3 Speedlight Adding Color in Shadows In-Studio with Erik Valind and Rogue FlashBender 2

Hey guys, I’m Erik Valind, I’m a lifestyle portrait photographer based in New York City, so right now I’m going to walk you through more of a fashion editorial portrait so rather than a standard portrait, we’re actually going to introduce things like gels to add some emphasis in color and some interest, to the different shadows, highlights and the hair of our photograph. So right off the bat I’m going to start with our key light and I have the Rogue FlashBender 2, now this is the XL Pro, the largest one they make and I have the attachment on it that turns it in to a strip bank with a grid to really focus that light. So with this modifier it’s going to give me a nice soft wash of light that’s going to flatter our subject with soft even light on our face, but with the grid the light’s going to fall of rather quickly on either side, so we focus light where we want and it doesn’t spill all over the rest of the photo. What we did here though is we shaped her face really well but we left a lot of shadow, that was on purpose because what we did is we took a second small flash and attached another Rogue FlashBender 2 again the XL Pro, but this time with the larger diffusion panel which makes it a giant softbox, with this giant softbox box we now have it on the opposite side where she has the shadows and we’ve turned it on to raise those shadows up and lower the contrast not only did we lower the contrast like we would in a normal portrait, we have a blue gel there, a bluish-green gel and what that does is it adds color to the shadows as well, so we have a fill light that adds color the shadow, almost like we split toned the image on Photoshop, but we did it in camera. Now for the last light I have one over on her shoulder. She’s got this beautiful blonde hair, I really want to emphasize that so I put a hair light over there, and I didn’t want that flash to go everywhere. So what I have there is a large FlashBender 2, and I have it rolled up and velcroed into a snoot. So it directs that light in a very narrow beam, so it hits her right in the hair not anywhere else. On top of that, I have a yellow gel on there which has a little bit more color and really emphasizes the nice beautiful blonde hair that she already has. All right, so what this does when you put it all together, is it gives us a beautiful shapely soft light on her face, leaving a lot of shadow for us to then play with by adding color in a fill light to raise that shadow up, color it a little bluish green, and then finally to separate her from the background with that hair light, with that yellow gel in there really emphasize the blondness of her hair. So what we have is our key light, our fill light and our hair light, which is the standard three point lighting that you see for formal portraits. But by adding gels, we change that automatically, so went from a standard portrait to something with a lot more punch. By adding that color we gave it a lot of more light. We can be creative and we can evoke emotion with the different colors we decided to apply to our gels down the road.

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  1. You're very informative Erik…and your presentation is excellent! Can't for the life of me understand how 4,422 people have viewed this image without also LIKING it. Yours and those from Lindsay Adler, and Jeff Rojas have been incredibly educational and inspiring…Thank you!

  2. what are the camera settings and flash power of each flash unithow is the unprocessed image ?why is such information not provided with these videos ??

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