5 AMAZING Mobile Photography Tricks for DSLR like Photos!

50 Replies to “5 AMAZING Mobile Photography Tricks for DSLR like Photos!”

  1. Accidentally came to your channel. Didn't have any expectations. BUT I must say you have a wonderful style, voice quality with proper modulation and a good sense of humour. Good Luck always.

  2. Read about philosophy + photography here:

  3. I saw your video for the first time today & subscribed to your channel immediately, not only because of ur tech info but liked you humor a lot!!!🤪

  4. Rural bhaya ruler nehi 6:16
    By the way
    Ek word keliye purey video kya firse shoot koroge kya hai nah chill.

  5. First impression is the last impression!! Bhai u got tht 😄😄😄… Smile krtha rayh app bhai bryh mast ho

  6. Gays if u wants click the picture of stars so come Kashmir after taking the photo u don't believe
    It's real or picture

  7. god blessed you with cute and sweet smile and impressive voice….after seeing your video automatically subscribed

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