3 things better than Image Stabilization for Night Photography

I had an idea for a video it was going
to be something sarcastic and funny something like how to hold your camera
correctly you know because there’s actually YouTube videos about that but
here’s what happened one of you and I know you’re gonna watch this nothing
wrong nothing against you man but I try to show one of you guys that came to
Seoul to shoot with me or came to Seoul to shoot how to focus on manual lens
because you know you’re having trouble focusing automatically at night and when
you held the camera to focus you’re like I can’t take a picture and your Canon
was like all shaky and stuff and then it occurred to me you people need to learn
how to hold the camera correctly so I’m gonna give you some tips that are better
than image stabilization just a few things first don’t hold the camera and
try to focus like this and you take a photo you know just hold it with two
hands and pull it closer to your center of gravity this is way better than any
image stabilization all right seriously then you can actually focus with this
hand like this and you can take pictures at night no problem so that is way
better than any image stabilization you’re ever going to buy in a camera
tip number two find something to lean on actually it’s better if you can put the
camera on it that gives it one less access to shake all right so you can
either put your camera on it or you can lean on it and that way you don’t you
don’t shake all over the place these are nine photography tips if you don’t have
a tripod because I know some of yous tripod I don’t use a tripod at night
unless I’m doing time-lapse but if there is not a wall and it’s like super super
dark and I really need like a stable shot then I just use my legs see it easy just like that simple and easy right oh
one more thing I’m from Texas we do a lot of shooting guns and one thing we do
is uh we hold our breath when you when you press the button no it doesn’t help
like a whole lot but like if you hold your breath when you’re like
aiming your camera to shoot you you shake a lot less alright so these are
some things oh yeah if for some reason you feel like you
need a tripod or something which I don’t recommend it to you for target this is
true photography centered video because like a lot of people I know are like
landscape photographer anyways if you are shooting Street and you really
really need like a tripod consider getting a monopod you know a monopod
will help you so much and it’s way faster than a tripod and they’re like 10
bucks if you find the cheap ones and you can shoot streets just fine with a
monopod you know anyways just remember that this is a street photography
centered video look I shoot a lot of street photography at nights I don’t
shoot wide open because if I shoot wide open then I miss the focus like most of
the time I should act around F 2.8 to F or something like that and I often under
exposed by one stop if I under expose by one stop my shutter speed tends to go up
most of the time so these things are more effective than having image
stabilization in your camera I firmly believe image stabilization is more for
like video people not for photographers I mean it does help but come on let’s be
real you don’t need it see you

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  2. Ahah I use the leg tip all the time ! I used to breath slowly and just exhale when pressing the shutter too. Works nicely.
    Other thing is trying to hold the lens more than the body (for slim and small bodies) and use less muscles as possible. Usually I rest the lens on the space between my index and my thumb. No muscle battling to try to stabilize here, so better stability. The more tight you hold your camera/lens, the more muscles will be used and the less stable you will be… 😉
    Not sure I explain clearly, it's hard without images 😅

  3. Rubbish bins also make good "tripods" (resting the camera on the lid, that is) together with a self timer.

    I personally have a collection of rubbish bins which I carry around with me all the time. You can even turn them upside down when it rains 😉

  4. DOF is about distance from camera to subject and subject to BG, related to the Aperture and Focal Length of the lens.
    When I shoot 2.0 or less at 28mm (for street) , FF, and I focus at 14m ~ 45 feet I have everything in focus from 7 m ~ 25 feet to eternity !
    So the 2.0 helps me get my ISO down at 1/60 shutter , far enough to get decent images in the night – ISO 6400 but still freeze the movement !
    As long as you are not close to your subject, i would always recommend open up the aperture , that is why I spend and all the money on the expensive lenses hehehehe
    Are you gonna make a video with the still of last Saturday ??
    I have the BELL set to ON on your channel but the reaction is so slow. Your video's are live streams are done before I get the notification hehehehe (not your fault but it is a pity)
    Since I now know your broadcast time now and when I am around the computer I check always to see if you are LIVE .

  5. I've been experimenting with some long exposure night photography. The tripod is needed for that but it's really annoying and I feel that it gathers too much attention.

  6. I clearly can't hold my camera correctly 😂

    I have to say, coming from a photography family, holding the camera and focusing has never been a problem. Actually seeing when something is in or out of focus is getting harder as I get older. 😆

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