(229) LARGE CANVAS No Silicone Straight Pour – Fluid Acrylic Pouring – Flow Art Painting

everybody Gina DeLuca here all right today I'm doing another piece for my upcoming show at the Broadway market in Baltimore Maryland down a Fells Point today's colors are going to be the dye accessing purple in liquitex basics cadmium yellow light hue and bright aqua green I know for sure that that yellow and that purple are fantastic together they make great cells in a straight core and that's what we're doing Jew did these paints are mixed one part paint to two parts float raw and then thinned with my mixture of 90% water and 10% float all okay so today we're going to be doing the straight pour and the purple will be my background just double-checking my consistencies always double-check your consistency I think you'll be able to see better if I use one of these colors when you drizzle your paint off of the stick and it lands in the cup it should not form a mound it should not sink it should just disappear immediately that is the consistency that you want if you want to do it straight or I'm actually going to put my paint in the cup first this time because I know that this yellow will sink if I give it some time and that's what we want that is how you know your straight board is probably going to work when you see it a paint sinking it is more likely to settle it sounds counterintuitive but it works out that way I'm gonna do about three ounces of purple actually I'm gonna do four I don't mind some negative space and then I will do my green I don't know if you can see that but it is sinking which is what we want this green and this purple together is so pretty definitely gonna have to do this combo some more and then the yellow all right the yellow is not quite made its way down yet I will sit this to the side okay let's put down this base coat I did cover the signs already I do like to do that on straight pours in particular on these deep edge canvases I want to make sure that my sides are covered okay this has been sitting it has my sunken any more than it had perhaps it was not a thin enough I don't know actually I see some bubbles when we pop these real quick but we'll see what happens so let's do this all right well I'm not seeing any of that green so I'm hoping that when I start tilting that will start popping up I think hmm which direction to go first it's very slowly very very slowly bringing the weight back to center before I change directions there are going to be more cells popping up so I'm just going to let this sit but I don't like this right here so we're gonna try to smooth that out just trying to get this composition to a place where I am happy with it and feels a little unbalanced to me at the moment I think some of this needs to come off this edge I think that's better okay I'm gonna leave this alone and hopefully more shells will be popping up because that's kind of what happens on these love for some more of that green to come through all right I'll let it sit and I will bring you in for a close-up in a bit negative you okay here is the dried piece as you can see good color separation I'm happy with this one I'm not sure which direction I'll be hanging it probably like maybe I don't know we shall see but yeah so I'm happy with this one and I hope you learned something please like and share and subscribe and all that good stuff do check out the description box below for links to my paypal tip jar if you feel so inclined if you find these tutorials helpful or at least entertaining and would like to help me stay stuffed up in supplies to keep bringing you the fresh content and groovy experiments from my kitchen that's a great way to do it also through the Amazon link Amazon Prime day is July 15th don't know if this video will be up by then but if it is do pop in through the link in the description box and anything that you purchase off the entire site of em I will receive a small Commission of at no additional cost to you my website Gina to look at Annette I like this here I like this composition that'll be good for a print gina DeLuca's on net that is where you can purchase my artwork and my music my new CD is out right now and available at my website for physical purchase or download it's called better than chocolate to check that out and our group on Facebook go make some art join us there post your masterpieces ask your questions just come get some inspiration I think that's everything there we go I may be on vacation when this video goes up so if I take a bit to get back to y'all I apologize but girl needs vacation everyone tomorrow even though it's a working vacation I'll be playing lots of music I'll have a gig still the vacation cuz I'm not sleeping in my own bed so alright there we go I hope you all have a beautiful day now go make some art

27 Replies to “(229) LARGE CANVAS No Silicone Straight Pour – Fluid Acrylic Pouring – Flow Art Painting”

  1. Since I’m new to this I have a question. Why did you tilt diagonally rather than circularly at the start. . You obviously saw something that I was not or just personal preference?

  2. Love these colors together. I'm going to try them with alcohol ink, see how that looks. Striking creation!!! namaste

  3. Another stunning piece. The colors are gorgeous together. Can you give us tips as to how to varnish a large piece like this..

  4. I just wanna say WOW. And I see the yellow and.NO. I don't like yellow. But. Actually work. this combo of colors is absolutely outstanding. Amazing painting love it.❤❤❤❤❤

  5. I love this piece. I also envy your patience in getting what you want. Beautiful colors. Good luck on your show.

  6. I love your technique and that you don’t use silicone. I’m playing around with a new method. I’m excited about it but every time I make a painting I think about how to make it better. Do you do that or are you satisfied with all of your paintings

  7. Omfword!! This is so good I was swearing at how good this is!!! THis is just a gorgeous piece….so full of color, and movement….it reminds me of New Orleans…… this makes me want to paint again…..

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