15 Minute seaside challenge Landscape Photography

a slight situation with my blog this week the wife said to me a couple hours ago she said long day of work I fancy a trip to the seaside saw some fish and chips so I said okay I'm up for that no from at all so very quickly check the tie tines very quickly check whether its east or west I wanted a head to obviously West is better because the sunset without stain the obvious tripod or Colwyn Bay is about an hour and 35 minutes away from my house which means if we rush down there from Turner grabs our fish and chips is appear their job the other photograph the PF and we'll still have about twenty minutes before sunset I'm sure I could grab something hammered I'm a bit partial to shoot in tears this is where the problem lies we arrived at Colwyn Bay and there's no beer the pier isn't there clearly it's on Google Maps clearly I've seen pictures of it online but it doesn't exist we're still there's no fish and chip shop to open nightmare that's my scenario so we'll probably grab something to eat from somewhere I'm really mad you know what you do next to the seaside in the UK you grab kebab and chips so the question is now then rather than waste my time here what can I do what can I grab well interestingly we've got these markers out to sea we have literally got 15 minutes before sunset the light is gorgeous we have to detail in the story so what I'm going to do is utilizing the marker up to see there and the waves are like shoot around I'm gonna crop some artifact sign up there I'm going to try and grab some interesting minimalistic shots but I think would look quite nice and fine out but it's a rush job brush brush brush I don't want to waste my time here I don't want to waste the night I'm actually really enjoying this really it's just about the relationship between that pillar there it's like a breakwater that fluid I work in the shop filler there and the marker wrote to see I'm also conscious about the mark or whether it stands above the horizon or below the horizon at the moment is right on the horizon but I'm not keen with but I've got my 10 stocked filter on there I'm shooting this at a 2 minute exposure so I'm playing around with my settings and I'm more I think it's ISO 320 I would date I think in it to enable me to get or achieve an 8 to the second which will give me a two-minute exposure with my 10 stop the filter on that the lights really dropping down quite a bit now so what I'm going to do is get rid of my 10 stop filter go back to your normal set is ISO 100 my aperture probably f11 which will probably give me maybe 3 or a 5 second exposure and I think that the way that the waters crashing around this lump of concrete here will give us some lovely effects but at the moment I'm shooting which is very unusual for me a place in this lump of concrete quite in the middle the frame oh boy in the middle the frame as well again which is really unusual to me is that marker in the background well once I've grabbed a few of these shots I'm gonna put my 72 tool number Lendl and zoom right now to cope with some real minimalistic shots but I'm having a rush rush butcher I think I'm probably pulling something on the back here that I'm quite excited I just looked at that shot that came off the camera I shot with a two minute exposure do you know what it gorgeous absolutely gorgeous there's a very slight blue hue to it believe it or not it's not blue out yet there's a few minutes off sunset although another to get one tonight put that slide blue hue until sometimes when the sea is murky like the sky and is that natural blend from sea to sky it just works so so well I've shown him by the way because this camera is not very good with the microphone next to water and it drives me mad when I listen to it so excuse the show team more pumped up and I'm very excited by this to be honest this is probably better to photograph it up here but what I've decided to do now before I slow my shutter speed down and choose maybe three or a five second option I like that shot so much I've decided to reduce my ISO down by one stop which will then offer me an extra it's an extra minute two minutes before as I have to burn it'll actually give me an extra two minutes so that's doubling the shutter speed so that's four minutes and because the lights drop in ever so slightly I've set my intervalometer to four minutes and 30 seconds just to be on the safe side but it's a very unusual composition for me and I'm really outside my comfort zone but I think what is Oh 57 gives me four seconds which is brilliant is to exaggerate a little bit of movement of that water around that concrete pillar as the tide starts to recede and I'm now going to change my camera lens to a 70 to 200 mil throw it all the way up there to that marker that marker that's all way up there just to isolate that marker and maybe some of the wind turbines in the background and go for something really really minimalistic what the sky is gorgeous I've still use in this Heder system by the way this filter folder system I'm absolutely in love with it I get that out on my back now before I get my leases tonight million ten Scott filter in there it's sealed drops in ever so nicely doesn't leave a color cast at all and it works a treat as always with my long exposure shots as well I'd grab a second shot for the sky just to maintain the detail because sometimes what would a four-minute exposure when you get the blurry sky sometimes a complements a shot sometimes it doesn't but I like to give myself the option having said that in the sky now I'm not sure if you can see it let me just darken that down a bit another way carry the other way I can't see it will start to get a little bit of light forming over there not much but a little bit and loving this [Applause] well this is just typical of me just before I decided to throw my 70 to 200 mil then Zhaan that I zoomed in with my standard 2400 5 mil lens that I like to use I've added my polarizer on there as well and also a three-stop soft Brad filter now the reason why I've done that is because I want to just bring the light up in the sea just a little bit more but the only reason why I've used my polarizer on there is just to reduce some of that light down enough that it gives me a 30-second exposure at ISO 50 an aperture of f11 and this is really minimalistic throwing the horizon on the bottom the two thirds of that amazing sky and over 30 seconds I think will work fantastically well I might still throw my 10 stock filter on there and do an almighty long exposure but that light is dropping rather fast not sure if I've ever mentioned this by the way probably one of the best things I've bought for my camera setup in years Bar None is this new head for my Manfrotto tripod it's a Manfrotto head as well as called a click lock system and it's absolutely it's pretty much the king of one thing and that for landscape photography nothing else I'll show you how it work check this out tell me tell me if you don't like this I'm not sure if you can see it with this light but basically how it works is if I wanted to tilt it I'll press that there and tilt it anywhere I want then it locks in place absolutely solid then all I do then is simply twist that to make final adjustments and that's the same on all three axis and I can't tell you can't begin to tell you how much that has changed the way I work I'm not a ball head fan but that to me is absolutely a one probably cost me about 140 pound the best 140 pound I've spent in the world of photography in a long long time that four minutes shot if you could just barely see me you see me up there okay that four minutes shot just worked out an absolute treat when it looks amazing on the back of the camera anyway from famous last words for me just one more shot I've decided to come back down to my original location shooting directly out to that folks leaving the post in the middle for this time I'm going to put up on the lower part of the horizon it really is blue hours quite late now as you can see on this camera it really is blue hour but I'm going to grab one more shot just a 30 second exposure I'm going to use that bit of concrete that goes our heads out towards that little pillar as a leading line and fingers crossed things please good it's good famous last words though one more shot Oh got some lights and hole shot so then just to recap Colwyn Bay no fish and chips : bay no pier complete disaster 20 minutes before sunset I think I made the most of it though I've really enjoyed that to be fair I think that was more of a challenge and much better then if there was a bog-standard pier there that obviously would offer an obvious composition so I've enjoyed that a little bit outside my comfort zone tonight but it just goes to show and put your heart and soul to it fifteen minutes and you're back yourself some really really nice bitches with or without the ten stop filter anyway hopefully you guys have enjoyed this vlog if you have you know what to do thumbs up liking all the rest of it and I'll see you next time that's the wife holding the torch up there for me [Applause] [Applause] you

