7 Tips to Effective Copywriting

Hello. Amber Vilhauer here, your
online business growth mentor. And during today's 4-minute fast-track video, I want
to give you some of my best copywriting tips because I know that my clients have
a lot of questions when it comes to copywriting and more so a lot of fears
and insecurities. They don't trust their voice or that they're delivering their
content the right way or that they're connecting with people the right way. And
ultimately, I just want to tell you to relax a little bit when it comes to your
copywriting. The best thing that you can do is fully be yourself if that means
adding in humor, if that means being super professional, concise or lengthy,
full of wisdom or straight to the point, I mean, whatever your writing style is,
that's what you need to follow because that's what's ultimately going to
connect with people the most and get people to follow you long term and
convert those prospects into customers. So the first tip I want to give you
about copywriting is that there's no such thing as perfect. There's no perfect
formula, there's no perfect tone, no perfect way of writing. You just have to
be authentic and true to yourself and people will flock to you. I can guarantee
it the more I settled into who I was as a person the better my business started
to grow and thrive and word of mouth continued to thrive as well. So there is
no perfection, get over it, relax in your copywriting and just be yourself. The
second tip I want to give you about copywriting is to be conversational.
Build rapport with people, showcase your personality. You know, I'll never forget
the first time I put the phrase "holy cow" into a blog post or I think it was a
blog post and then I started using it on email and then on social media and
people thought it was a total riot. They absolutely loved it but you know what
Amber's the type of person that's going to say holy cow from time to time and
people really felt like the more I was using my own personality, the more
conversational I was, the more it connected with them. And copywriting is
all about creating a connection with people. The third tip I want to give you
about copywriting is to be concise. Right now, people have a very short attention
span. In fact, these four minute videos just fly by and I bet that at some point
you're thinking when is she going to end? We don't have the attention span that we
used to have and people don't even read very much anymore. In fact we just skim
content so be as concise as you can as frequently as you can. I know it's tough,
but it's something that you want to train yourself into. It's no different
than an exercise at the gym. So have that exercise and try to be concise
with your content. My next tip for you is making your content about them, not about
you. You're not in your business all for your personal gain. Yes, we like making
money, yes maybe you like being in the spotlight or whatever your reason is for
being in business. But if I know you I think you're in business to help others
and to make the world a better place just because those are the people that
tend to follow what I what I talk about and what I do. So make sure that when your
copywriting, you don't deviate from that. It's not about me me me and what I do
and how I can help, its no, it should be focused on you, what are you feeling and
experiencing, and then I have you know this education and experience in
that to help you and here are all the benefits to us working together. So just
make sure that your content is really geared toward your audience and not
yourself. The next thing I want to share with you about copywriting is to make
sure that every time you write content you're always trying to solve somebody's
problem whether you're doing a video, a blog post, social media post, whether
your email marketing, creating a product, always be focused on: "how is this solving
a problem that my audience faces?" The next tip is to be thorough in your in
your copywriting. So I like to try to think through and it just sort of intuit
and imagine what my audience might be thinking ,what questions they're going to
have, and it's no different with this video. I started thinking: Now what are
some of the roadblocks that people are going to face, you know, what are what are
their questions going to be about? When they sit down to write content, what are
their sticking points? I know that perfection is a sticking point which is
why that was the first thing that I spoke about.
So really try to intuit what your readers and prospects are thinking and
needing from you and be as thorough as you can while being concise, I know it's
a trick here, so that you are really making sure that you're giving that
consistent value, that you're connecting with people, and that you're really
helping them at the end of the day. My last tip for you is just a formatting
one. Make sure that you have short paragraphs- so I'm talking two, three
sentences max. The days of six, seven sentences in a paragraph, those are long
gone out the window. Make sure that your bolding keyword phrases that stick out
in the paragraph text so that people who scan are still getting good value just
by reading the bold keyword phrases and separate your content by headlines that
set up the text just beneath. So if you're writing a blog post on the seven
you know tips for copywriting, then copywriting tip number one would be a
headline and then you would explain the tip just below that. Also good for
scanners. And then finally people love bulleted lists, so if you can write the
"seven ways to do whatever," people love lists because it's easy to digest and
get the point out of what you're saying. If you loved these copywriting tips, there's
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No Guts, No Glory. Thanks a lot.

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  1. Copywriting has been a major win for me this year. Headlines more than anything else. Great vid. Got your email! Will ping my end of week!

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