3Light Setup for portrait photography

Now we will take a look at studio lighting
for portrait photography for studio portraits we use a minimum of
three light sources and not just two, the point being to create more depth and
life to the image. So you have your object and here you have your camera, in front of
the camera but slightly angled is the main light. The main light is your
strongest light source on the other side of the camera also angle towards the object is the fill light and then… slightly behind object you have the kick so the main light is pretty self
explanatory it is there to create most of the light you need to photograph the object. The fill ligth is almost self explanatory it is there to even out the light so
that there is no shade. now the kick need some explaining it is there to create depth and glow to the image. Basically to make it all look more lifelike so there
you have it main light Fill light and Kick the three-point light setup now let’s see how it looks in a photo
studio in this frame the object is only lit by one light source and this is the
main light. You can notice how one side of the face is slightly darker than the other we don’t have the even light that we want.
Now let’s turn on the fill light immediately we see how the light evens out. This is a classical 2-point light set-up. by using two light sources we avoid unfortunate shading in the objects face in order to enhance this further we can use a kick. notice how the kick creates a depth to the frame by making the objects hair glow. The lighting looks more natural and vivid. let’s compare only the main light
with a three-point light setup notice the difference?

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