06/08 Visuals — Graphic Design: Make a Basic Infographic_ENG

On this lesson, we’re going to work on another part of our infographic, here on this smiling numbers section. So what we’re going to do is create an icon that represents a person because the text that I’m going to be putting here, and I’m going to actually type it here with type tool is this one. So I’m going to copy and paste it, and this more than 30% of us smile more than 20 times a day, and I wanted to have the same size that is always having. And remove this probably up here. And now I have it there. And I want it to be centered, so that’s okay. And again on this data I want to highlight the 30%: Because that’s what I think that can work for me. And then “20 times” and you can do that by using a dropper if you want or whatever you think works for you better. If you want to just like the text, and then go here select bold and then 40%. So now I want to make an icon that represents a person so I can Illustrate this information that i just typed that more than 30% of us smile more than 20 times a day. So to do that, I’m going to go here and create a circle. And then what I want to create is a rectangle, that is around this size. This is going to be my arm, and I’m going to round bottom corners. And the next thing I want to create is another one of this rectangles, so make a copy of this. And I think the space between these two is okay. And probably I’ll mov this one with the Direct Selection tool to around there, I think that’s okay. And then make another one of these probably, or you can reflect this, select both of them and go Transform>Reflect and make copy. And then move it around there, I think it’s okay. And what I want to do is make one that is… I’ll probably use one like this and just rotate it and round the corners because you don’t need to have it like that. And then just make sure you have it right there. And now finally, I’m going to make a click there. So doing this, using this rectangle, you can see how I very easily created this shape that I was looking for. And to unite all the shapes all you have to do is just like everything and then go here to Pathfindersand Unite. And then I’m going to select this two top corners and round them. So I have a person. And probably not that much , just probably around there to round corners. And then align this with the… with the center. Put it around there. And now you have your person for your illustration of a person right there. I’m going to group this again shapes that are moving together should be grouped. Make it a little bit smaller, because I think it’s too big. Probably around there. Now what I want to do is make a copy of that. Then press Ctrl+D, Ctrl+D, Ctrl+D, Ctrl+D, Ctrl+D, Ctrl+D, Ctrl+D, so now I have ten guys. And I’m going to actually group them again with Ctrl+G. And then move them a little bit to the bottom, sorry, create a copy with pressing Alt and Shift to mover them to the bottom and I have two rows of 10 men. And I’m just going to group them. And then align them, I’m actually going to make this rough parts right here. And I’m going to make this smaller. I’m going to put this information around here, align them. And then I think this probably… When you’re creating your infographic, it is important you always zoom in and zoom out to see where your elements are going to be standing there because I want this information being a part of the smiling numbers. I actually want it to be kind of independent to this, so probably around there. Maybe I can make this font smaller. Yeah, maybe around there. Because it’s really what I… What I’m caring about right now is the information that is on the… On the charts instead of this one. But it is also important, so I think it’s okay. Then I’m going to make another… I think 30%… I’m going actually with the eyedropper, select this and put this one around there, make a copy by pressing Alt and moveing it around here. And this one is not going to be 30, this one is going to be the other 40%. Just to make the 40%, I’m going to go inside this group and then you go inside this group, and select these three. And make them a dark… Dark red. Then select a rest of the men and making them a lighter red. And then go out, sorry, this actually has to be a lighter one. I made a mistake here and made this one the darker red, so this one is going to be like that. And then other group, the one that is on top, I want to make these four guys here to have that same light red. And then this one is going to stay in white because it is talking about this 30%. And this one is going to talk about the ones that are darker. So I want to change this color, to… this kind of brownish colo because it’s going to be this 14. And you can make this one Semi-bold or bold, so it stads out a little bit more, and it doesn’t get lost there. So now you have a graphic, where you can represent people with just this simple icon that you’re going to repeat a lot along and you’re only going to change the color to make it very clear that you’re talking about this 30% and then you’re talking about this order 40%. An the other ones are just to show you that on those numbers there are other people. And again before, these things are going to move together and you should group them. And place them around there. And with this, we have finished the second section of our infographic.

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