hello everyone it's no secret to anyone but these cinema continues to develop and today's graphic design is at such a high level that it's impossible to distinguish computer-generated imagery from a real set shot yes more and more movies include CGI and it's hard to imagine a blockbuster without a lot of special effects but if you're interested in how those movies look without them then get comfortable and get ready for a few surprises so here we have seven films before and after special effects go ahead Game of Thrones attention spoilers if you haven't seen the seventh season of Game of Thrones it's best to fast forward the video to the next movie or close your eyes and cover your ears for a couple of minutes you ready it's time to remember the incredible scene of the attack on the Lannister troops in the fourth episode of the season if you saw the series you'll remember the epic moment when a horde of Dothraki supported from the air by one of Daenerys dragons destroyed the Lannister army it is said that these scenes were the most difficult to produce because with the exception of the flying dragon most images were recorded in real life yes you heard me right the creators of the series took the tons have burned several doubles and explode the wagons with carefully placed explosives the extras also work the best they could and look at the amount of fake ash that the specialist threw into the field to recreate the burnt earth but we've moved away from the most important thing since the cherry on top of this dessert is of course the dragon in this case the developers used several technical tricks to recreate the presence of a huge mythological dragon in the recording set all the shots from behind the dragon were made with the help of special cameras mounted on cables and drones once obtained a drawn dragon and a very real Emilia Clarke were added to the scene the actress also had to record scenes separately riding a machine created especially for the occasion to be honest that resemblance to a dragon is minimal so Emilia had to play with their imagination and act as if were actually traveling on a huge dragon through the airs at Westeros around the actress they were not even faked clouds the whole scene was filmed on a green background a similar situation was experienced in the 6th episode of the season where Daenerys and her dragon managed to save Jon Snow and his team after the traditional indoor recordings amelia was able to participate in the open field scenes with the other actors on an island in the middle of a frozen lake but as it were you can see the Dragons huge green back exactly that was the point at which the protagonists were running trying to save themselves from the army of the Dead attraction this Russian film directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk has generated different reactions to the characters in their stories however it is obvious that the computer design in this film is incredible especially for a Russian film a country that doesn't stand out for the great special effects in its films besides it is the first Russian alien film and its creators made quite an effort for example look at this scene from the trailer a huge alien spacecraft lands in a region of Moscow destroying huge buildings bridges and stadiums in its path it's hard to believe that all this is the result of the work of graphic designers but the destruction of buildings is not the only example of CGI in this film there is a scene in the first few minutes of the film in which the protagonists await the beginning of the story and all the scenes in the background and inside the spaceship as well as the fights for the extraterrestrials were recorded in a pavilion with a green background according to the director 50% of the film is computer-generated the only question is how did the actors imagine the space visitors in order to realistically recreate the encounter with them Logan unlike the previous two films Logan is not famous for the epic battle scenes between the good guys and the bad guys doesn't even have any great special effects unlike the x-men movies of course digitized backgrounds were added in some places but most of the special effects were dedicated to the film's protagonist it's no secret that Hugh Jackman is the perfect actor for the role of Wolverine but even the physical resemblance doesn't allow the actor to regenerate himself as the superhero let alone uses adamantium claws all this is possible thanks to the use of the CGI in addition the 18 classification of the film allowed us to enjoy decapitations and extractions of realistic and quite bloody bullets by the way some special effects were also used to give life to Laura Wolverines little clone allowing her to have the same claws as Logan and throw herself at enemies with the same ferocity but despite it being less incredible visually than other superhero films it has received very good reviews thanks to its history and its realism San Andreas all the movies about catastrophes are full of special effects it's obvious since no one is willing to destroy an entire city to create a 2-hour film about the destruction of humanity for that reason to destroy the state of California in the movie San Andreas the designers had to work overtime to create more than 13-hundred scenes with special effects for the moving among these scenes is the destruction of a Hoover Dam which we had already seen in the movie transformers the fall of houses one after another and best of all a huge wave