01/13 Presentation — Graphic Design: Discover the Secrets of Gradients_ENG

hello and thank you for enrolling in this course which I hope you enjoy I supposed you notice gradients are a trend nowadays if we want to find examples of gradient use we just have to serve the web for example in Pinterest just by doing a quick search we can instantly find loads of examples where gradients are used in a diverse way the list of effects we can get with them is endless I find especially interesting the initiative that many designers are following of creating one poster day for a year many of them with this proposal are deeply exploring everything gradients have to offer among time for example Vashon Cottrell stands out he's a designer from Albania or Cuban designer Magda Lopes and it's in that direction that we're going to work in this course where we're going to develop as a personal project seven posters in which gradients will be the key and at the same time we'll review all the techniques we have at our disposal in illustrator and Photoshop in order to execute them the final project I propose to you is for you to do your 7 posters and using them the techniques you're going to learn so if you feel motivated later you can undertake to do one poster everyday for a year and to get the ball rolling I'll be waiting for you next lesson where we'll start talking about color choice ingredients

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