|DONGKIZ | DONGKIZ Fever Making Film

DONGKIZ : From East to World!
Hello, we are DONGKIZ ! MUNIK : We are out today, unlike the M/Vs
we took in the past which were taken inside a studio MUNIK : And it’s good to feel the breeze outside JONGHYEONG : It feels like we are on a trip JAECHAN : Making us feel like having a new experience WONDAE : We, DONGKIZ, will cheer up together WONDAE : to make a better outcome DONGKIZ : DONGKIZ Fighting! JONGHYEONG : Smiling isn’t everything ! WONDAE : DONGKIZ ~~ WONDAE : Woo~~~ LOL JAECHAN : I am eating in secret WONDAE : Our music video has a special story WONDAE : An old gentlemen appears in the video WONDAE : You can see us chasing after him
preparing for the stage to realize his dream MUNIK : Enjoy the moment with our song “Fever”,
not to regret in the future ! MUNIK : As if you are insane,
as if you have no more days ! WONDAE : We were DONGKIZ ~~

25 Replies to “|DONGKIZ | DONGKIZ Fever Making Film”

  1. 흐어어억 헐 ㅜㅜㅜㅜ 저 기대많이할거에요 !
    촬영 찍을 때 어떡해요 너무 귀여워어여
    인정 인정 인정각 피버 ~ 재찬 오빠 몰래 먹은거 안 들켰길 ..(소곤소곤)😭😘 ❤️❤️

  2. 오빠들도 위버스 하면 안돼요..?ㅜㅜ 위버스 진짜 편하고 좋은뎅 ,, 같이 소통도 할수 있고 정말 좋다구용 ㅜㅜ😭 그나저나.. 하 오빠들 왜케 잘생겼어요 ㅜㅜ❤❤

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