that ended up wiping the poor city of San Francisco off the face of the earth no one would actually use real water to make these scenes today but imagine for a second how many buckets of water you'd need and of course the movie wouldn't be complete if the developers didn't show the destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge in our opinion film directors have a special relationship with this bridge not in vain we constantly see its destruction on the big screen x-men Star Trek Pacific rare man Godzilla are just some of the movies in which we can see the famous bridge suffering but the artists of the film in San Andreas made an effort to achieve very realistic scenes of destruction combining between 4 and 15 images from the same place mixing computer-generated images with real photographs and performing all kinds of cinematic tricks but the most amazing special effect of the film is Dwayne Johnson who played his first dramatic role in this film and his acting skills are pretty impressive don't you think spider-man homecoming superhero movies don't surprise anyone anymore and special effects have been a commonplace for a long time but what would you think of a movie about a comic-book character without CGI and moreover without a stuntman for the main character yes it's true Tom Holland in the latest arachnid hero movie did all the tricks you see on-screen on his own of course they protected him with cables and green carpets on the floor but all the turns and jumps were made by the actor himself but this is not the most interesting thing many scenes of the film were made in the filming set without special effects yes even the mandatory seen in any superhero movie where the protagonist saves everyone for the mid cut very scene the developers built a full-size copy which they then filled with water and balanced with the help of special mechanisms scaring off extras stuntmen and the actor himself however the film was not fully CGI free but we're not talking about obvious moments such as the interface of Spidey suit or the flight in the air but the ascent of the Washington Monument despite the actors prowess he was not allowed to climb the building on his own and they built a couple of safe levels of the monument in a pavilion surely we can forgive the director of this little deception after all nobody would have liked the new Peter Parker's who have suffered in the recordings right transformers the last tonight you probably know that each and every film of the Transformers saga has a bunch of explosions gigantic robots and incredible action scenes maybe these fell not a great example of movie drama or acting quality but we still love them and one of the main features of these films is the special effects this is no surprise given that Michael Bay is a true master in the science of CGI several scenes with no actors involved were created from scratch using computers but there were scenes filmed with our beloved green background – for example in the scene where the heroes are running towards a big scary wave the actors really got wet using a special inclined platform and the epic landscape was added later the same can be said about the falling scene where the lives of the characters played by Mark Wahlberg and Laura haddock were literally hanging by a thread the characters were hanging over an abyss grabbing only a small metal thingy to create a real sensation of fear the filming crew created a special device a whole room that rotated the actors forcing them to fall truth be told the actors did have safety devices on them unlike their characters and nothing was exploding around them but they still did a great job 2012 and finally another disaster movie okay we admit we really do like this genre in addition there's nothing better to create special effects than situations of general real chaos in the film 2012 there are plenty of them more than 500 scenes filled with various destructions and natural disasters can impress even skeptics according to Stefan Torre an ski an artist on visual effects many moments in the film demanded simply colossal computing power so much was the work done they even used 250 can you picture it 250 of the most powerful computers to process all the graphical information and this is without counting the numerous takes involving actors by the way most of the scenes in the 2012 movie like in the movie san andreas are multi-layered that is they consist of several images the pictures were superimposed on each other in such a way that you could accurately believe for example that the aircraft carrier was actually sweeping away the white house from the face of the earth and that the plane was moving between the falling skyscrapers scenes with people were shot against a blue background and it's dimensions like the scale of everything else in the film are really impressive the creators needed a huge canvas 42 feet high and 2,000 feet long and in addition to that some platforms to simulate an earthquake and a whole bunch of pyrotechnics so if you want to spend an evening looking at the massive destruction of mankind this is the film that you need well friends we look forward to reading your comments on the video and don't forget to give us a like guys it's time to recharge your brain visit the channel brain time there you'll find a lot of interesting and useful facts lots of positive energy and tons of useful information subscribe right now we promise it's going to be really 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