👩‍🎨 Canva Tutorial – Beginners Graphic Design 🎨

if you're interested in learning how to make money from home online designing graphics logos YouTube thumbnails or other graphics then you're in the right place I'm Adrienne with build alive by design and today I'm gonna talk about how you can use a website called canva to do some on the side design work to bring in some extra income from home now keep in mind that this is active income meaning you have to complete the task to get paid or put in the time to get paid you're actively working to get paid if you're interested in passive income meaning you continue to get paid long after the work is done click the link in the description to learn more about that but for now let's jump into how you can use canva to earn some extra money so this is canva this is what the main dashboard looks like you can see along the Left there's a main menu here and then underneath whatever your user name is there you can create a number of folders for whatever content is that you would like to create so if you're using canva to generate income from home you could have a different folder for each one of your clients for example and so then in the main dashboard pane you can see that you can create you know professionally designed you know posters business cards documents social media images any number of things that someone might want to hire you for to create to save them some time honestly because not everyone is good at or interested in designing yet every business or any business that's successful should know that creating and generating content is key in building their business so for example let's say someone hires you to create some Instagram posts for them maybe they hire you to create seven a week so that they have something going every day as long as you know what their brand look and feel is and the kind of vibe that they want to put out you can easily just scroll through all of these pre-made templates and find something that's gonna work for your client without having to start from scratch so for example you know let's say that they this matches their look and feel and the only difference is that they don't use the salmon color maybe they use a yellow color and their branding you could very easily and quickly create a template for them truly in a matter of minutes and you could either charge them by the hour or you could charge them by the post and essentially take a lot of weight off of their plate a lot of time and energy that they now don't need to spend on creating but you're generating extra income for yourself from home simply by using ready to go templates now you can also create a specific template for each client that they like and then use it over and over again so that's another option is once you create a template that they like you could simply you know change out the words change out the colors but have the same look and feel so that their social media is always on point so there's so much you can do with canva and what I love about it is that there are paid versions of course but the free version pretty much does everything you're going to need it to do for the most part especially if you're a beginner so this is a really great easy way to make some money from home even if you're not necessarily a professionally trained designer so as you can see canva is a great platform for generating some extra money online whether you're a brand new to design and you're not very experienced all the way to if you are a trained designer who has a lot more experience this platform can work for anyone and in fact it's perfect for beginners there's even a free version that costs you nothing at all to use yet as you saw it has tons of amazing beautifully done templates for you to use now you may find that larger brands or companies are more interested in hiring more experienced designers versus if you're new to design or you just kind of have a knack for it but you're not professionally trained you're probably more likely to find people looking to hire who are small business owners entrepreneurs affiliate marketers or maybe even network marketers looking to their brand online but who can't afford the highly professional and trained designers so even if you're a beginner this can be a great way for you to earn a little extra money on the side online from home whenever it's convenient for you so again just remember this is active income meaning you have to complete the task to get paid if you're interested in passive income click the link in the description to learn more about how to do that I'm Adrienne with build a life by design and I help people to build six-figure incomes from home so that they can have true freedom in their lives and I provide the tips tricks and tools to help them do that so if that's something you're interested in subscribe so I can help you to do that and I'll go ahead and see you in the next video

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