okay so basically I'm sick I don't want to film for very long because obviously my throat is really killing me right now and I'm coughing a lot but I just wanted to tell you guys that my thought process behind this piece was just kind of inspired by the quote from Camino Gnawa when there is Twilight you encounter something that is not human obviously that quote isn't exact but that's what I remember I guess I just sort of took it very literally and put it on paper I kind of wanted to give like a Twilight a feeling was something that was very not human in the image so enjoy the music and enjoy the show so just to add something to what I was saying earlier this piece I also use complementary colors where I would pick a color on one side of the wheel and then flip the wheel and use the color on the other side to complement that color it's kind of hard for me I generally use the same color palette no matter what I'm doing but it was a really fun experience and I hope you guys enjoy watching this video and I'll be back at the end to talk to you for a minute alright I'm back for a second to tell you that you can purchase twilight sailors daughter on red bubbles you can purchase it in clothing and case form which I really like the phone cases you can purchase it in wall art and home decor of any form you like you can purchase it in accessories and stationery so if you're interested go ahead and head on over to my red bubble and I'll have the link in the description having said that I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will see you all next week bye

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