10 Mobile Photography Hacks For Beginners

hold up let's set this up for a shot of all of us real quick then why is it recording what's up YouTube we're out here Smith Rock State Park it's spot I've actually always wanted to go to or if the whole moment crew this week anyways this is a tips video what am i doing oh hey do you guys want the fire who wants the fire we know I'm a tripod because we pull her what's up everybody today we're gonna give you ten photography hacks for mobile photography it's gonna be late now these tips might seem a little obvious at times but I guarantee at least one or two are gonna like blow your mind all right let's get to it bye all right so first things first the first tip is just to clean your lens now I know you're thinking well duh but I don't think you actually clean it this thing you keep in your pocket there's lint there's whatever gum stickiness and it gets super dirty so if you ever taking photos and you're like why is this looks like faded it's cuz you need to clean this oh it does clean all right the next tip you want to know how to do is lock your exposure on your phone on an iPhone all you have to do is in the native app press and hold down on the screen and I will actually bring up this little square and it will lock your exposure from there you can slide up or down depending on if you want more or less on Android phones you can also do this the functionality is just a little bit different depending on your device this also helps locking the focus oh yeah okay so the next tip is to underexpose your images your phone is likely going to overexpose if you're just shooting natively so err on the side of underexposure so that you can get more data in your images and it'll definitely help when you're editing all right the next tip is to shoot raw in your phone if you didn't know iPhones and Android phones can both shoot raw basically what it does is gives you more dynamic grain it's less contrasty and it takes away the plastic look of a lot of phones for iPhone you're gonna want to shoot in a third party app such as our own the moment AK shameless plug it's a moment AK moment app for Android phones you can actually shoot raw in the native app of most phones but if you can't then there's also the moment app for Android when okay so for the next tip the biggest thing for me is to change your angle so you're not always shooting at eye level that is definitely natural to pop your phone and shoot how you see it but bending down and shooting up or getting above your subject and shooting down can really switch up the style of photos I take alright so the next tip is pretty fun one if you shoot with the 58 millimeter lens it gives you that natural compression and a deeper look but if you shoot it with this lens in the pano mode on iphone or any third party apps of panoramic mode you put this on and you do like a micro pan I call it it's a good hack to get like a wider shot but you get that depth and then you recrop it to however you know aspect ratio you want so it almost looks to me more of like a medium format where you get a larger sensor because you're getting the depth but also the width it's pretty fun hack but you need the 58 millimeter lens link below obviously no worries in walking for days [Applause] no water no food this iced lattes hubsan night alright so the next tip is to shoot with grids grids are these lines on your phone that basically allow you to line up the horizon line there's nothing that screams like novice amateur photo been like super tilted off horizon line not straight images so right now I'm gonna shoot a photo of these trees and show you what good straight trees look like and what non-stranger 14:14 alright next tip we are here at the airport flying out but if you want to film yourself and you don't have a tripod you can't for instance ok film yourself walking and you can't set your phone just on this this is the water bottle or coffee hack a lot of people have water with them or coffee never at the airport anyways set it down you can either lean it straight up like that film yourself or you can do vertical so watch this that's obviously a video but you can do it for time photos as well but yet you film yourself don't have a tripod with the water bottle slash coffee AK so the next tip is to avoid shooting directly into harsh light or the Sun and you'll notice that you get a weird green dot or flare somewhere in your image if you just change your angle even just slightly that will help get rid of that Oh ooh cheer up let's do a 3d pic of you jumping I'm gonna tell you what you need y'all gonna need some moment gear if you don't your photos will not get as many likes on Instagram take care alright guys see you the next one what do want me to say shy shy hit him with some truth right now yeah hit him with some truth okay well I'm gonna just bonus tip right here bonus tip I don't got anything I think we always build it we always feel like we have to talk in between every tip I'm sorry about that we should probably just make this much quicker because but we really you know like talking to guys we like talking to you guys we like to make these videos at least 20 minutes

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  2. Those are very useful tips. Shooting from a different angle than the eye level is what I liked the most. Thanks!

  3. All tips were good until you told me to lean my phone up against something if i do nto have a tripod. Actually it is good because usually i just lay my phone down and film the sky

  4. i like how this video is in my recommendations and the fact that i actually have the app downloaded for a year 😱😂❤️

  5. I shoot in raw on the moment app but when I go to edit it on VSCO it’s super dark and you can’t see the picture :(. I’m not an expert on this maybe I’m just not pressing the right things lol if someone could help that would be nice 🙂

  6. I have a doubt about filming yourself in public spaces like this, I mean where I live if I leave my phone causally hanging on a cup or whatever by the time I get back it’s gone hahaha

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