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hey I got a job offer from one of the manufacturers out here at the races yes I've been out here for the past four hours talked with a few vendors since manufacturers and I got a job offer for doing some product photography isn't that wonderful I've been out for the past four and a half hours to the GFX 100's and you fujifilm 100 megapixel which I'm borrowing for a few days you want a real photography tip not the BS that the other youtubers tell you when they asked Jesse James why he robbed banks he said because that's where the money is the cheapest horse out here is like a hundred thousand dollars the accoutrement or the accessories the leather works the brass the bridles the saddles everything that goes along with the equestrian events is really really expensive there's a lot of money out here there's a lot of really a really really rich you know when you've got like a dozen or half a dozen horses and the cheapest horse you got is like $100,000 or $200,000 there's probably a lot of money out here and the actual manufacturers and vendors that supply these products to the really really rich people they themselves have a few dollars because their products there I plan yeah you want a photography tip stop scraping the bottom of the barrel for punks and chumps and some broke couple that wants to hose you and screw you over on their wedding photos do what I'm doing today this stuff like this is well how do you make money how do you think money in photography oh why don't you come out where to the manufacturers and the really really rich people are how does that sound like an idea why don't you follow Jesse James advice because why did what do you rob banks because that's what the money is did I make myself clear is this video six inked enough for you I think so thank you

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  1. Follow the money is not always sound advice depending on where you live 😉 Beautiful horses by the way. I hope you get even more of the green stuff over there you'll need plenty of when you get back home and buy the GFX100 🤣

  2. Ken… You are a pro at megnets… But can you do a video, proving whether earth is round or flat… Many have tried but are not clear enough in their conclusions…
    You are a clever person and a video to prove or disproved earth is round will be watch by everyone on earth…
    Perhaps just a cool picture with one of your cameras and powerful zoom Will be enough.

  3. I quoted 5 videos of yours doing my bachelor thesis 😉 I appreciate your real photography advice, thank you so much.

  4. I like these videos Ken. Refreshing from seeing another YouTuber tell me why he needs to shoot wide open at 1.2 or making it seem like travel photography is so accessible

  5. Do you think your client will use the picture for his online catalog or he has a print catalog as well.

  6. Good advice and a coincidence too!. I walked through a Renaissance Fair yesterday and snapped a few fun shots to test a funky old lens. Junk snaps really ( https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157709115146342 ) and sent links to photos to several vendors as a courtesy, and got two requests for photos. One vendor needs booth photos web and product shots, and maybe videos, so your strategy combined with sample shots seems a great strategy.

  7. Good to see the sulky plonkers are downvoting this. They don't want money, they want to starve for their art. In truth, I want to watch them starve and ideally, film it. Great video. 🙂

  8. There are a lot of 'tourist' horse owners these days..but I think you're at the right event . 🙂

  9. Yes that is good you are schmoozing , interaction is the only way to go anywhere. You are no stranger to it. Keep shooting Ken and never stop telling the truth !

  10. The thumbnail of this video is kind of funny lol!

    Nice, I live in Texas so I'll go take pics with my X-T3 at the horse races here in North TX 😛

  11. Like our man mr wheeler, jesse also was very good at his skills. I have many skills, but i Hate rich people and do not need their money. Get us some running horse shots please sir.

  12. LOL, funny! But who is watching your channel? I suspect some of your viewers may feel you were condescending. I give you points for being concise, and not repeating yourself. So, 3 points for the tip, humor and being concise, minus 1 for sounding condescending to your audience (but valid point – stop chasing empty pockets). (just a fan giving some friendly criticism and no, I am not a wedding photographer)

  13. my number 1 tip for great photography no matter what camera you are using is take the lens cap off, have a great day

  14. I don't take any photography advice from someone unless they themselves BUY the CAMERA…..
    Rental sticker on bottom or borrowed….. WHERE DID I HEAR THIS BEFORE ???

  15. Telling people to not scrape the bottom of the barrel while dude behind you is literally doing that, changing out the garbage can trashbags 🙂

  16. I do exactly want your doing. I do magazines and other type of photography but my main in come is from product photography.

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