🌲Sketching in the Woods 🌰(announcement!)

Hey, it’s Annabelle, and this is my sister: hey it’s Lilith. and right now we’re in Muir Woods, we’ve been hiking and also sketching just now, and we wanted to film a quick announcement. so my sister and I finally decided to collaborate, and we have a second channel Called Pyperbleu, which is going to be exclusively art related content
-yeah such as tutorials, demo, process work, and sketchbook, yeah, and there’s gonna be bonus videos but we just uploaded a trailer, talking about our background and why we love art, and what to expect from pyperbleu so it’s linked in the description, and check out and subscribe. we were just sitting on the bench cus we walked a couple miles and… our mom and grandma have moved on… -to the giftshop
-they’ve left us behind yeah so this is just a really quick announcement video, very impromptu so we will see you very soon! bye! -bye!!

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  1. this is what i really need after a shower and a stressful day… the music in the background is so calming. i'm very happy that you and your sister have created a brand new channel just for art related things. thanks for the extra effort <3 your hair is very pretty too 🙂

  2. @CatCreature AH! Muir Woods is the best place to just sit down and sketch. Hope it was a beautiful hike and I am excited for your guys' new channel!

  3. Looking forward seeing all the art you and Lilith create on the new channel! Also your new haircut looks super cute!

  4. I was hoping to see more Lilith!! Both of you are beautiful and the work you do is so calming and beautiful too! 💕

  5. i was just thinking i wud rlly like if u n ur sister shared just your art on a diff acc yesterday … i am so excited ♥️

  6. thank you girls! been waiting for this forever! can’t wait to see the amazing contents you guys will do together in the new channel ❤️❤️❤️

  7. I'm so excited and happy for you two!! I'm in my final year of high school and haven't had the time or energy to even touch my art supplies in the last few months, but watching you both create beautiful pieces has been my form of art therapy – and now you've created a special place dedicated to sharing your work! I'm so grateful, thank you Annabelle and Lilith <3

  8. i’m so EXCITED for the new channel! you inspire me so much, and i can’t wait to see what you and your sister have in store for us <3

  9. I was gifted that exact same brush pen and never really knew what to do with it so I just tried calligraphy with it but thanks Annabelle, now I'll try to pen live sketches

  10. It got recommended to me last night, when I saw pyperbleu I immediately subscribed n proceeded to watch all the uploaded videos ^^ so nice

  11. i am so BEYOND excited for your new art channel! happy to see that you two are joining your wonderful minds to create something so beautiful💘 just subscribed, cannot wait for new videos💕💐

  12. YOUR HAIR !!! Omggg ! When i saw the thumbnail i thought u were some friend of urs but omg?! Idon't have ig so that's why i'm not that updated

  13. Yesssssssss i love the new channel. Like im crying. Thank you annabelle and lilith ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you are both inspiring omg. I love everything about the 2nd channel. Specially lilith's vibe. Felt like im attending hogwarts hahahha 😂

  14. OBSESSED with the hair, and i’m so excited for this!! i love you both and i love all your content but i did start because of, and do primarily enjoy the art content so i’m super happy that you’re doing this!!!

  15. Wow so excited to see that your starting a art channel with your sister.
    I am so hyped to see what you guys come up for the channel because
    I am artist myself i am sure it will be inspiring. BTW, Does anyone happen to know the exact title of this song? I wish to purchase it because I see that is from epidemic sound but theres no title.

  16. Omg so cute that you inspire me to do what I really want to be ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️
    You are a great inspiration to me thanks to you I started to make tapestries and paint your style your oil breaks the rules and it is something that I love. (I'm sorry I have dyslexia and surely there are a lot of spelling mistakes) surely many people pass it same as me but it seemed important that you knew♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🌿😘😘😘

  17. I recently got a haircut that‘s similar to yours, Annabelle (because the hairdresser cut it too short), and I haven‘t adjusted to it yet, but I‘m starting to like it and now I‘m thinking we have something in common! ☺️

  18. Annabelle your haircut is lovely! I love the concept for the channel and look forward to seeing what you guys make out of it.

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