(186) Reverse Dip with Awesome Effects (Fluid Painting)

hello it's Susan here and I'm going to do a reverse dip today yeah a reverse dip on a canvas I had a poor on this before I just ripped it off why it's black okay so the colors it's gonna be a black base coat I'm gonna use a mixture of gold copper and bronze I've got gold white quite awkward yet quinacridone magenta this is basics that's basics base no this is um artist laughs little acrylic same with the white and the black and this is Van Dyck Brown and it is basics no it is Amsterdam Amsterdam and furred eaves and the center I've got cadmium yellow medium hue and it is I believe its basics liquitex basics metallic Favell green and that is this is reflex green that's Amsterdam most of my paints are mixed with one part pouring medium or float all to four parts paint but with this I added a little bit more paint to make it thicker this kind of painting has to be a little thicker so I added LOTRO all to some of the colors and the Kotex point me medium to some not really sure that sporty medium pouring medium pouring medium floral floral flow troll mixture of both flow troll and pouring medium and this one I don't know I think it's pouring me I think it's floral the black is pouring medium no silicone or domestic own in the paint's so did show you the consistency it falls off the stick and lands in a bit of a mound on the paint and then disappears okay I'm not putting any paint on the edges because I can just paint them after just in case I have to scrape this off and I don't waste my paint alright what color I should add first is white okay then I will add gold doing it with a spoon because it's a lot easier to get a drizzle because if you didn't use the stick most of the time I just get blobs like that but sometimes I still get them even using these but see mm-hmm once it gets going then you can do the drizzle like this Oh No mosquito if I got it or not it's not in my painting oh that's what I didn't do I didn't pop any air bubbles I don't see where he went oh now the copper bronze mix okay now the Van Dyck Brown I'm not sure any of this will show but I should have maybe put this song underneath it's not much in here so maybe I'll just put it in globs so that I don't lose it and a little bit more white not gonna put too many leaves on here but just a few that's good enough I'm gonna add a little bit of the reflex green on top of the other green okay so yellow oops oops oops don't know if it'll make a whole lot of difference just try and take that out all right I have some fasiq here just some very thin plastic from not sure what top we need to do that then just lightly don't press too hard go over the top I assure you everything is contact made contact with the paint underneath okay now the reveal oops grab both corners opposite corners bring them together either ones just slowly lifts up oh it's kind of cool the red stayed like I thought the red would be more disappear but I don't like the like all of the green on there in blobs like that so I'm just gonna blow them a little bit I really like this so cool I'm just gonna pop in any air bubbles I love what's happening on the edge edges of the white [Applause] awesome no I think I would lose all out no I think I'm not gonna touch it bring it in for a close-up you know the cool things that are happening on the edges are so awesome which way it looks better maybe that one would you like it I really do not gonna touch it it is awesome okay I will let it dry so hopefully I'll see you again at my next video if you enjoy them you can subscribe to my channel and hit the bell for more notifications also hit the like button if you liked it and let me know in the comments what you think and any ideas for future videos and also I want to say we have a new Facebook group that my sisters and I started it's called acrylic art and pouring friends if you want to come by and join you're welcome to I will leave I usually leave the link and the name in my description below my video so bye for now you

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  1. I did mine shortly after watching you and I love it. I did mine on a 5×5 board. There was way too much paint so I put another 5×5 board on top, squished them together and when I separated them the second board was awesome. It wasn’t covered completely so I did some balloon smashes to fill in the space. I’d love to show them to you.

  2. Hi Susan: I'm a professional artist and really enjoy your work. Excellent! I'm considering using your reverse dip technique in my own canvases. Problem viewing this video. My browser doesn't recognize HTML5, only the previous version HTML4. If you use HTML4, more people will be able to view your creations. Also, would you plz do a LARGE canvas, 24 x 36 with several reverse dips or an extended chain of reverse dips !!!.

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