3 Tips for Better Underwater Macro Photography

what's up everybody I'm Jeff with polar Pro and today I'm gonna show you how to take underwater macro photos with your GoPro as we explore the Great Barrier Reef so I'm here with my girlfriend Korey who's gonna help me film this video as we search for one of the 190 different species of coral on this island so when we say shooting macro we're basically shooting small close-up subjects but the GoPro won't focus inside of about 12 inches underwater so we use a macro lens to reduce the focus distance so shooting macro underwater can be very challenging at times but when you get that shot it's well worth the effort so first before we hit the water let's talk about settings so when I'm shooting macro video I like to shoot at two point seven K 120 frames per second and that's because I like to slow it down by 25% because when you're shooting macro any little micro movement underwater is exaggerated so I like to keep everything nice and slow so it's smooth now if we're shooting photos I'm gonna put it in single shot mode and wide burst mode is definitely more convenient because you get more shots but I do find the resolution from first mode isn't as high quality a single shot mode so I'd recommend sticking with single shot on photos so for the second setting let's talk about field of view now generally when shooting macro I'm gonna have it in wide mode and that's just so I'm able to shoot at two point seven 120 frames per second you can also shoot in linear if you'd like which is gonna kind of give it a flatter look but then you will be limited to two point seven 60 frames per second and I prefer to be shooting at two point seven one twenty so it's more stable which is why I recommend shooting in wide in order to shoot macro with a GoPro you need a macro lens and this is our new switchblade 7 which has both a macro lens and a red filter for colour correction that you can use independently from each other and a couple new features for this generation switchblade is it bolli attaches to the housing so it'll never come off and it also has interchangeable filter so you can swap this red one out for a magenta filter if you're shooting in green water so this macro will reduce focus distance from three to six inches under water and you can actually use the built-in red filter to determine where that minimum focus is at so you always nail focus all right so today we're gonna be filming in pretty shallow water but I am gonna keep my red filter on and just monitor it and make sure that the footage isn't looking too red via the LCD screen alright so for the first tip of shooting underwater I'm actually just going to explain right here on land so you can better see what it looks like for the first tip of shooting underwater is keeping the camera stable and I like to use a tray because I am able to use both hands to stabilize it rather than a pole if it's just in one hand it tends to rotate back and forth a lot it doesn't look too good so I use the tray keep both hands stable and what I do is I dive down from the surface lock onto my subject film and just float with the current no kicking no movements just pretend like you're a jellyfish going with the flow and the second tip for shooting underwater is to overshoot now when you're shooting macro you're gonna be scrapping a lot of photos and a lot of videos so if I see a subject underwater that I really want I'll dive down four or five times at it and make sure that I get the coverage in that perfect razor-sharp macro shot in my third and final tip for shooting macro is to film at high noon right in the middle of the day when the Sun is highest in the sky that's going to give you the most light penetration underwater and yield the most visibility and underwater colors now if it's sunset and you want to go shoot macro go shoot if it's night and you have lights go shoot nothing wrong with that so there you have it my favorite settings and tips for shooting underwater macro with the GoPro we've got a link to the new switchblade 7 below I'm Jeff that's Korey with polar Pro now get out there and shoot some macro

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