#1 Mistake Watercolor Painters Make

hi there Lindsay here the frugal crafter today I'm gonna share with you my biggest mistake in watercolor my friend Lisa over at lack refined art shared this idea with me and a couple of other of our artsy craftsy friends that she thought we should do videos just explaining the biggest mistake we've made in our medium and know we could help beginners avoiding that masane mistake so in the video description I will link up to all my crafty friends and artsy friends with their biggest mistake so you can check them out and now I want to tell you what my biggest mistake is in watercolor and honestly my biggest mistake that I make when I am painting in watercolor it's failing to plan and you may think that watercolors are all not enough stop and paint around know how to care in the world no planning but really that's not the case even on something that's simple like a bookmark or a postcard I'm still planning I'm planning this tiny watercolor said I'm going to use I'm planning by having my paper already cut to size I'm planning by having all the supplies I need for that in a little travel bag so I can take it with me and paint those little postcards and bookmarks and whatnot so there's always a plan now you don't want to get into a larger painting if you're gonna spend several hours on with an inaccurate drawing so the longer you're gonna spend on the work the more time you should put into the planning phase so that you don't get an hour or two into a painting in realize you drew something that was completely off scale or you had something that was supposed to be symmetrical that isn't symmetrical or you had some other major design flaw that you can't correct because watercolor is a transparent medium now of course you can add mixed-media on top and you can disguise some of those flaws but it's very frustrating when you intended to paint something entirely in watercolor and you had to rescue it when using gouache ink or pastels so make sure you put enough time into the planning so you can execute the painting the way that you want to do it it will give you so much more freedom in the long run taking those few extra minutes at the beginning to have a solid plan now don't forget to check out my friends in the video description and see what their biggest mistakes were and that way you can learn from their experience and you can avoid them as well thanks for watching until next time happy crafting

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  1. My biggest mistake is/was I thought I needed the most fancy stuff to create great stuff. It held me back as I did not push forward and just get started with what I got.

  2. Yep!! You gotta plan or they'll mess up just as you realize – dangit my XYZ is finished and I need to blend it out 😂😑

  3. Yup, planning is important on so many levels: planning what tools and paper you need, plaaning what colours will work together, planning the painintg so you don't mess up the scale and perspective, planning your time, so you don't get interrupted and have to stop midway through you painting….

  4. Hi! I have what may be a weird question stemming from my rifling through my art stash to decide what to take on vacation. In the process I rediscovered things I've forgotten about and realised that I don't use my stuff as often as I would like because it's all put away in boxes. Neat, but out of sight and apparently out of mind. If I remember correctly (can't track that video down to confirm but I'm pretty sure it was somewhere at some point) a while back you did an experiment of sorts that involved taking a lot of your colored pencils out of their tins and putting them in open containers on your table. How did that work out?

  5. Happy Crafting Lindsay!!! No nilly willy water coloring, you're great, thank you for this great tip. I tend to not plan and do fail. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  6. At least when it comes to this I am perhaps too meticulous, and rarely make it to the actual painting phase. I have had to learn the hard way, that quality of materials matters more here than any other medium I have tried, and I love to experiment.

     I have found I have better results, and learn more, from buying the best (Arches paper, and artist level paint) and reducing the size of my work. I cut up a single sheet of paper into little artist trading card, or business card size, and it gives me permission to fail. Mistakes is where the learning happens, but I am often too tightly strung to let go otherwise.

     I am also cheap. So there's that.

    Love your stuff Lindsay.

  7. I love how you said that its not just la-de-da and slap some paint on. Lol sometimes it looks as plan free as that.

  8. I always enjoy your videos so much and appreciate all the advice you give us, including this one! Thank you Lindsay.

  9. Hi Lindsay 👋 thank you so much for all the very helpful tips being new to water colouring the more tips I can get the better thank you have a lovely weekend 💞 🦋🐕 Lin

  10. I've been watching your channel for a long time and when I went into the description to see the other links I found the address for your WordPress blog. Why can't I find a place to signup via email to receive your posts when you publish them?

  11. What a great collaboration! I watched all five artists even though resin and colored pencils are not something I do, at least right now! This was a great idea; hoping there are more to come. Thank you!

  12. Could you do a tutorial of flowers facing upwards downwards and to the side? I have watched a video on this but would love to see your approach! as I love your way of teaching! I love poppies!

  13. My major mistake is not to wait for one layer to dry before applying the next layer. Edit I'm learning to deal with that problem by using a hair dryer.

  14. Mine is def. when wetting the paper not leaving it enough to equilibrate, worrying too much it’ll dry out too much and rushing to get paint on and getting a horrible, muted, thin first layer.

  15. This is great advice. I feel I have gotten over a big hurdle, and that is making a color chart with all the paints I have, so that I can just look at my many colors & know instantly how to get that color, that's been so awesome for me. I once watched a video, can't remember what amazing artist I was watching, who said they have a mistake in every painting – I actually do too, but I haven't wanted to stop painting. There is still so many photographs I took I want to paint. You have helped me so much Lindsay and I am so determined. I'm still amazed at how one can start out with a drawing & end up with beautiful color, I love Watercolor and want to learn so much more. I can't thank you enough for all I've learned from your many videos and your classes.

  16. So true Lindsay! So easy to just jump in and your forget something! Can't tell you how often I have done it!

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