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hey everyone adjust over here I'm a photographer based out of New York City and today I'm going to be taking you behind the scenes in my tiny New York to the apartment DIY studio setup I have done so many fun video tutorials here and today I'm going to be showing you the importance of color and portrait photography and how color can drastically change the final result affect the mood feel of the shot we have five different colors we are going to be working through today and five different categories to create various looks with the same model same outfit and thank you so much the savage Universal for sponsoring today's video savage Universal has over 65 distinct color paper options to choose from to bring your vision to life so I'm to not believe that you need to have a ton of gear your own private studio set up a ton of lighting equipment or even a ton of paper options what I love about savage and why I wanted to make this video is because the paper is relatively affordable it starts at $17 and there's five different sizing options the size of paper that I'm using today and what I've used 99% of my sessions is the 53-inch and for reference 53 inch is about $32 a roll savage Universal is the industry standard for seamless paper and it really is back affordable all the paper is thick its vibrant its high-quality very easy to assemble to set up we have it just tape straight onto the wall I've used stands before but in my kitchen I just don't have the space for a stand this works perfectly and we have five colors we're going to be powering it for yo today a pastel a bright color a darker moody color a primary and a neutral if you are somebody who's thinking about making your first studio seamless paper purchase or maybe you have a neutral I hope that this video is a great reference for you for maybe what fits your style of photography what color you're gonna add to your collection next our model for today is friend Rosa she's model here based in New York City and you'll see her in a minute throughout the tutorial but I will have her Instagram links down below in the description box be sure to subscribe to this channel for more photography tutorials on a budget let's get started first up is a pastel this is savage Universal coral color we're putting chapstick on the lens filter and I'm rubbing it just kind of in a u-shape and this will go over top of my lens and I can play around and create a really pretty hazy photo to add a little bit of dynamic to the portraits to me pastels are soft comforting and yet energetic when paired with certain accessories and makeup I also think that this color is fantastic for any kind of beauty shots that you want to feel current just through this intentionally wrinkly white sheet over the back of the IKEA chair because from for this angle I'm going to have to get a bit of the chair in it and I feel like that just adds a little bit more texture and the white on light still monochromatic and clean my favorite skin care and beauty brands use this color to wrote their products and shoot against and I love how it feels clean yet fun so we are going to move into the next folder and as you guys see this Weaver is really fit it's pretty durable and the thing is if you're shooting at like I don't know your aperture is at 2.2 or lower you're not going to see any of these old creases that just naturally happen with something like paper because of how thick the actual material is and look how much is on the scroll it's such a great value I think it's so versatile if you are somebody who's interested in fashion photography or remember the beauty realm more versatile I would recommend this pink because also depending on the white balance and other things in elements the lighting that you add into the photo it will change the actual kind of color or tone of this it can look more muted more dusty more pale up until the biggest vibrant as what you see here but the coral is such a good pastel color so we are going to move now into the second color the pictures are coming out so oh do you want to see the rest of them yes so I hang up the paper just using some packing tape and since we're only doing these are very quick shoots I don't have to have a ton of reinforcement for the paper so I just do two pieces otherwise I would be doubling this up to make it last a bit longer because the paper is heavy okay I feel like a beauty guru this is the purple I love this color it's my first time using it so cool this video truly truly truly shows the DIY factors because you guys watching can see literally all you need is you in a model and then a few pieces of lighting but I mean I would even shoot using only natural light if I didn't live in a dungeon of an apartment if I just had a big screen door or even a girl I could open up I would just set this up on a stand or tape it to the wall and just use natural light you don't even need lighting equipment and this paper is super affordable so it makes it accessible to anyone who's interested I'm going to just put it up to about here because we're sitting down that should stick it with it fine maybe I'll be one more but just because it's not being up there that long we're not going to go crazy crazy now we're doing the purple purple vibes there is an old tale an old proverb that goes never trust someone who chooses purple over pink that's why we chose to do the pink first it's so it's so it makes everything pop especially if you're wearing like white yes next up is a bright color and we went with plum this is energetic and invokes a feeling of excitement this plum is pretty intense as well but with all the colors you could determine how saturated you want them to be in post and editing I like keeping the true plum color I think it's gorgeous and it's intense and again you'll see in the final images they feel exciting and really happy the deep moody color we are going with is evergreen which is my personal favorite color that Savage makes this is an elegant and rich color that feels serious and really pulls the viewer in now we're going to switch out the suite that we have on this is so rich and it's very movie about especially this size in particular the 53 is that it is pretty compact so it will take you maybe three minutes to take this one down and then to set up the road I guess we can see you can type it here on the video to see how long it takes and then I don't use a spread in a while masking tape which I only have like it's already so close the reality of it all roll out the red carpet in Iraq okay this is where I knew there must have been like a really thick Slavic tape up here if I wasn't rambling on nice IKEA sheets take a seat on the wild side roses but yeah it looks so great and you know you can um you could if you're gonna have a model be standing or even sitting on the paper you could just roll this out you do want to make sure though got there I use my toes to move it really proud welcome to my studio you do want to make sure that there is a curve so that there isn't some they can bleed it in line you wouldn't want to I was literally about to use boats move you wouldn't want to like this because then you would not only get a line but also this paper then wouldn't have to be extremely smooth it's just so much easier to pull it out and create this like seamless effect seamless paper get it the primary color that we had to go with was red because red is one of my favorite colors to shoot just in general on camera because I love how bold and saturated it is this backdrop really makes your subject pop out and scream out of the screen yet it doesn't overpower the model with any of these colors you can control the intensity not only in post with editing but also with the lighting that you choose to work with so you could make this a bit brighter you could make it as bold as we're going with or even deeper and darker if you would like to so right so Rosa's going to flick oh my gosh look at how swollen for them yes okay it's going to slick all her hair back and Sweeney kind of wet by so people are it even with this shot even with the toilet it's the last color is this almond shade and it's pretty like you know kind of like a beige a nice neutral but to mix up this particular look we are gonna go into my earrings look before it happens one pair that's super like chunky gold almost like 80s vibe with the slicked back hair and then we just won't get a bunch of the lace in it we looked up some info on Pinterest and we love like this kind of vibe or just love so pretty so we're gonna kind of go for that almost like a j.crew look if you will we have the final look oh my gosh so we have the almond paper and then like the wet hair the earrings and it'll actually probably have you tuck the least like hen or the lace detail down and then we're gonna just kind of spray this event spring water to keep it keep your doing even you change like tucking that in it seriously is so perfect I almost wonder if I spray this let's tap with the water just I never know just to see what it's like okay so I'm gonna try spring I don't know what this is gonna do I never try it before but I'm gonna try spraying the what just see to create a little lens effect this is kind of cool so I'm just gonna kind of rotate a player I am moving it around and more shooting on the edge I don't have it fully or else it's gonna block out her entire face I can just use this to bounce the light around with and then we did change the way that the chair is just to change it up oh my gosh love and Boo when I'm bouncing light off of this kind of I'll show you guys there's actually two little light bouncing from the track lighting in the apartment and they're like gold and the gold is bouncing off of the lens filter so that's kind of cool you guys will see that more in the fibers OS who love neutrals feel sleek crisp and modern this particular almond shade has been used by a lot of fashion photographers in the industry I personally feel like it is very modern without feeling cold and it's great for product because it allows what you're shooting to really pop thank you guys so much for watching today's tutorial I hope that you enjoyed I hope you learn something I hope you leave feeling encouraged and inspired again you guys do not need a huge studio set up like look at this you can literally see my dining room table dining room table right you would be surprised how much more creative you get when you are limited in your gear collection be sure to subscribe for more Kagura fee tutorials you can check out my free photography Facebook group build and bloom links down below it's free to join there's over 60,000 encouraging amazing photographers check out roses Instagram and can find me on Instagram for daily free resources and tools for your photography business I love you guys I believe in you I'll see you in my next video bye

