10 Signs Someone Only Likes You as a Friend

being friend-zoned might feel like the end of the world but here's what you need to realize how someone feels towards you is not a reflection of who you are it doesn't make you any less attractive smart talented or kind instead of continuously chasing them do yourself a favor and find someone who values you it is possible and you owe it to yourself to find true happiness not validation here are 10 signs someone only likes you as a friend one most of your relationship is over text do they spend the majority of their time only texting or liking your posts it might seem endearing at first but eventually the screen gets old you might initiate plans to hang out whether it's as casual as ordering takeout and watching a movie or running errands together but they always seem to come up with an excuse maybe next weekend they'll say or sorry I'm busy texting and interacting over social media is easy because there's no commitment – they give you the wrong days psychologists have discovered there's a certain gaze someone gives you when they're into you pay attention to their focus and length of gaze researchers found that both men and women stare at their potential partners chest and hip to waist areas for longer durations meanwhile when people only see someone as a friend they spend more time looking at that person's feet and legs 3 they want to be your matchmaker do they often try to set you up on blind dates or nudge you to talk to someone nearby they know you're single but have no intention of dating you so as a good friend they'll try to help you in that department it might annoy or irritate you but consider it a sign to move on 4 they go to you with their relationship problems if you're playing the role of a therapist they trust you but it doesn't always mean they see you as a potential partner you can be the best advice giver listener and yes even the most ideal partner but unless they see it you're still ultimately just a friend someone they can lean on temporarily 5 they set boundaries this one is important but if you're desperate for their attention you might think they're just playing hard-to-get this is not the case and when someone sets boundaries be respectful of them not invasive if they don't feel comfortable hanging out with you at night or only want to see you limited days throughout the week don't push because the very minute you do that you're only pushing them further away 6 they never that they like you ultimately no matter how shy someone is when they have feelings for you they'll eventually show signs or flirt with you but if you've been friends with them for years now and nothing has come to the surface chances are they never saw you is more than just a friend 7 they don't make you a priority it's easy for you to put down everything you're doing just attend to their needs but if they aren't reciprocating the same efforts it becomes obvious they just see you as a convenience take Emily Owens advice be someone's first choice she's a fictional character in a medical show but for the longest time she was too blind to notice someone else liked her unrequited love can make us unaware and obsessive but it doesn't have to destroy us unless we let it 8 they prefer to hang out with you in a group setting do they ask to invite another friend when the two of you make plans they might feel awkward when it's just the two of you but they probably don't want to hurt your feelings don't get your hopes up if this is an ongoing behavior maybe they just need to get some time to know you better no matter how self-conscious someone is if they're into you they would treat a date as a date 9 they don't make a move on you even the most reserved individuals will make it obvious they like someone if they don't directly ask you out or confess their feelings to you they most likely aren't attracted to you romantically don't be discouraged instead be thankful for this learning experience and find someone else 10 deep down you know but it hurts so you put yourself in denial listen to your gut feelings chances are they've been trying to communicate with you since the very beginning but love can make someone blind and hopeful allow yourself to reflect on this moment take a few deep breaths and if needed create some distance between you and this person to allow your feelings to fade or if you're feeling extra brave just tell them how you feel you might get rejected but the sooner you get an answer the faster you can move on it's not going to happen overnight but eventually someone new will walk into your life and you'll forget all about them out and subscribe to ket soon she shares her story of coming out which is inspiring relatable and authentic please show some support it would mean not only a lot to her but to us as well if you like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and as always thanks for watching

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  1. I had a crush on this girl for over a year, even when I was currently dating someone else I slowly developed a crush on her. She didn’t mind getting personally with me physically, for example; she would put her legs in my lap and would wrap her arm around mine as we walked around together. My best friend told me that she was just leading me on and deep down I knew he was right, but I was in denial and kept refusing to listen to him(I apologized later to him for that). So for the next year, we saw each other and talked almost every day, shared things, shared our lives and some experiences, I smiled like an idiot every time she encouraged me to try new things and how I felt empty and hurt when she cried or was hurt. She came out to me as a sexuality that wouldn’t be able to fall in love with me… but she really didn’t know she was leading me on. This girl would kiss my cheek to reward me and gave me pet names sometimes, she kisses my nose once because I helped her and all I asked for was a hug but she said she’d give me something else, hint the kiss on the nose. My heart would speed up and I’d get so flustered that I could only continue smiling like the world’s biggest idiot. Last year, I told her I romantically liked her, because my friends and me accidentally let out I had a crush around her and so she just kept pressing on who it was and wanted me to get my confidence up to date this mystery person. But I confessed to her, and she didn’t over react, she said it was okay and didn’t care about that, that we were still best friends. Great. Six months later, I couldn’t take it anymore, the thought of her being with someone else drove me mad and it forced me to cry at night or when I was alone, my childhood friend that’s pretty much my sibling by now is still trying to help me get over her, my friend wasn’t happy that she was leading me on. After a fight one day(mild bickering because I accidentally thought she laughing at a game and I joined in, big mistake, she wanted me to apologize and it was something that I didn’t understand and it tore me apart for two weeks even afterwards), I told her that she keeps leading me on, and it hurts, a freaking lot I said. I told her about sitting in my lap, which was a thing she would do and I wouldn’t mind it, I told her about how she kissed my cheek twice and my nose, she didn’t understand that that led to more than platonic feelings and she said that’s what parents do to their children, so she thought it was okay. I was so broken and tired on the inside(for the past two years I was facing a lot of struggles with relationships and finances too) that I just told her to stop. I said we could still be friends, but just to stop doing a list of things she did with me because I thought It’d help the feelings slowly die out. I walked home with my childhood friend and they told me I wasn’t wrong, she was leading me on and I needed some time apart from her, but I can’t say no to her, I feel like absolute garbage when she’s depressed or if I feel like she’s mad at me. She calls me almost everyday, we hang out every once in awhile, but the pain is still here, it just kills me inside and I never could figure out why I couldn’t see the signs, denial, the human brain makes many mistakes and I chased after a girl who I could never get. She’s worried about me even today because every time she hears my voice she can see me inside my head and that I’m depressed but she doesn’t know how to help. I thought this video would help clear up things and I’d have some closure of “oh that was a sign, I should’ve known! Silly ol’ me!” I still love your videos, I’ve been watching them for a year now and I appreciate all the hard work you put into them, sadly, this didn’t give me closure ha ha, but it did let me learn when to stop and walked away for awhile to clear my thoughts and organize my head. So I thank you for this video and letting me share my story

