favorite brands look at the differences between MailChimp's illustrations last year and this year it's almost like night and day and it fits their brand perfectly the work management platform asana also uses hand-drawn illustrations and almost all of their social media images and this helps them stand out in a very crowded space finally our last trend authentic stock photos let's get excited about stock photos who isn't excited I don't know gone are the days when you can use a boring stock photo on your blog post or social media images and get clicks no one wants to see a creepy stock photo like this one in 2019 and beyond people want to see more authentic and genuine stock photos they want to see something that looks like it came out of your phone or your camera while you're shooting with friends not something over produced and honestly very weird that means you need to find some more stock photos that are more genuine and quirky this year is going to be an exciting year for graphic design and honestly I can't wait to see what happens if you want to learn more about these graphic design trends and see all the great examples we collected check out the blog post we wrote which is linked in the description below if you want to create your own posters flyers infographics social media images reports and more head over to Ben gage comm slash templates later days

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  1. Great video, the Venngage brandkit looks super cool! changing the colour scheme with one single click 😲😍

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