5 Copywriting Tips For Newbies

all right so in today's video I'm gonna share with you five tips to write better copy that sells let me ask you something have you ever come across someone's work and emotionally felt something it's kind of like a feeling that you can't really explain but it's as if you know that person so a good example I have had people I don't even know send me private messages expressing to me that after watching one of my videos or reading let's say the about page on my website they feel like they somehow know me and that they love my energy or that you know they resonate with my story and that I'm their new Internet BFF or best friend right literally this just happened yesterday and one of my clients even told me that the reason why that she hired me is because she could feel my energy when she first landed on my Instagram and knew that we would be soul sisters don't lie you've come across someone online that you're like holy who is this person we're like best friends right so when people feel an emotional connection to another person they trust what ends up happening when you trust someone they buy from you or so would trust you they buy from you right because every course every program every mentor that I have once invested in or still invest in I do so because I saw myself in them and their content not only inspired me but they helped me right and I like them go figure so let's get straight to it I will share with you five tips to write better coffee that sells number one all right number one is that you want to write as if you are writing to your BFF so let me share with you a story when I was a Peace Corps volunteer I would write weekly newsletters to my friends and family to just update them about my life in Armenia and guess what they loved it two years later when I was kind of feeling lost and unsure about my career path and I was like what am I supposed to do on earth I wrote an earth and I wrote an earth I wrote an email to my friends and family and I asked him the same thing I asked them you know basically like what do you think my top five strengths are and they responded and said your writer or we love your writing and I was member sitting there thinking oh my god what me a writer but here's the thing all I did was really write from my heart to my friends about my experience of the Peace Corps right you can do the same thing with all of your copy so the next time you sit down to write a post or a landing page or copy for let's say your website all you have to do is just think of that one BFF that gets you you know Larry or Susan there yep you want to keep them in mind right and think about your personality are you super professional with your friends or you playful or your casual right because being a personal brand means infusing your own personality and touch to your business and it also means that your stuff should sound like you whatever you put out there should sound like you alright okay number two second tip have a catchy headline so nowadays everybody in their moms have some self-diagnose ATT or ADHD right so you want to make sure that you're getting someone's attention like like that yeah right so your first sentence on your post should make someone wanna read on when I look back on my email open rates and analyze which emails perform better it's always the headline that is somehow out there that reveals some type of number or whatever the case might be people like to click on things that shocked them or that they're curious about so a good way to look at this is think about what types of emails would you open right we get so many emails each day I don't you want to look at my inbox right now but what would make you click one email over the other or what types of post catches your attention the most and you must read on so here's an extra tip what you can do is that you can notice your favorite group gurus email with a marketing copy or their landing page copy or the case maybe and notice keywords that they use that they have caught your attention okay that's a great way to look at it all right third tip is copy is like a woman's skirt long enough to cover the essentials right but it's short enough to be interesting so I actually got this quote if you would call it from this book this book will teach you how to write better so it's a really great book that's gonna learn more about copywriting but it's so true right think about it unless you're writing a freaking novel or a book your copy shouldn't be so long that your ideal client isn't going to read till the end right you want to think of sweet Sharples shashapoll sweet short and simple remember the 3 s's write sweet short and simple the next time that you sit down to write a pose so what might actually help you is just really writing down the essentials so you have it like all on paper or you have it on your word dog whatever the case may be and then thereafter you can put some type of like language to it sprinkle some flavor totally cooking right you have the foundation and then you have like the salt and the pepper and the tumeric fourth tip is my favorite which is you should be in the right energy before you start writing or doing anything right okay I love this one right so as someone who teaches energy I can't tell you how important this step is because energy is everything whatever energy that you are in at this moment you will probably write the way you feel I'll give an example last week I got into an argument with my boyfriend and well she stormed away to cool off I thought it was a great idea to sit down to do some work and create some content and when I looked back at my copy it was cut a short and kind of aggressive and I what I did was I compared it to my other content that I created when I was in a better state of mine or when I was in a better mood and a difference was so huge right so have you ever read something and it got you super emotional or it made you laugh it made you smile it kind of made you upset that person writing it probably infused a lot of their own energy into it so we want to make sure that you do the same trust me people can feel it so here's a tip what if you're not in the right energy right you're really Kristin like well I just got into a fight with my boyfriend right now right this is what you can do literal this is what I do what I do is that I turn on some music and I host a dance party with my dog so you have to think about it like this we cannot always control the things that happen to us but we can always control our emotions we can control our state right so like I said put onto your favorite jams for like five minutes hold some kind of mini dance party with your dog if you have one I love dogs so if you have a dog dance with your dog or dance play with yourself you're looking a dog or another thing I like to do is that I like to go into some type of meditation or I do EFT tapping right to get right back into the energy that I want to be in and if you guys want a free guided meditation I actually have one for you guys so just find it in the description but that way you can ground yourself number five is record your voice and transcribe it so some of you guys may be thinking okay well Kristen I did all those four tips already that you said earlier right I'm not a writer you may be sitting in front of your computer right now I'm just staring at that blinker blinking you know that this one–this blinker and you're probably thinking like oh my god I have no words coming out I did the dance party I danced with my dog I even printed out a photo of my friend and she's like he or she is like staring right at me Sophie or not this is what you can do you can record something a recorded conversation and transcribe it on Rev comm right because guess what everyone knows how to talk this is not excuse so imagine if you know your friend is in front of you and you're out to lunch or whatever the case and she asked you a question let's say she's asking you a question about how to lose that extra weight after the baby maybe you look great and she wants to know those tips right how would you say it to her so record that conversation and transcribe literally word-for-word what you said during that conversation and see how that coffee compares to what you had before so hopefully these tips were helpful for you remember that people will only buy from you when they feel and connection from you and the best way to connect with someone is really through your words and most of all your energy words and energy so tell me below which of these tips are you going to be implementing today and if you want to see more business tips like these let me know in the comments below I'd love to hear from you and like I said if you need a guided meditation and get into that right energy before you start creating videos you can download that meditation as well all right till next time I love you guys and I'll see you guys in the next video

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