  2. Guys I need some help I really like this girl and I think she may be throwing some signs we talk often and all and sometimes im curious if she truly likes me it maybe a self conscious thing but yea should I let things progress slowly or what should I do

  3. i think my girlfriend has fallen out of love with me. she asked me out almost 4 months ago, isn’t clingy at all and doesn’t start conversations, at the start she basically got rid of my depression, she’s broken up with me twice.. but i can’t bring it up or she will get sad that i assumed she doesn’t love me…

  4. Unfortunately I've had many just friends. And it hurts but I just have to live on.
    I always know that my feelings are just mine, but there are was 2 times when I truly believed we could be a thing, but it wasn't so. It was all in my head, and I fooled myself enough to believe it. I love these people as my friend, and nothing more now.
    It's a bit easier to move on when you are the same gender, because they have a girlfriend or something. Hurts, but even though I'm still single… It'll get better.

  5. So here’s the tea. I am in love with my best friend. We have an amazing time together and have so much in common. He has a gf but he complains about her a lot and has said that he doesn’t even think she’s the one. Should I tell him how I feel? (I think I want to lose some weight before I tell him) I love myself but I think the only thing holding me back is that he doesn’t think I’m super attractive

  6. These are a bit definite, I for one am a coward and have never flirted with someone i liked no matter how much I liked them

  7. Ok, so have a problem and I would like some help. I just graduated from my school and am moving on to the next and almost all of my friends are going to the same school which is the school I was originally planning on going to but the problem is, my gf is going to another school that I can go to if I decide to and communicating with her outside of irl is almost impossible because of her parents. Should I go to the same school as my friends or go with my gf.

  8. Recently got broken up with because my ex realized they love me as a friend after kissing me and not feeling anything like before

    I’ve discovered that I may have been in love with the idea of them rather than with them because I wasn’t as heartbroken as I expected, but I still feel empty?

    I just wish it worked out, like we had something wonderful and it was all good and I had these fantasies of us running away together from their homophobic parents and living together and having a kitten and a puppy, then hopefully get married, but, we’re just not meant for each other and I’m still trying to grasp that and move on

    I kind of want to give up lmaooo but I know it’s unreasonable

    I just wished they were the one, but they’re not

  9. I know I need a good partner that makes me happy. I know that's important, and I want that. But right now I'm so desperate for validation, that its all I feel I need. I think there's something wrong with me. I just want to feel loved again.

  10. Here’s a piece of advice. If these signs come up, one thing is maybe they don’t realize you like them and think that you only think of them as a friend as well. So if anyone is in this situation you should tell them how you feel. They may say they had no idea you liked them and realize they may have feelings for you too. Though, it’s possible that won’t happen but it’s possible it will. Just thought I’d put that out there in case anyone needed it.

  11. Great video! This is helpful. There is someone for everybody. It takes time. You'll know the right person for you. I enjoyed this video.

  12. Man I have been giving all the wrong signals then. I like someone but no one can tell that I do and they think I hate them. I'm so bad at this.

  13. Okay, I had to stop the video at ~3:30 to rant out loud for a bit… That whole "bringing other people along" thing has happened to me, and I fucking hate it. At the end of our senior year, I kept texting my best friend asking her if/when she could get together, but she only ever responded with invites to group hangouts with other friends of ours – the following winter, after our first semester of college, we decided to meet up at our favorite restaurant from the high school days, and without telling me (or texting me at the last minute – don't really remember exactly how it went down at this point) she had brought along her little brother and another friend of ours (i.e., her new best friend). I wasn't honestly that mad about her brother being there because we got along well and he was a funny kid, but bringing her other friend was kind of a shitty move, not gonna lie. It seems like she somehow figured out my feelings for her or something and without letting on that she knew or blatantly shutting me out she was trying to hint to me that she wasn't interested or whatever…? (I don't know how she would have found out. I mean, it was a big decision for me not to tell her, and I didn't confide to anyone else about it at the time – not directly mentioning whom it was I had feelings for, at least.) Hard as it would have been, she could have just fucking GHOSTED me if she didn't want to have to deal with me anymore/if our friendship was suddenly over. And we'd been totally comfortable and fine hanging out just the two of us the entire time up to the end of senior year, so I really don't know what changed. Going to college, I guess? Getting closer with our other friend? Idk. Doesn't matter anymore; kind of hope I never see her again, to be honest. I wouldn't have been able to say that a few years ago, but the closure I need now is to move on and never look back. (With the exception of this comment 😉)

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