26 Replies to “4 Tips for Telling Stories with Your Camera feat. Daniel Milnor, Documentary Photographer”

  1. Another great video the best on YouTube imo
    If only you did longer more in depth interviews and tips
    Thank you..

  2. You always make interesting, thoughtful and enjoyable presentations; thank you; do more…and never become tired!!!

  3. Does a full auto P&S camera easier to take an image that tell story than a full manual like Leica M camera?

  4. Interesting material. Thank you for posting. You have a new subscriber. Be well.

  5. Great interview! Anyone have an idea what camera bag he's using in the footage of him in the field (like at 4:33 )? It looks like one that'd work great for me (always hard finding just the right one).

  6. Thanks Marc. Seems like ages since we did this. We have to remedy that! Appreciate you featuring this piece.

  7. In just under 5 minutes a concise introduction to photo journalism..and making you personal images stronger.

  8. Dan Milnor said so much in those few minutes and able to make it clear that slowing down and getting those three elements of a photo, the foreground, midground and background to build depth and all tied together with good lighting. Thanks for video!

  9. "In terms of telling stories, I think you have to make some decisions as a photographer. You have to make some rather painful realizations about telling stories with photographs." Dan Milnor

  10. Dan has a fantastic way of explaining story telling as a photographer –including some painful decisions you might have to make. I'd love to hear if you use these tips and the stories you tell with your own photos.

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