(118) Acrylic pouring colander kaleidoscope pour! Fluid art fun acrylic paint flow art pour painting

hey guys this is the pour that I'll be doing for you today such a neat effect my colander pour stick around see how I did it thanks guys are you guys Molly from Molly's artistry just gonna do another colander pour if you stick around at the end of the pour I show you one that I've rezoned and I also show you how i layer my paints and the cup and what the colander looks like so take a look at the end of the video for that just gonna pour this in I'm out of circular canvasses I need to go and get some more and if you guys check the little box down below you'll be able to see what colors I used and what my pouring medium is and if you guys have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me I answer the colors are really pretty it's almost like a red white and blue I was kind of going for a Southwest feel it put the brown in there I don't know how the Browns actually going to react it has already started to come out at the bottom so the other important part is to really lift up slowly and you'll see as you lift up paint start to drip out and that dripping of the paint is what causes that reaction okay so I'll show you the collapse cup in the middle there it is happens the same every time really pretty I don't know how I feel about the brown in there we'll see so and if I don't get to my ends I'll just put some more paint on here so we'll see how it goes I don't like to go in a circle like that because that makes this design really crazy so I just like to stretch over and then back and bring the paint back to the center / keep going over on that one like I said if I don't get to the edges I'm not like super concerned about it I'll either use a balloon or something to get it to the end so I really think that the gloss medium that I use is a large part of why this design holds so well in the center not loving the brown in there loving the blues and the whites move back to the center I love the the little balloon shape that's in the center there that is like super cool but yeah if you guys try it try this technique let me know let me know if it's working for you let me know if you want me to do any other videos I'm gonna do a cell tutorial at some point bring it back a little bit try to open this up down here I had a lot of paint left on my canvas so I've got some room to work with you don't want to stretch it too far I hope you guys can see it okay so my paints held up really well to stretch that that far come back down this way now see if I can open up any on the other side and if I can't that's okay these are always kind of a surprise to meet you of what design I can keep what design goes away okay I got it over to that side bring it back come back bring it over that way hope you guys can see this trying to get to this corner over here maybe I'll rotate it so that you guys can see it again you guys are probably like please stop don't try it's just paint guys for all of you that are having you know paintings that you don't like I mean money is always a factor and I realize that but if you don't like it figure out why you don't like it and try to change it right that's what this is about experimenting trying to get this back over to the center I still have a lot of paint on there okay this one card down here got a little bit stretched out that's okay I can try to bring it back this way a little bit back up like I said doesn't have to be perfect man that looks so cool that's more like an American flag kind of one right so I will show it to you give me a second okay you guys so that is the effect look at that Center like how 3d and cool is that looks like a little I don't know what is that you guys tell me a little balloon I don't know those always look like bugs to me or like little candies there are so many layers I just I'm like in all of what a kitchen stringer will do so anyway that's the gosh that light you do it this way that's the overall piece I wish I had gotten the effect that's up in that corner down here my hands shaking but I didn't and that's okay I like you just the way you are painting oh look at those really beautiful crazy effect like fireworks I might call this one independence I don't know you guys let me know what you think I'm just babbling on at this point thank you guys for watching yeah depending stick around for the end I'll show you how I mixed my layered my paints alright see you guys later bye hey you guys so I wanted to show you how this came out this was I think like my third or fourth colander pour I put a coat of resin over it and I think it looks amazing so that will be for sale love it so I wanted to show you guys how I put my paints in the cup you guys always request that so I'm gonna do that so here's the colander that I'm using it has a lip on it right there you know it's very small but it holds it off the canvas enough so that the paint can drip through there there's no holes in the center here and the holes are rather large and they go all the way around the backside so that's that and now I'll show you how I do it in the cup here's my paint consistency let me see which one would be a good one to show you so see how thick that is right it sits on the top of the cup look I can make a design with it that's how thick this is for this pour okay and I've listed my pouring medium down below so check that out in the description and the colors so I I normally start with white there's my white you can see how thick that is so I normally start with white and then I'm just gonna layer these colors in so I'm just gonna pour one down the side over here I like playing around with the different layers and seeing what effect I get so but I mean this you know you can do whatever you want this is your painting I'm using Brown today and I don't normally use brown but I guess I was going for kind of like a Southwest type feel but we'll see how that goes in there so this is like a rendition of my paint split you know um layering the paint's in different ways not just layer by layer gives a different effect in the ring pour so I'm just gonna keep going with that a little bit more white on here the white creates a pretty cool effect so oops I gotta get it in the cup though then I'll come in maybe I'll have a little bit of red I'll just come in and put some red over the entire layer there maybe this blue will create like a purplish color so you guys let me know what you think has this poor worked for any of you if so let me know if not we can try to troubleshoot why not I'm scared to put the white but that brown red over the brown I don't want to do too much paint so I might stop right here I might do one layer of blue over it and stop right there okay alright so that's how i layer my paints into the cup alright thank you guys for watching happy painting bye