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  1. PAPER USED in order (size 53 inch)!!
    Coral: https://bit.ly/2x0RJTy
    Plum: https://bit.ly/2x0SFHy
    Evergreen: https://bit.ly/2IJny8M
    Primary Red: https://bit.ly/2XUmdST
    Almond: https://bit.ly/31EQl6Y

    ~not affiliate links they're just trackable !!

  2. Love this video! Savage papers are so gorgeous. ❤️ I always feel so empowered and inspired when I see what you've created in your kitchen! Also I love how you used the fitted sheet. I did the same thing a few days ago with one of mine. 😂

  3. Love this! I knew colours played a part in story telling but I didn’t realize How much!!
    I just thought “neutral = good”
    Awesome tips!

  4. So so good Jess! I’ve been watching your videos for years so I hope you can continue to use YouTube as a platform for tutorials 😁💛

  5. This was so cool! Waiting for the store to restock with lens filters but definitely going to try the water trick!
    Love all the background colours! A perfect way to get clean, crisp portraits but to spice it up with different colours (and not just boring white)!

  6. I love how you consistently partner with companies you use, are passionate about, and know would enhance our lives/photo work etc!

  7. i loveeee savage universal. and these colors are everything ! i’ve been wanting more colors & that red is calling my name 😂😭

  8. worth the watch omg! just bought some savage universal paper and have my lights ready to use!! thank you!

  9. Would these seamless papers work on carpeted floor? I want to do something similar to your setup but I'm worried about carpet being too soft for my model to sit/stand on it without it crumpling too bad?

  10. Apartment counts. If I ever lived in a 2 bedroom apartment, i can have a bedroom to be the studio. But you are the best

  11. Crazy how these different backgrounds added such a different effect to the overall photos in the end. Definitely inspired me to play with my different color backgrounds

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