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  1. This challenge came about simply because somebody stole a pier! – 15 Minute seaside challenge Landscape Photography

  2. Nice vlog Gary, the end result images are stunning goes to show that a pro photographer can always make a scene work 🙏👍 what did you end up getting for your tea?

  3. Colwyn Bay is where I was born, but that's about the only claim I can make on it. But I knew the pier had gone. It had fallen into such a bad state of repair, and no-one could be found to take it on and spend the millions to make it safe. So, the council closed it and eventually it was demolished. Surprised about the chippies though. Maybe you could have tried Rhyl? That had a chippy in every other property the last time I was there! You still got some nice images though.

  4. Great Video again Gary, its all about seizing the moment, pushing the envelope that little bit, achieving the result you hadn't planned for. Haven't been to Colwyn Bay for years, when the pier was there thou 🙂

  5. A seaside town without a pier AND no fish n chippy…. what is the UK coming too ? Harry Ramsden would be turning in his grave lol.

  6. Enjoyed seeing you make the most of a bad situation Gary, nice to see Mrs Gough make an appearance (Obviously the brains of the team), nice one, thanks for sharing

  7. Hy Gary, a challange and you came out with flying colours, Liked the first landscape ons best, thanks for sharing.
    All thr best………………Peter.

  8. I really enjoyed this video & your images! I find that when I open myself to what is instead of what I wanted or expected, magical things can happen.

  9. Fantastic images Gary . You were not far from Llandudno Junction the best fish and chips Enochs , What Gary Gough is to photography Enochs are to fish and chips . The Best 😀

  10. amazing as always. thans for being such an insperation. and explain what u do and why u do it. always learn something new from your videos.

  11. I will keep an eye out for it Gary and let you know if I see it. You did not need it, superb photographs.

  12. A mile or two east and there is a Jetty that feeds the boats stone from the quarry. There is some great sunsets to be had there, also they have laid some huge stones as wave breakers on the shore for some foreground interest. I keep meaning to go there myself as it is only 20 mins down the road for me.

  13. Great vlog, simple to the point and vey enjoyable. nice to see you doing what you do best, just making the most of what’s available instead and producing great results.

  14. The only thing that spoilt this film is ……….you didn't get the fish and chips, but STUNNING images, well done Gary and wife.

  15. Ha I did exactly the same thing a couple of weeks ago…. ended up in Conwy excellent fish n tips there:-) when did the pier go?

  16. Stunning,as usual. Really nice,clear and simple explanations for us to understand what you are doing(focus points,settings,etc) and awesome results. Congratulations Gary and thanks for all.

  17. Another fabulous video Gary and I love the images. Must have been quite a challenge when presented with the obvious lack of pier presence. But great stuff and very entertaining as well as being educational. I hope you treated your good lady wife with a nice bar meal and glass of wine given the absence of fish n chip emporiums. Take care J

  18. Brilliant! Second part was better! You got so much from that visit 😍👍 I was watching you use the new tripod head and had me thinking, GAS! I’m getting me one of them lol. Hello Mrs G 😍 really enjoyed this Gary 👌

  19. Goes to show you'll always get a shot. Been battling a throat infection this last week plus I haven't touched a camera in a while. Lost my enthusiasm but that vlog reminded me of what I'm missing, thank you Gary

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