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  1. Thank you guys so much for watching! Thanks for all the comments, I read them all and they are amazing! Love these colander pours. If you want to see more, make sure to subscribe and hit the bell!

  2. Yeah just came across this style of painting and have not tried it yet. My question is how long does it take to dry?

  3. I loved the way it turned out. Which gloss do I have to add? I want try that too. And how much time it takes to dry the painting

  4. I have the hardest time with the colander pour. I don't know why. I get a muddy mess. I will keep trying. I want a balloon in mine so bad.

  5. B-E-A-Utiful … one can use dozens of different combos to get dozens of kaleidoscope variations – I tried it and have 12 – very very nice , and a nice break from brush painting ….. cheers !

  6. Does your colander have "feet?" All mine do but yours seems to be flat on the bottom so it sits flat against the canvas.

  7. Great work Molly!!! tell me more about your pouring medium; you say Floetrol + Gloss Medium + Varnish + Liquitex Pouring medium + Gac 800…that's 5 items, but then your ratios are only divided by 4 : 40, 30, 10, 20% what is it that I'm missing?

  8. I’m new to this type of art, what processes do you do after the paint drys? Some kind of clear coat to protect it?

  9. This is one of my ultimate favorite pours on YouTube.
    Your advice to 'bring it back to the center ' also the best advice.

    The brown here comes out as tan gold and copper.

    Stunning workβ™‘

  10. I really like this technique. I've tried it a few times on a small scale and I would say I have been happy with the result 2 out of 3 times.

  11. Yes , just found you too .
    I love that effect…..the gold one you showed near the end….that was really cool.
    Do you add anything to the paint or is it straight paint?

  12. Hi again, Molly. This was the first video of yours I watched, and it amazed me. I just saw another painting by another great artist, and it made me think of you, and the way your tilt/turn your painting to get the colors to swirl. This artist is using a small cookie cutter in the center, affixed to the canvas somehow, and pours colors in it, then spins it. I was wondering if this is something that might work with your colander. It just looks like another fun method. Hope it's ok to post it here for you to see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GAoy_rm7DU

  13. Is this a lucrative hobby? These painting look so pretty but it seems like there's a lot of people doing them. Is there a big enough market for these paintings to justify the cost of producing them?

  14. That little bubble right at the center, OMG, it looks so amazing! Molly, hello– we have the same beautiful name! I have never seen anything like this, never this technique. I have been watching a lot of epoxy resin videos lately, because I'm bored and want to try making something. I am not an artist. I thought what you were pouring at first was resin, but I see it's paint! Is it acrylic? Is that water based? What happens if you sprayed alcohol on it? And what if you mixed some glitter into just one of those colors before you swirled them in that bucket–would it pour out and look incredible? Would that work? Wow, Molly, you sure have inspired me!!!

  15. I love the brown in the color mix – It is giving it an antiqued look – reminds me of a Circus tent in the 1930's- I like Independence or The Greatest Show on Earth

  16. I just came home from work and did an acrylic pour I wish I would of watched this first. I would have tried this technique. Very pretty!

  17. BEAUTIFUL PAINTING… I LOVE THE BROWN !!!! I will try to make something that beautiful….. great work…

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