3 X Creative Portrait Photography Setups Using Two Studio Lights

So we're now moving on to my two light
setup. Remember that blonde hair like this will act like a reflector. And a
beauty dish is a lot harder light source. And I'm getting this lovely glow
emanating around behind her. And this will concentrate a really narrow beam of
light just onto the face. So I changed lighting very dramatically from the hard
light to a very soft light. It creates dark contour here and here but also at
the top as well. Okay let's give you the try, good! First of all, it's it's going to be a
beauty portrait, but a beauty portrait with with a hard light. Okay,
well I think that's a fantastic demonstration of a very creative two
light setup. Forwards and backwards is crucial to the success of the shot. You can work in a very very small studio – and you can't go far enough,
then you just take, let's say the reflector away!

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